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Each and every person is in the process of constant learning. Most of the time the learning process is very slow. In the process of very slow learning, stress of various dimensions is produced in each and every part of our visible existence (our body from head to toes). This leads to various kinds of physical illness and mental disharmonies that are guided by dark ignorance. If you wish to remove every kind of illness, sickness, disharmony, and ignorance and you have a deep desire of learning faster, then you are blessed to have the time-tested technique of Kriyayoga Meditation. Kriyayoga is a scientific, spiritual technique, which fulfills all dreams and desires of incarnations and brings ever-new joy each moment. Great Realized Masters, who have proven victory over death, have explained and taught very clearly that in the regular learning process of spiritual evolution, it takes one million years of normal, diseaseless evolution to realize the Ultimate Truth behind all names and forms. This is important because the realization of Ultimate Truth is the only complete solution to every problem on the personal, familial, social, national, international, universal and cosmic level.

Many spiritual techniques available to humanity are running at a very slow pace similar to that of a bullock cart; whereas, Kriyayoga meditation is the most expeditious, non-dangerous and completely protective, cosmic jet plane route.

Whenever one is transformed from a reduced to an elevated level of understanding consciousness, the learning process automatically escalates. In this stage, a person realizes their presence in this world as a dignified person. The joy of such a person is not based on the evaluation of his personality by others. That person understands their ever-growing and ever-expanding personality that does not permit the practice of jealousy, pride, anger and lust. In this stage of ever-growing consciousness, there is no infectious attack of bacteria, viruses and parasites in the body.

Ever-growing consciousness makes people realize the true concept of spirituality, and it saves them from dabbling in the dangerous effects of wrong and unsafe practices.

Generally, people who experience very slow growth of understanding consciousness, misunderstand the concept of God and many religious practices. In this state, one understands yoga incorrectly. Yoga does not mean tortuous body postures, unnatural breath holding or excessive fast breathing exercises. Initially, these incorrect practices may produce a euphoric state, but they also cause deleterious effects on the body and mind. When we practice these wrong body postures ( so-called " asanas " ) and unscientific breathing exercises ( so-called "pranayama " ) , it increases illusion, fear, greed, anger and lust in the practitioner. In this state, the practitioner creates hell in lives of others. 

In reality, Maharishi Patanjali never explained that asana means tortuous postures or that pranayama is an exercise with rapid breathing exercises. Excessively long or short breaths and unnatural breath-holding injures the alveoli of the lungs and decreases the natural oxygenation of the blood. This state increases anxiety, anger, criminal behaviour, and the tendency of a person to freely change the true concept of scriptures. It also makes one feel proud in speaking lies, thinking that they have achieved great success in cheating others.


All animals that breathe quickly (such as the monkey and dog), have a shorter life span. Human beings who  engage in fast breathing exercises, therefore, also ‘bark’ like dogs and are ‘restless’ like monkeys. In Kriyayoga meditation, the breathing rate naturally decreases and becomes harmonious. This brings perfect understanding, increases the power of body and mind, and awakens intuition which solves all problems in life.

Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam

Molecular Explanation Of KRIYAYOGA

Kriyayoga is derived from the Sanskrit verb ‘kri’ which means “to do, to work, or to behave.” Yoga is the state of union with the Infinite (God) in which where we realize no distance between Self and any Cosmic creation   Read More

The observation and practice of wrong concepts pertaining to religion, spirituality and yoga by a few people has created an atmosphere of violence in society. Illusionary concept is very easily accepted by a majority of people of the present age because Blind Mind is functioning as King within the brain and spinal cord. Therefore, people fight with each other, kill animals, cut down green trees, overeat and suffer from the presence of hell within. The practice of Kriyayoga transforms Blind Mind to Awakened Mind. Awakened Mind always receives and accepts guidance from Intuition (Voice of Soul) and creates an atmosphere of unity and non-violence.


The practice of Kriyayoga brings a clear understanding about the scriptures, and transforms an individual to become perfect to follow the true concept of living and to realize a dignified life in serving and helping others daily. Practising Kriyayoga allows one to undergo complete rejuvenation of body and mind, which results in reversal of the aging process.


After practising Kriyayoga meditation, one realizes that yoga cannot be practised. This is because yoga, in fact, is not a technique. It is a state of realizing Truth in one’s life - that there is no distance between anything on the platform of time and space. Time refers to past, present and future. Space refers to the distance between any two things of creation. When one achieves the state of yoga (timeless and spaceless existence), a person realizes one’s eternal existence and the absence of death. One has the clear perception that death does not exist. - It is a process of transformation from visible to invisible states and vice versa.

Kriyayoga meditation brings the realization of the state of yoga. Maharshi Patanjali, Bhagawan Ram, Bhagawan Krishna, Jesus Christ, Kabir Saheb, Guru Nanak Devaji, Yogavatar of Ascending Dwapar Yuga - Lahiri Mahasaya and other realized masters have all taught and explained the same philosophy and practice of Kriyayoga, referred to by different names. All practised to realize that there is no distance between Self and God which is expressed in the Bible as, “I and God are one” and “Aham Brahmaashmi” in Sanatan Dharma (Eternal Religion).


Kriyayoga is the simplest of simple and easiest of easy practice which can be done in lying, sitting, standing, working or resting positions. If it is practised with complete joy and sincere effort, then no one can create any mistake in the practice. Anyone can learn Kriyayoga. If one practices Kriyayoga with complete devotion, one will become an example of a happy and peaceful person, and will inspire others to achieve the same.

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