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One cannot learn Kriyayoga by reading alone.

Actual knowledge of Kriyayoga Meditation

comes through devoted daily practice.

All are welcome to attend Kriyayoga classes at the Kriyayoga Ashram and Research Institute, Allahabad, India or Yog Fellowship Temple, Kitchener, Canada.


 Summary of Kriyayoga Meditation 


The Ancient, Ever-new Spiritual Science Of God-Realization

Kriyayoga is the original,  ancient yet ever-new spiritual science of God-Realization, preached and practised by all Prophets, Realized Masters, fully illumined Saints and Sages. The knowledge ( Light ) of Kriyayoga is present within the medulla ( Centre of Christ / Prophet-consciousness- the Kutastha centre ) of each and every human being. This Light is Eternal and Immortal. It will never be destroyed by the darkness of ignorance. Anyone who will have an eternal deep desire to know God, will discover the sacred knowledge of Kriyayoga within the realm of their consciousness and will experience the Bliss of oneness with Spirit- God.

Standing Recharging

Meditation Techniques of Kriyayoga Meditation

1. Standing Recharging 1 - 42 Steps (Energization Exercises)

The Science of Recharging of body and mind

The science of Recharging is the practice of various steps to experience presence of life force in countless dimensions in our body. It provides balanced health of body, mind and Soul. Recharging helps the conscious control of the life force, keeping the body in a state of calmness, peace and joy, which is essential for experiencing Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa Samadhi. The primary purpose of Standing Recharging is to recharge the body battery with Cosmic Energy (life force). Remember that Standing Recharging is the important step of Kriyayoga Meditation and that it is not a physical exercise.


Mastery over Recharging brings an ability to stop restlessness and sense perceptions at will. Recharging rejuvenates and strengthens the muscles and purifies the blood. Recharging increases spiritual vibrations in the protoplasm of cells and tissues of the body which stops destructive behavior of viruses and bacteria within body. In this state, bacteria and viruses do not disturb the various activities of cells and tissues in the body. After learning the Standing Recharging 1-42 steps, it takes about 20-25 minutes to complete. This is one of the most effective means of eliminating stress and nervous tension. ​

2. Concentration on Altar of God ( Head and Spine )

The region of the Head and Spine is the Altar of God. It has been referred to in the various scriptures by different names such as " The Staff " of Moses, or the " Bow and Arrow " of Lord Ram and Lord Shiva, as well as, "Gandeeva" of Arjuna. The flow of Life Force into our body temple happens through the "Mouth of God" situated in the Head and Spine. The Mouth of God is the Medulla Oblongata which is a part of the hind brain. This region is called the nucleus ( Naabhee Centre ) of the body. This centre is responsible for creation and preservation of the various organs of the body.

Science of breath

3. Hong-Sau Technique  ( Science of Breath )

Breath is the structural and functional unit of visible existence of human being and is the unique bridge between visible and invisible cosmos. By practice of concentration on breath, we establish conscious connection of both visible and invisible cosmos. Breath is the structural and functional unit of body. Perfect concentration on breath brings realization of knowledge and power needed to repair and rejuvenate body.

4. Bhrumadhya Sadhana ( Concentration on Spiritual Aura )

This is the science of experiencing oneness with Omniscient Consciousness by concentration on the spiritual aura. In this lesson, we learn conscious control of Egoistic nature of Jiva-Atma and brings a stage where it crosses the boundary of limitations to becomes one with The Infinite.

5. Conscious Awareness on Holy Vibration ( Science of listening to AUM Sound)

Science of experiencing oneness with Omniscient consciousness by scientific concentration on Cosmic Holy vibration ( Om - Amin - Amen ) . We are able to remove ignorance to become one with Omnipresent Consciousness ( God ).

6. Kriya Initiation ( Science of Liberation )  

After a few months of practice of the beginning Initiation Kriyayoga steps which include the above steps - Standing Recharging 1-42 steps, Concentration on Breath, you are eligible for Kriyayoga Initiation which includes Mahaamudraa, Divine Breathing , Jyoti Mudra and Paraavasthaa. 

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