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Science of Nutrition


Transcribed from teachings of Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam

Purpose of Eating


• To maintain complete health

• To maintain and protect structure and function of Digestive System

• To uplift plants, atoms (i.e. water, air) and radiations to Human consciousness


We should think of the welfare of all food products we are eating. If our process of eating is not improving their existence, is not enlightening their presence, is not uplifting their glory, then whatever we are doing is called ignorant practice.

Complete Nutrition

• Major portion of our required nutrition should be received in the form of subtle vibration through the Medulla (Mouth of God). This can be compared to gasoline fuel of a car.

• Food in the form of solid, liquid and gas can be compared to oil used in the car. Therefore, the major portion of daily energy we need should be received through the medulla.

• Our life is less dependent on the food what we eat through the mouth (oral cavity) 

Different Types of Visible Creation:


Atoms - Stone, water, air, different rays / radiations


- No Differentiation of Organs

We are not able to find their brain, spinal cord and different parts but they are blessed by one power; that they are able to maintain their form for many, many years. They do not undergo any process of quick change. 




- There is differentiation of organs

Head (Roots)- located underneath the ground and other parts are pointing upwards toward the sky. Because of this, there is some degree of mobility in the plants. However, if there is a flood, or if there is a fire hazard, plants cannot move. They stay there and they are destroyed.



Head and spine are parallel to the ground and they have more freedom of movement.

The shifting position of nucleus, which we call ‘root’ (HEAD), creates a big change in freedom. In animals, they migrate. They move from one place to another. If there is an unfavourable condition, they move.


Human Beings

Head (root) is up and everything else is below (like an upturned tree).

In this state, we have maximum freedom compared to the three previous types of creation. Therefore, this is the special structure, in which root is up towards the sky, which we call ‘head’ and the main stem (spine) is downward and other things which we call afferent and efferent nerves and other branches, they are like branches of a tree— they are downward. This special structure is called “Ashwathahaa” in the great spiritual text, Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. (15:1)

What is the difference in all?



In the stone, there is no function of life force. There is only one consciousness which is functional called ‘ANNAMAYA KOSHA”. This is the structure where life is non-functional or functioning very little (just like the movement of electrons). Life does not have its full function and therefore, there is no differentiation of organs. Then you can consume it easily.

Therefore, when we inhale air, it is immediately mixed with the blood. When we drink water, it is immediately mixing with head to toes and immediately they are uplifted. The mixing of oxygen with all parts of body from head to toes, allows their upliftment from the atom consciousness directly to Human consciousness. We, human beings, have better freedom and therefore these atoms are helped.



In plants, the life force becomes active. When life force becomes active then there is differentiation of organs. Now we have to think of the glory of plants. We should not disturb their growth and development. When the plant is growing, let it grow up to the highest, mature stage and then you will realize that as the plant matures it eventually undergoes a natural drying process.  At this stage, we should harvest the plant. Before this, we should not cut the plant. We should not cut down green trees.


When we are protecting plants and helping them to reach their ultimate mature stage then after they dry, we can collect their seeds and fruits. Then use the majority quantity of seeds to cultivate again. This helps their lifestyle. If we cannot cultivate all (sow the seeds) then we can help them by eating the remaining seeds with the understanding that the maximum portion of it should be transferred into human consciousness. In this way we are helping the plant product directly from the plant to human consciousness. We are crossing over the one stage of animal consciousness directly— a leap from plant to human consciousness. In this way we are helping plants.



In animals, sense organs and mind become functional. When plants reach to mature stage, we harvest them. We cannot think in the same way for animals.

When you cut and kill the animal, the highest evolved consciousness, which we call sensory organs and mind, are invisible. Senses are invisible. Ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose— they are not senses. They are the apparatus through which the senses are working. Our sense of vision functions through the apparatus called the eyes. In the same way, the ear, skin, nose and tongue, they are not senses. They are different structures that are associated with the senses.


Therefore, when senses are evolved and functional and mind is evolved and functional, they are astral in nature. You cannot see them. Therefore, when we cut and kill animals, we disturb their complete growth. If we are able to use their senses and mind, and eat that invisible astral portion also, then we can convert animal consciousness into our human consciousness.


Then and only then are we helping them but we are not able to do that. Therefore, killing of animals is a great, great sin. We should never do that because by eating them we cannot help them. We are disturbing their life span. Therefore, we should never have any thought of killing any animals or eating them. We should help animals to grow. Help birds, cats, dogs, all kinds of animals. We should never create fear in them.

Oral Ingestion of Foods

• Eat Complete Foods which are fully mature as much as possible

• Each and every whole grain has complete nutrition what a person requires

• Some grains should be eaten in larger quantities and some in smaller quantities (i.e. Rice in larger quantities vs. sesame or flax in smaller amounts)

• Eating in this style, with the correct idea of uplifting atom and plant creations, will promote good health and will not result in any nutritional deficiencies of any kind (i.e. B12, iron or folic acid deficiencies)

What is Hunger?

Hunger is experienced by two consciousnesses within:

1. Ego Consciousness and

2. Intuition Consciousness

Ego’s judgement is based on following illusions and delusions while Intuition has perfect knowledge of real hunger (need of food). Ego practises eating phenomena guided by memory of smell, taste, vision and false reasoning and commits mistake all the time in the process of eating, selection of food, cultivation and production.

Researches done by Ego consciousness are based on temptation. Ego consciousness refers those people whose intuition is dormant.


* Blind Mind is always a powerful agent of Ego and always works with the power of temptation.

* Blind Mind and senses - all have great strength from Habit.

* Blind Mind takes help of exciting blood in the form of anger to do any work.


Five senses and five organs of action together support Blind Mind with all power

Bible: Genesis (1:29 & 30)


And God said, ‘See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth,

and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you, it shall be for food.’


‘Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth,

in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food’; and it was so.”

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