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We are honoured to welcome you to the Kriyayoga Ashram and Research Institute, a non-profit spiritual organization founded by Guruji Swami Shree Shree Yogi Satyam in 1983. It is our joy to serve you in your quest for spiritual fulfillment.

Below you will find some basic information and guidelines that will promote the maximum benefit for yourself and others during the time of your stay:

Guruji’s Teachings:

The Kriyayoga teachings provided by Guruji are unparalleled and produce a very holistic effect in the lives of many people around the world. Many have experienced wonderful overall physical, mental, and spiritual benefits through the practice of Kriyayoga Meditation. Guruji’s teachings are the exactly same as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda ji. Guruji’s teachings are without any charges or fees for all. Devotees happily donate with love for the spread of Kriyayoga worldwide. Guruji’s teachings are now available LIVE on youtube on a regular basis.


1. Lodging and Meals

Kriyayoga participants are provided with comfortably furnished, Western style, single rooms. The rooms have an adjoining bath that is shared either by a married couple or two practitioners of the same sex. Some exceptions, such as rooms with private bath or other special needs, may be available by request. Two wholesome vegan meals are served daily at the dining hall. As there is generally not a choice of menu, if you have dietary restrictions, please discuss with us.

2. Dress

In keeping with the ideals of a spiritual community, we ask that participants dress modestly and in accordance with the spiritual culture of India while they are on the Ashram premises. This would include, among other things, that men and women avoid wearing shorts. Clothing should otherwise be comfortable and suitable for meditation.


The costs of meals, lodging, and daily upkeep for all Retreats/programs are covered by voluntary donations. We request practitioners to cover the basic expenses of their stay with us. Guruji aims to place Kriyayoga in each home and provides all services free of any mandatory costs. From inception till today, no fees have ever been charged for the teachings. Your kind support helps us to continue to freely offer our spiritual services for all humanity.

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