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Residential Healing Facilities for Promotion of Complete Health 

 Thousands of people from all over the world seek the scientific teachings of Kriyayoga as taught by Swami Shree Yogi Satyam and the unconditional services offered by his Kriyayoga centres and programs. The main centres for Kriyayoga are the Kriyayoga Research Institute in Allahabad, India, and Yog Fellowship Temple in Kitchener, Canada. People come and bring their families to learn more and immerse themselves in Kriyayoga practice and lifestyle, free of charge.

When people experience Guruji’s presence and the Kriyayoga meditation technique that he teaches, they undergo a powerful transformative healing in all parts of their life. This is because the spiritual scientific practice activates the unifying principle that the whole universe and all aspects of life are one. Therefore, when healing occurs, it occurs at all levels of the person. The healing vibrations radiate beneficial effects to their family, society as a whole, and all creation. For this reason, Kriyayoga is the highest science and practice of oneness, which is the greatest service that one can offer humanity and the whole universe. 

 Kriyayoga Worldwide Mission is to circulate the 

thought to each and every home that

You Are Immortal & Potentially Vast & Infinite

Not realizing this Truth brings all kinds of problems of life..."

When all people of the world practice Kriyayoga meditation, then no mistakes will be committed in life and all actions will be sincerely guided for the welfare of all. Therefore, the Kriyayoga centres are an important presence in the community.
They educate and unite a dedicated, sincere group that will be highly competent to not only change and develop their community and nation, but also to bring about world peace and harmony. Kriyayoga is significant to bring together a United World community that crosses all egoistic boundaries - geographical, racial, religious and cultural.

The atmosphere at the Kriyayoga

centres is charged with the principles of real health, peace, truth and non-violence. This is apparent immediately to all who enter the premises. With the all-pervasive power of this thought, these centres radiate a wealth of prosperity and well-being. They eternally serve the community and whole world through the primary work of making the science of Kriyayoga available to all. 

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