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Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam

" You are potentially Vast and Infinite... "


Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam of India is a world-renowned Master of Kriyayoga and a Humanitarian. Since early childhood, Guruji has had a great desire and ambition to learn, practice and teach Kriyayoga. His ultimate goal has been to introduce Kriyayoga to the general public in a manner not previously known to mankind.

Even with modest beginnings, Guruji has worked relentlessly, conducting free Kriyayoga sessions for all. Under the guidance of His Gurus - Shree Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasayaji and Swami Shree Yukteshwar Giriji, Guruji teaches the ancient and ever-new spiritual science of Kriyayoga to all.

With his life offered in dedicated service, Guruji has been able to reach thousands of people all over the world. The ancient science of the rishis – Kriyayoga meditation, has helped many to realize the cure to all sicknesses of the body and mind, allowing total rejuvenation of the human body, mind, and spirit.


Kriyayoga meditation as taught by Swami Shree Yogi Satyam is scientific, non-mystical, non-sectarian, effective, and fascinating. Each session is complete and saturates body and mind with peace and joy. Kriyayoga allows practitioners to achieve a wholesome wellness of body, mind, and ego. In his sessions, Guruji offers techniques that help people to easily incorporate practice into daily life. He encourages people to realize that there are no barriers preventing anyone from learning, practising and benefiting from the science and practice of Kriyayoga Meditation.

Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam is Founder and President of Kriyayoga Ashram & Research Institute, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, and is also the spiritual head of Yog Fellowship Temple in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Each institution is under his spiritual guidance to serve humanity. These centres work under one principle: that Kriyayoga practice is the complete teaching of humanity which is able to solve all problems in life.


The government of India has awarded Guruji with several government initiatives; these include the Teachers Training Program for all school teachers in Uttar Pradesh, India, rehabilitation programs for prison inmates, and learning and development programs for students of all grades and different learning institutions throughout India. The government of India has also awarded Guruji, in recognition of his great humanitarian work, much of the land on which the Kriyayoga Ashram & Research Institute is located.

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For a major part of the year, Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam travels to all corners of India and the World to conduct free Kriyayoga meditation classes for all....Read More

Kriyayoga Program in Oakville, Canada
Kriyayoga Program in Village of Uttar Pradesh

Guruji frequently travels to the remote rural regions of India to promote real health to the villagers. He gives them the experience of realizing the Infinite Divine Power within - peace, power, joy, knowledge and confidence...Read More

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