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Indian Village Outreach Programs

Worldwide Kriyayoga Programs and Education

" Facilitating the spread of Kriyayoga helps society prosper in all dimensions through real success and true understanding

behind all names and forms.”       


Guruji frequently travels to the remote rural regions of India to promote real health to the villagers. He gives them the experience of realizing the Infinite Divine Power within - peace, power, joy, knowledge and confidence. With this holy work, egoistic divisions on the platform of religion, colour and caste, will be replaced by the great uniting power of love and Ahimsa (non-violence). By the practice of Kriyayoga, the whole world -  all races, sects and all nations, will be united as One Consciousness guided by God-consciousness.

With the growth of time, the human race will be more and more evolved. Human Beings will start searching for the best qualities of all persons living in different parts of the world. They will make a strong and common platform of lifestyle, which will be followed by all nations of the world.


The great industrialists of the world will collect vast funds to help all needy nations. India and North America will gradually unite more and more. The science and technology of North America and the spiritual science of India will blend together. This unity will create a model civilization that will eventually form one United World with God guiding them through their conscience. Each and every year, fights among people and war among nations will decrease. All human beings will show greater love for animals and plants. Worldwide acceptance of vegetarian and vegan lifestyle will gradually expand, and human beings will create a natural atmosphere for animals and plants.

Glimpse of Kriyayoga Village Program

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