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Welcome to Your Spiritual Home

Kriyayoga Ashram & Research Institute, situated on the bank of the Holy Ganga (Ganges River), is an international home for all to enjoy and experience the most complete lifestyle - an extraordinary blend of the ancient spirituality of India and modern science. Kriyayoga Ashram & Research Institute was founded in 1983 under the name of Yog Satsang Samiti and Kriyayoga Satsang Samiti. The aim of the Institute is to spread the ancient, original, yet ever-new Science of Kriyayoga to the world under the blessed instruction and guidance of Kriyayoga Master and Scientist, Founder and President - Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam. 


Kriyayoga Ashram & Research Institute is primarily focused on spreading the original spiritual science of Kriyayoga Meditation in India and all over the world. By doing so, a dedicated and harmonious community is emerging in all nations of the world. Now, ego of human consciousness is dissolving into Universal Love which is Omnipotent tool to bring all round development of nations of the world. 


Kriyayoga Ashram & Research Institute, Allahabad, is a unique site ever-charged with the Holy Banyan tree sanctified by Mahavatar Babaji in 1894 during the Kumbha Mela of Allahabad.  Yogavatar Lahiri Mahasayaji advised his disciple, Priya Nath Karaar, to visit the Kumbha Mela at Allahabad. While wandering through the Kumbha Mela grounds, he was called to the location where Mahavatar Babaji was sitting with an attractive group of disciples sheltered by the green branches of a Banyan tree. Welcoming Priya Nath Karar, Babaji embraced him and bestowed upon him the title of  "Swamiji". Priya Nath Karaara later became popularly known as Gyanavatar ( Jnanavatar ) Swami Shree Yukteswar Giriji.


The Blessed Mahavatar Babaji Banyan Tree

The Blessed Mahavatar Babaji Banyan Tree

Mahavatar Babaji and Yukteshwar Giri

The comprehensive spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, describes the auspicious event that took place in 1894 at this sacred Banyan tree. It was here that Mahavatar Babaji instructed Shree Yukteshwarji on the importance of Kriyayoga and prophesied the future worldwide spread of Kriyayoga for the benefit of humanity. The Banyan Tree is on the premises of Kriyayoga Ashram & Research Institute, Allahabad. Each year, many people from around the world visit seeking something different, yet they all return home with much more than they ever anticipated – a deeper, true sense of their life purpose.

The Seven Chakras Kriyayoga Temple

An old temple propagating the message and technique of Kriyayoga Meditation, described by Maharishi Patanjali in his text "Patanjal Yog Darshanam".


This temple was made by disciples of Swami Shree Yukteshwar Giri, who visited the Kumbha Mela in 1894. This is the location where Mahavatar Babaji met Swami Shree Yukteshwar Giri and advised to write the Scripture "The Holy Science" and forecasted that East and West will meet together with one golden middle path based on the spirituality of India and materialistic science of West.

Kriyayoga Temple
Seven Chakras Temple

Daily Kriyayoga Practice For All

Kriyayoga practice sessions are held at the ashram daily for all practitioners residing at the ashram. By sincere and joyful Kriyayoga practice, one enjoys deep peace and good health and realises that nothing is impossible. Any person who is devoted in Kriyayoga Practice is able to cure all kinds of illnesses and sicknesses of body and mind.  The morning and evening sessions are open to the public. Residents are encouraged to practice five times daily. The timings of the public Kriyayoga practice sessions are as given....

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