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Molecular Explanation Of KRIYAYOGA

Kriyayoga is derived from Sanskrit verb 'kri' which means "to do, to work or to behave." Yoga is the state of union with the Infinite (God) where we realize no distance between Self and any Cosmic creation. Any work, action, activity which brings the state of Yoga is called Kriyayoga. 

The depper essence of Kriyayoga can be understood by the molecular explanation of KRIYAYOGA. Each letter is like a molecule and has a deeper meaning behind it. KRIYAYOGA is made from two words Kriya and yoga. The word Kriya is made from many letters (molecules)- Kri, y (ya) and a. Each molecule (letter) has a deeper hidden truth.

The Word Kri means all kinds of works, actions, reactions, changes, activities taking place within and without. In the word ‘kri’ the letter ‘i’ represents the nearest place. The nearest place for us is our own existence manifested in the visible form of the body. Therefore, ‘Kri’ means any kind of activity or work which is happening at the nearest place of our body. The letter ‘y’ means expansion and ‘a’ represents the three kinds of powers- power of Brahma (divine creative force), Vishnu (power of preservation) and Shiva (power which brings qualitative change).

 In reality Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are not three separate existing powers. Maya (Cosmic Delusion) makes us perceive the one indivisible power in many forms. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the representation of the one indivisible power manifesting the three great function- creation, preservation and change.


When the devotee foucuses his concentration on all changes  (action/reaction, activities) happening at the nearest platform of the body, he realizes expansion of the three great powers- power of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He attains all knowledge of how to create, preserve and bring any change within and without. The devotee realizes that what one feels within the body is not pain/pleasure, illness/sickness. It is the Cosmic display of Divine Creative power (Brahma), power of preservation (Vishnu) and power of bringing qualitative change (Shiva). Body, head to toes, is visible manifestation of the power of God. It is the frozen Light of God.


The word “GOD” is comprised of the three letters G , O and D. ‘G’ represents Generator or Creator- Brahma, ‘O’ symbolizes Operator or Preserver- Vishnu and ‘D’ signifies- Develepor or Changer- Shiva. By complete concentration on Self- body, head to toes, we realize oneness with God. At this state the devotee attains the state of Yoga where one beholds one’s eternal unity with all Cosmic creations. Yoga is not any magic, sword swallowing,   crystal gazing or any kind of physical or breathing exercise. It is the state of complete union with the Infinite that can be attained through practice of Kriyayoga.


The Kriyayoga given by Yogavatar Shree Lahiri Mahasaya and which was widely spread by Shree Paramhansa Yogananda is the original spiritual science which was taught by all Prophets and Ascended Masters. It is the greatest blessing that this same spiritual science of God Realization is now being preached by our Divine Guruji. His presence is like the Eternal Sun of Wisdom which is radiating the great Light of Truth. Whoever shall recieve this Light will behold his True Self as the Child of God eternally blessed with all powers of God. The enlightened presence of a Realized Master glorifies each and every Cosmic creation.

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