The Science of

Kriyayoga Meditation

What is Kriyayoga Meditation and its benefits ?


Kriyayoga Meditation is the highest form of meditation that combines physical and mental techniques and enables one to experience, very quickly, the infinite potential within. Kriyayoga Science is based on the principle that each particle of the cosmos is connected with all of creation; thus making a change in one's self is making a change in the cosmos. By learning and practicing Kriyayoga, the universal force of Omnipresent God unfolds, allowing us to experience our oneness with the infinite. Kriyayoga meditation practice gives one unshakable faith in Truth, boundless peace, patience, and will power, which leads to a perfectly balanced life free of all physical and mental inharmonies. Kriyayoga awakens the hidden potential and abilities that lay dormant within a person. 


Is Kriyayoga, as taught by Guruji, the same as other yogas ?


No. First of all, the term 'yoga' has been greatly misunderstood by the majority of the population at large. 'Yoga' is not considered to be exercise. By definition, 'yoga' is the state when one has attained union with the Infinite cosmos. Kriyayoga enables one to achieve this state by employing a systematic approach of simple, yet effective psycho-physiological techniques to reduce the distance between body and mind to zero. During this process, one experiences healing of physical and mental illnesses, improvement in socio-economic status and a general feeling of well-being as a mere by product of Kriyayoga practice. 


The fundamental concept of Kriyayoga Meditation ?


For Kriyayoga practice to be most effective, the practitioner must understand the fundamental concept upon which it is based- that God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. In other words, God's all-knowing power resides in each atom, cell, and tissue of our body, and is responsible for the creation, preservation and change of the visible ad invisible worlds. To find God takes one million years of diseaseless life. Kriyayoga practice reduces this enormous time span because we learn to seek God first within, which is much easier and faster than seeking God in the external condition. When a person knows about the one's self, he knows about everything. Guruji explains that "when the distance between body and mind is reduced, then life-trons are produced which heals, repairs, and creates new cells and tissues in the body and gives realization of immortality. Then a person bravely proclaims victory over death."

Who can practice ? Is it difficult to do ?

Everyone can practice, regardless of age, gender, religion, or physical condition. Kriyayoga is simple to understand and practice by all.

How much time does it take ?

This depends on our own individual needs. Practice can extend from 15 minutes to many hours. It is entirely up to the practitioner, keeping in mind that a greater effort produces a greater result.  Kriyayoga can be practiced at any time, throughout the day, whether working, eating, resting, or during daily activities. You can gain benefits at all levels of practice. 

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