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Ky Pure Science

KRIYAYOGA - A Pure Science

Many people incorrectly think that yoga is something that belongs to the Hindus and so it cannot be practiced by all. It is also a common misconception that all ‘yogas’ are the same. In fact, they are not. Kriyayoga is a pure science, just like mathematics, physics, chemistry, or biology.

The science of Kriyayoga, like any other science, is free from sectarian religious sentiment. All people can practice Kriyayoga. Scientists, physicians and philosophers are now appreciating the wonderful results that are obtained from practicing Kriyayoga. The scientific practice of Kriyayoga not only cures the body, mind, and spirit, but also synthesizes and accelerates the skill of all sincere practitioners.

If one is practicing Kriyayoga scientifically, one is able to understand the truth hidden in all religions.

It unites all races, all sects, and all countries.

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