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Awakening of Spiritual Power

Spiritual power is hidden in each person. Spiritual power means the Eternal Substance by which thoughts, feelings, imaginations, atoms, molecules, planets, plants, animals, human beings, angels   -- all visible and invisible cosmos is created. Awakening of Spiritual power can be very easily accomplished by learning the science of Kriyayoga. Growing  spiritually means developing all abilities and rooting out all impossibilities from our lives. A person who has attained complete spiritual height maintains his physical, astral and causal bodies with the purpose of bringing a desired change in the cosmos according to God’s plan. After fulfillment of the purpose of life, one willingly dissolves one’s visible body into invisible Omnipresence Consciousness.

Spiritual power is the Creator of everything. Visible substance is created by electric power and electric power is created by magnetic power. Magnetic power is created by spiritual power. We can also say that  spiritual power has created  magnetic power, magnetic power has created electric power and electric power has created the visible substance. Therefore, the knower of spiritual power is knower of all creations of cosmos. One who has become one with the spiritual power can thus create, preserve and bring any kind of change in Creation according to the Eternal Cosmic plan.

Spiritual power is hidden within brain and spinal cord in the form of Seven Divine Wisdom centers. These wisdom centers are referred to in the Bible as candlesticks. The mystery of awakening of spiritual power is very clearly explained in the Bible- “.. And being turned I saw seven golden candlesticks.”- Revelation 1:12 “And being turned” is the process of turning (reversing) the flow of life current from outward to inward. It is also called the Inner Journey.

“And being turned I saw seven golden candlesticks.”


- Revelation 1:12 (Bible)

The Inner journey consists of  reversing the life current from one’s senses into the brain and spinal cord to the seven divine wisdom centers, and thereafter focusing (centralizing) it into the medulla (center of Christ/Prophet consciousness). When the life current is placed (centralized) into the medulla, Intuition is fully awakened within. Awakening of Intuition is called the unfoldment of spiritual power within, by which we realize the true nature of Self and all Cosmic creations.

Kriyayoga is the highest technique of awakening spiritual power. Practice of Kriyayoga lights (awakens) the seven divine wisdom lamps (candlesticks) on the Altar of Spinal Shrine. By lighting the lamps of wisdom, the devotee realizes oneness with Infinite.

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