The Banyan Plot

Entrance Gate to Kriyayoga Banyan Plot where
The Blessed Kriyayoga Banyan Tree is situated.
This location is where
Sri Yukteshwarji met
Mahavatar Babaji in Kumbh mela of of 1894
and foretold about the future spread of Kriyayoga.

View of The Blessed Banyan Tree

The Board at The Banyan Tree

The Inauguration Stone under
The Banyan Tree.

The Banyan Tree from The Entrance

Under The Kriyayoga Banyan Tree
Come and experience the serenity of
meditation under The Kriyayoga Banyan!!

View outlooking towards the main meditation block and kitchen from The Banyan Plot.

View of Gate towards GT Road from Banyan
Plot for Kriyayoga Practitioners

View of Banyan Residence from Banyan Tree

The Kriyayoga Banyan Residence
for Kriyayoga Practitioners

View from The Kriyayoga Banyan Residence
towards GT Road and front Agricultural land.

View of the Kriyayoga Banyan Tree and
plot from the Banyan Residence Block

The Kriyayoga Temple built with the inner sanctuary
depicting the knowledge centers (chakras) present in the
body temple -
Mooladhar, Swadhishthaan, Manipur,
Anahaat, Vishudhi, Agya and Sahastraar

Kriyayoga Temple at night

More Residential Rooms to house approximately twenty to thirty practitioners. Attached on the left side is the Cow shed.

One of the pipes in the Banyan Plot to provide for nearby vegetation crops and other cleansing purposes. Water is supplied from the tubewell installed on The Banyan Plot.

The first tubewell of the ashram that has the capacity
to supply good clean water to approx. 10,000 in population...

Machinery for tubewell situated at The Banyan Plot to
provide good clean water to a population of approx. 10,000...

Ashram Grounds - The Land surrounding The Mosque that is presently vacant and being used for vegetation

Another Residential House that can
 accomodate approximately ten people.

Another Residential House that can accomodate
 approximately ten people.

One of the few Kriyayoga Residential Houses with
 vacant land in the front that is presently being used to
grow some of the vegetables for ashram meals

View of The Vegetation Plot Attached To One
 of the Residential Homes