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" Upon observing my life at one point, the awareness came that I had gone as far as I could go with the spiritual explorations and practices available in North America. Lifelong searching for a deep spiritual practice led me to Kriyayoga, and my life took a whole new turn. The first time I sat to practice Kriyayoga, I experienced the joy of peace within.


As I practiced Kriyayoga with the thought  “all is God”, life totally changed. First, my body very quickly was healed of two ovarian cysts, thus avoiding surgery.


After this dramatic healing, my body itself became more flexible and I feel like a teenager, although I’m a senior. Youthfulness permeates all I do. As a result, creativity has blossomed in a seemingly limitless flow, permeating all aspects of life, including writing, relationships and the solution of all problems.


Humans usually live by identifying with external world consciousness. This life style is comparable to the ocean, with the swirling waters under the surface. These swirling eddies of habits are played out as aversion, attachments, greed, anger, lust, ego, ignorance. We are mainly divorced from spirit; consequently habits are established in our lives from our eating habits to our interactions with others, ruling our behavior and rendering us like robots, subject only to the senses.


These habits are driven by thought patterns, mainly unknown to us. As we practice Kriyayoga more deeply, gradually all habits and traits are made visible to us and are transformed. At a dramatic level, on three different occasions during meditation, I have experienced sudden spontaneous inner healing, one of which relieved me of a lifelong pain in the chest area. I was trained as a therapist, and I can assure you, these healings do not occur in this manner.


We develop tolerance and patience, we become wise. Life takes on a new meaning as we find ourselves in our boats of Truth floating atop this ocean of belief in limitations, illness, pain, and pleasure – to realization that all is God and God is Truth.


This simple practice, available to all, free of charge, is the life changing tool brought to earth by God Realized Master, Swami Shree Yogi Satyam. He works tirelessly twenty-four hours daily to bring Kriyayga to the world. He teaches all who come to him, North Americans, Europeans, Russians, South Africans, Asians, highly placed officials and ordinary people. His mission, however, is to the villagers of India, where no one goes. I’ve personally witnessed the transformation that occurs in these thousands of villagers, hungry for the way of Truth.


My gratitude soars to new heights for this God endowed man and his work. I have experienced the  transformation in my own body, mind and spirit. I have witnessed transformation in others, singly and by the hundreds in villages.


I have lived with Yogi Satyam in the ashram in India, in villages, in North America. He lives an ultra simple, frugal lifestyle, living with only the essentials of life. He renders aid and assistance to any and all that ask. He is on call twenty-four hours a day and never ceases to work for the upliftment of humanity.  


His total dedication to God and to the service of humanity has motivated me to join this organization permanently. My goal is God Realization and the ultimate service to humanity by the spreading of this science of Kriyayoga. The time has come for the world to understand and embrace this ancient science, hidden for centuries and revealed again in 1861. Deathless saint, Babaji instructed householder Lahiri Mahasaya, himself a realized Master, guru and Yogavatar. He brought Kriyayoga science to the world of seekers, making it possible for them to live God-centered lives while in the world of work and family.



Kriyayoga is available to all souls searching for their true destiny back to God, awakening the memory of divinity within. Our true conception as children of God is final, permanent union with the spirit. This union is called yoga.


Kriya means, “ to do” (the practice) until we reach our goal: union with spirit. Thus we have Kriyayoga. Kriyayoga means to practice these techniques with full concentration and devotion until our goal of union with God is reached. This is now possible in one lifetime with the practice of Kriyayoga Meditation, as taught by Swami Shree Yogi Satyam."



- Mil Winter (Shraddhamata)

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