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Multicultural Dimension of Science - Unity within Diversity 

Kriyayoga: Scientific Approach to Prayer for Global Peace

“Prophets come on earth to spread non-­violence. By practicing 

the science of Kriyayoga sincerely, you can transform 

your human consciousness into God Consciousness. Then, 

you will realize that two opposite forces are really one force working in 

two ways. This understanding eliminates all kinds of wars.”

The scientific approach to prayer is to seek God within by practicing the techniques of Kriyayoga. People of all faiths come together to celebrate their diversity and oneness through this science. Here, God means Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient consciousness that has become the visible and invisible world. Through our practice, we realize that all creeds convey the same message, that there is only one Omnipresent God.

Therefore, the introduction and practice of Kriyayoga meditation and philosophy to all world religions would bring about universal truth, peace, and unity.

Kriyayoga’s proven scientific and practical approach provides us with the way to experience true oneness with Omnipresent God and unites us with the whole cosmos. Regular and devoted practice of Kriyayoga enables us to create a united world guided by the omnipotent vibration of God’s Omnipresent consciousness.


Kriyayoga is an scientific practice that works to convert bad habits into angelic virtues.

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