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The science of Kriya Yog is as simple as it is ancient. What is more, it is remarkably effective. Kriya Yog is a subject that belongs to the realm of the soul. It has, therefore, to be constantly borne in mind that while "logic" reigns supreme in the realm of Nature, it is 'faith' and not logic that reigns supreme  in the affairs of the soul.  Once the technique is learnt from the master, one can experience its elevating and exhilarating impact even through a single sitting. I have personally found that even a few minutes of concentrated practice gives more physical relaxation and mental peace than years of any other device. The path of Kriya Yog is in fact the path to achieving the Divinity itself. What is remarkable about this path is that the curing of various illnesses and physical ills is merely a byproduct in the pursuit of this path. Though a byproduct of the path to Godhead, nevertheless, the kind of illnesses that have been cured is incredible. Leukemia, enlarged heart, arthritis, diabetes, etc. illnesses, that are considered incurable, have been cured completely numberless cases by regular and continuous practice of Kriya Yog. The impact of Kriya Yog on the physical being of the individual is truly miraculous.


Dr. Yogi Satyam is the leading exponent of Kriya Yog and has emerged as a powerful spiritual messenger in the long line of spiritual giants that India has produced. I had occasion to camp at his Ashram for ten days. Life at the Ashram is austere and simple but the atmosphere and programmes are elevating. It was a special delight to see that Muslims and Christians were also deriving the same bliss as their Hindu brothers. After all, irrespective of the difference in the name, Atma, Soul, Spirit or Rooh, the essential element that all these different nouns represent is basically identical: the fragment of the eternal Supreme Being. Through Kriya Yog, one succeeds in tapping the two super coming powers for the salvation of one's soul. Those two powers are none other than the power of Thought and the power of the Soul.


- B.P. Singhal

Practical Philosopher & Author of Spiritual Classic - “Ma Ki Pukaar”

Ex-Director General of Police

Ex-Chairman, Central Board of Film Certification, Bombay

Minister of Parliament, Government of India



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