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The Science of Resurrection and KRIYAYOGA 

(the Original Yoga) are One and the Same


The Science of Resurrection is known as the science of knowing everything. When we understand this science, then we will understand everything about atoms, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, computer science, engineering, medical science... Because if we are able to resurrect, it means that we can control atoms, molecules and mind. Then, we can control everything. Therefore, we can say that the Science of Resurrection, includes all sciences within. This the highest education that a person can get.

What is the meaning of resurrection? Let us suppose that we have forgotten something, then we try to resurrect that subject into our memory power to find out what was lost before. Resurrection means to find a way into the past. In the broad sense, resurrection means to remember everything that has been forgotten - to increase memory power to find anything. Just as in the case of Jesus Christ,
aftercrucifixion, He found the way to return in the same style as how He was before or Resurrect.

Just as we can know the past, we can also know the future. Jesushadfore-knowledge of the events that were going to occur and had already told His disciples about them. He knew that He would be crucified in Jerusalem and that He would resurrect in three days. The moment we know the past, we will know the future as well and the extent that we can go back into the past is the same extent that we can

Kriyayoga Science is the Science of Resurrection


It is the Original Yoga that has been passed down age after age, under the sacred loving guidance of Saints and Sages, Masters, Ascended Masters and Prophets of all lands and ages. The only way to learn this Science is through a Master of The Science - A Realized Master. To learn this Science, one needs to attend face-to-face sessions with a Kriyayoga Master and practice it sincerely daily. Then, we will one day realize our Divine nature - that we have Infinite potential within.

We welcome you to your Spiritual Home at Kriyayoga Research Institute, Allahabad, India, to learn and practice Kriyayoga Science - The Science of Resurrection, under the guidance of Kriyayoga Master and Scientist, Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam. Classes are held here daily for practitioners who wish to learn this Science and for regular practitioners. 

Through the practice of Kriyayoga Meditation, can solve all problems of life and cure all illnesses of body and mind.


Resurrection is a very wide chapter. It is the manifestation of subtle omnipotent and omniscient consciousness in the physical human form in the physical universe; and manifestation of the physical human form in the subtle astral form in the astral universe is called resurrection of human body in the astral world. In the same way, astral forms resurrect in the causal form in the causal universe and the causal forms resurrect in the astral form in the astral universe. In order to understand resurrection completely, a person has to enter into sabhikalpa and nirbhikalpa samadhi, which is possible through the sincere practice of Kriyayoga.


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