Visiting Indian yogi to teach spiritual science and self-study

News as published in “Times Colonist”, Victoria, B.C, Canada in LIFE section on Feb 27, 2001 :

An Indian yogi who travels and lectures on this coast for several months every year but lives in India, will visit Victoria next week to offer an intensive course.

Swami Shree Yogi Satyam, a biologist and former medical student, will be teaching a course in Kriyayoga – the practice of even-mindedness and self-study – from March 5 to 12. “Kriyayoga is a spiritual science which demonstrates that the existence of God, soul, intuition, mind, wisdom and body are all one,” says organizer Sushil Dewett, who adds this yoga is the “highest technique for the evolution of the human brain.”

The technique is similar to tai chi but features more than postures. “It concentrates on the spinal column, on breathing and the nervous system. It shows how to pacify the mind. It is very relaxing and yet is also energizing,” said Dewett who added he had bronchitis for 20 years until learning the breathing techniques. Now he needs no inhaler and he says others find relief from chronic pain.

Dewett visited Satyam at his ashram in India recently and said there were about 100 people from North America studying with him. While in Victoria, Satyam will be teaching in two locations, 4251 Torquay Dr. and 1934 Cultra Ave. in Saanichton. There will be two classes everyday, morning and evening.

There is no need to pre-register and people who are interested can arrive at 7 a.m. or 6 p.m. The classes will last two hours and admission is free. Donations to support the spread of this Science are welcome. Organizers suggest bringing a notebook and pen, loose clothing and a pillow. For more information call 477-9656 or 472-0926.