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Updated - Oct 7, 2012


Attain Complete Ocean of Knowledge


Be With Kriyayoga Practice

Finding Mystery Through
Kriyayoga Meditation

Realizing Eternal Unity
with All

Kriyayoga Meditation and
Correct Prayer Are One

Guru Poornima Message 2

Guru Poornima Message 1: Kriyayoga for National Development 
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Guru Poornima 2012
english  hindi

Awakening of Blind Mind

english  hindi

Message of Unity:
"We Are One"

Souljourns Interview
Ted Henry

A Testimonial by
Swami Shantanand

Kriyayoga School in Allahabad
By Mukund ji

The Holi Festival

Spirituality Brings Real
Non-violence and Justice
in Leadership

Birth of Christ Within

On The Path of

True Concept
of Pranayama

Lifting Up The Son of
Man (Bible - John 8:28)

Cosmos is Extension
of Pure Existence

On Gandhi Jayanti 2011...
(International Day of Non-violence)
Science of Connecting
With Mahatma Gandhi

Inauguration of Kriyayoga
Vaughan Center

Understanding Medulla

Kriyayoga Explains Effect
of Astral Science

Way To Search
for Truth

Yoga Is State of
Oneness with Self

Greatest Key To Expand
Our Consciousness

Management of Sense Organs:
Taste and Smell

The Real Way To
Correct All Systems