Yoga : Where Body Meets Mind

News As Published by City of Kitchener, Ontario In Sept, 2000

Relief from physical pain is often the initial motivation for people who attend the seminars on kriya yoga given by Swami Sri Yogi Satyam ji of India.

Now traveling in Canada and the United States and recently giving seminars at Yog Fellowship Temple in Kitchener, he said people who integrate kriya yoga in their lives usually discover that relief from physical pain is the “bonus.”

The spiritual peace that comes in the unity with the infinite cosmos is the ultimate reward, he said.

His followers call him Swami ji and he is the founder and president of the Prayag Yoga Research Institute and the Yoga Study Fellowship in Jhunsi, Allahabad, India.

Kriya yoga is not a religion but a science, Swami ji stresses.

No matter what you believe in – whether you are Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or whatever – kriya yoga is a path to unity in God-consciousness, he said.

Although this realization of unity with the cosmos is the goal, along the way, there are many health benefits in the form of relief from pain, stress or emotional upheaval, he added.

Kriyayoga combines several postures with breathing and concentrated meditation techniques to tap into the unity of the spirit and cosmos.

“It is the process of uniting with all activities associated with the body, the mind, the soul, the atoms, molecules… everything that is visible and invisible….all activities.”

In Kriyayoga, one is at the “highest evolved state where time and space do not exist,” Swami ji said. “It is the highest state of yoga.”

Since the distance between time and space is zero, there is no present, past or future. It is all one. If one achieves this highest level of awareness, all the barriers that are illusions in our everyday lives fall away, he said.

The oneness of time and space is concept modern scientific investigators are only now starting to grapple with, but Swami ji said the wisdom behind kriyayoga is “ever new, but also most ancient.”

He started out as a student of biology and medical science, but was impelled to pursue this mission of teaching people to tap into the reservoir of power that resides in the human spirit – and learn to use that spiritual strength to cure human ills.

Swami ji said he has medical reports on people who once had grave illnesses and who say they were cured when they integrated the practices of Kriyayoga in their lives.

“I claim there is no sickness. When I feel something I don’t like, I call it pain. When I feel something I like, I don’t call it pain,” he said.

Sitting in lotus posture, with his back absolutely straight and his hands clasped behind his head and elbows stretched out, Swamiji demonstrates one of the positions, concentrates deeply while stretching to feel every part of his body more acutely.

“Now, I am feeling it more and more and more and more…you are concentrating and seeking God through the temple of your body,” he explained.

The process provides ability to control every aspect of the body current – right down to even the taste buds, so pain can be relieved or the desire for unhealthy foods can be controlled, he said.

Kriyayoga slows, and even helps reverse the aging process, he said.

In Kriyayoga, there is a balance of the physical and spiritual, he added. He points that people who over-exercise have physical problems because the physical is only one part of the person and the physical is only one aspect of the whole.

Moreover, it is also a way toward peace in the world, Swamiji said.

“If someone is giving you trouble, he is being your friend because he is increasing patience in you,” he said.

When a person senses total unity with the cosmos, and realizes that everything is one, then it becomes impossible to harm another, he said.

“If the plant is the same as me, how could I hurt the plant? If I am sitting here with you and God is within me, then God is within you also”, he said.

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