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“Times of India” on Oct 26, 2000 :


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Kriyayoga for nation's well-being

The Times of India News Service

ALLAHABAD: Yogi Satyam explained the essentiality of Kriyayog for the development of the country while addressing a special morning class. Swamiji also explained how one could truly instill India's national slogan of "Vasudev Kutumbakam" in our thoughts and actions. "Vasudev Kutumbakam" can be translated shortly as "the world is my home", he said adding: "What a beautiful slogan to reflect true humanity in this world."

Through the scientific technique of Kriyayog, we are able to awaken our senses, infinite thoughts and feelings. Here senses refer to speech, touch, vision, taste and hearing. When these senses are awakened to reflect infinity, we are able to project unlimited mannerisms without any form of attachment or aversion. In this way, we are able to expand our capacity of performance to do the right thing always. We are able to unite ourselves with everything around us and consider the whole world as our own home. Also, through the practice of Kriyayog, we are able to create an atmosphere of truth and non-violence in the surroundings. In this state, we experience a certain inexpressible joy everywhere and all persons are able to look upon each other as the manifestation of the universal spirit God, he explained.

India has been protected by the powers of spiritual thoughts. By the practice of Kriyayog, man will have a selfless vision and will find a continuous flow of thoughts and ideas. These ideas can then be applied to address different issues in the country like ensuring good circulation of money and goods, he said.

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