INDEPENDENCE DAY SPEECH given by Swami Shree Yogi Satyam 
@ The University of Massachusetts
, Department of Indic Studies, Dartmouth, USA on August 18, 2002

In all processes of thinking, imagining, listening, talking, working and even sleeping, we need power, peace and knowledge. Therefore, power, peace and knowledge is an eternal necessity in our life. God is the source of everything, and therefore our aim and objective is to embark on a non-stop journey towards God.

" Any journey can be delayed except our non-stop journey towards God."

The journey towards God gives the true meaning of independence. The journey towards God means going within to discover a center which is the connecting link to everything. This connecting link is the highest teacher, Sat-Guru or God. When we are guided by the connecting link, then we become free from all kinds of deficiencies and we realize complete freedom. This state of existence is called Independence or Liberation or Moksha or Oneness with God.

Oneness with God is manifested as the highest discipline of life. This is also called Indic phases of discipline which is also referred to as the truth as explained by all prophets detailed in the Holy scriptures such as the Bible, Bhagavad Geeta, Quoran, Guru Granth Sahib, etc. The message of the prophets is only one: all creation both visible and invisible is linked with the Infinite (God). It means Infinite has become creation and also we can say that God has become creation.

Let us think that physical existence means our physical appearance. The body exists because of the physical universe— galaxies, solar systems (earth and other planets with their moons), sky, air, fire, sunshine, water, solid, etc. All are very important. Without them, physical existence is not possible.

Understanding Indic Discipline, India and Independence

Indic, India and Independence are inter-related words. The word Indic is made up of: ‘In’ and ‘dic’.

‘In’ means within and ‘dic’ means dictation.

When we get dictation from within and work accordingly, it can be said that we are living a life of Indic discipline.

Now let us understand the meaning of India.

India is comprised of two parts, ‘in’ and ‘dia’. ‘In’ speaks of within and ‘dia’ means dialing.

Therefore, India means dialing within. This has the same meaning as Indic.

Independence is made up of the two parts, ‘in’ and ‘dependence’. Therefore, just as above, independence means depending on the ‘within’. This also means doing everything after receiving the instructions from within. Thus, Indic, India and Independence all mean the same thing.

Indic discipline does not mean a discipline practiced by people living in a specific geographical area such as India. Due to the fact that many people in India follow the same rule of discipline, it is called India.

To attain Indic discipline, Kriyayoga practice is the highest, fastest, best and universal method. It is the best, universal technique because it is easily followed by all.

Indian philosophy accepts the whole world as one home and all men and women as their own family members. Therefore, the geographical area between the Indian Ocean and the Himaalayas is the best place to live and practice the highest discipline of life.

We should remember again and again that discipline means working in God-consciousness. Therefore, this geographical area has produced the maximum number of realized masters and prophets known in history.

Many parents want to teach their children to become independent. Some parents feel that if they make their children go out to work in their early teens, this imparts independence on their children. Also, many parents today feel that once their child has turned the age of 18, they should be on their own and thus be financially independent.

In these circumstances, the concept of true independence is not being understood and practiced. When parents and children learn and practice the techniques of Kriyayoga meditation, they will realize that we are connected with all and are inseparable. With repeated Kriyayoga practice, we find that we develop a surplus amount of energy and understanding and we feel the need to work like never before. Any money that is earned by one party is joyfully shared by all. This is true independence and this will make everyone free from all stress, tension and frustration.

The real meaning of Independence Day is to experience the presence of God in each and every moment and become free from all ignorant thoughts and ideas.

Let us understand the detailed description of Independence. Independence is made up of two parts: ‘in’ and ‘dependence’. ‘In’ means ‘within’ and ‘dependence’ means ‘being dependent on...’. In order to understand ‘in’, refer to the following diagram #1 and #2.

Diagram #1 shows the surface picture of the Self (‘I’) perceived by the intuitive microscope. When we concentrate on Self which appears externally as the visible, physical body, and we love all changes, then our attention (concentration) moves from layer 6 to layer 1. This gives the realization of the existence of consciousness of all atoms/molecules, plants, animals, human beings, and angels and allows us to reach the center (1). Attainment of this stage is called ‘being within’ and it gives freedom from all kinds of ignorance. This is Independence.

Diagram 1

‘Within’ is comprised of two parts, ‘with’ and ‘in’. With’ means together and ‘in’ means innermost. Therefore, ‘in’ cannot exist alone. ‘In’ co-exists with all five layers. In fact, all of the five layers are a manifestation of (1). The five layers may appear as a manifested and un-manifested form like the waves of the ocean. Consider the ocean as (1) and the remaining five layers are the waves.

Diagram 2

In Kriyayoga practice we learn to concentrate on the Divine Cave*. Constituents of the Divine Cave, from outer to inner layers (Layer 6 to Layer 1), are the same as described in Diagram 1. Layer 1 stays everywhere continuously along the central axis of A to B to C.

Each Democratic country celebrates its own Independence Day. America is the oldest democratic country and India is the largest democratic country. India’s idea of democracy is unique, universal, and eternal. India loves all races and cultures, and therefore accepted many invaders as guests but when the invaders treated the Indians inhumanely time after time, they had no choice but to send them back peacefully from where they came.

Mahatma Gandhi, a great prophet and Father of the Indian Nation, applied this principle and led India to its Independence.

Let us take an example of the Independence Day of India. India invited the British to live with them and to enjoy the unique hospitality and culture of the Indian people. Unfortunately, the British took advantage of their situation and applied inhuman principles to the Indian people. Because of this, Gandhiji decided to follow the principles of Kriyayoga science (Truth and Non-Violence/Ahimsa) and requested the British to leave if they were incapable of living in peace and harmony with the people of India.

Rather than the British leaving India, it would have been better if they had stayed and lived as brothers with the Indians.

Therefore, India’s Independence Day would have been much better if both the British and Indians decided to accept each other unconditionally with no differences and to live together permanently as one.

That would have represented India’s Independence Day in a much better way than what is now celebrated.

Angelic power overlaps other powers. Therefore, spirituality of India (angelic power) should spread in all nations to sow the seed of true Independence merging all nations into one with no boundary of land, color and creed.

Subsequently, when you go into the detail of Independence Day, celebrating the 15th of August as India’s Independence Day, also depicts Her defeat. This is a black day for India, because the people of India did not practice sufficient spirituality to transform the British into real Indic culture.

Kriyayoga practice brings a condition in which we listen to the voice of God and acquire great knowledge. We learn how to change our mind from a limited, selfish life to an all-embracing, unselfish life. Therefore, spreading Kriyayoga Science all over the world is called a necessary, continuous movement of spirituality to attain a truly independent life.

Kriyayoga—Eternal Freedom

Self is not merely the visible, physical body but is made up of 24 inseparable elements. In fact, the 24 elements are an idea of God. In the Bible, the elements are referred to as the 24 Elders. They are listed as follows:*Mahat Tatva/Chitta(Heart), Ego (Ahamkara), Mind (Manas), Wisdom (Buddhi); 5 Senses: sound, touch, vision, taste and smell; 5 Organs of Action: hands, legs, mouth, nose and anus and 5 Tanmatras; 5 Gross elements – Sky, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.*

When we practice Kriyayoga, then we become gradually free from the elements one by one. The gross elements merge its existence into the preceding subtle elements. Gradually one by one of the elements become absorbed in one another as they ascend toward God-consciousness and finally the existence of only one eternal element remains. This eternal element is the actual source of all of the 24 elements. At this point, we realize our eternal unity with God. The perception of delusionary separation disappears. In this way we attain eternal freedom.

The diagram’s central area A B C is called ‘within’. It is also called the Zone of God- Consciousness.

Look at Diagram #2 above.This area of ‘within’ is called the East. When we concentrate along the central area, it is important to place our attention along A B C. By doing this, we see the ‘Star of the East’ and experience the presence of Christ within as quoted in the Bible as:
" (Look for Biblical quote: Star in East and Christ is born) "

What is the meaning of star? Star does not mean the kind of star that appears in the sky. The meaning of the star is something else. If we look at our physical body, it has five projections: one head, two arms and two legs. Thus our external shape appears like a five-pointed star. When we place our attention along A B C, we see our astral body which appears as a star and it gives us the realization of freedom from the gravitational pull, mass, gross inertia and gross existence of self. Thus, we feel partially independent.

Star of Christ

By continuous practice of Kriyayoga meditation we become aware of our causal body. In this stage we can do anything without the senses.

When we reach the zenith of Kriyayoga practice, we experience our complete oneness with God. In this stage we work without Mind, Wisdom, Ego, and Chitta and we experience eternal freedom which is true Independence.