Accept Pain as part of Life, Says Kriyayoga
Lucknow Tuesday, January 7, 2003

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Kanpur -  Swami Shree Yogi Satyam organised a two-hour long session on Kriyayoga here at the Press Club on Monday.

In his inaugural address, Swamiji said: " Generally people try to run away from their miseries and pains and chase pleasures in their life, but I would like to say that just feel your pain and concentrate on it. Don't go for instant relief by popping pills as it could reduce your natural power of resistance."

According to Swamiji, sorrow and pain are also part of life so just embrace them as they come and do not feel perturbed. These pains and sorrows are also God's gift to flush out all negative powers from your body.

He says that mother nature has given us all the power to solve problems in life and each cell is a storehouse of infinity and is packed with cosmic intelligence and power.

Swamiji holds the view: "As such, there would always be infinite changes taking place within us and we have the correct concept about all the changes we feel. As this happens, our understanding increases and we are able to solve all problems in life by radiating knowledge, peace, patience and courage to all."

He says that in Kanpur after just five days of Kriyayoga sessions, practitioners are experiencing relief from illness, pain, tension, tiredness and weakness. "All sessions are free and offered to create awareness about your inner self," said Swamiji.