The Yoga Show 2004  - November 19 to 21
Join Us For Special Kriyayoga Meditation
With Swami Shree Yogi Satyam At The Yoga Show:
 November 21 from 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm


The principle of Kriyayoga Science is that the uniting power of non-violence and unconditional love is infinite times more powerful than any other power known to mankind. This concept is eternal, ancient and ever-new for all those who want to realize their true nature - An Omnipresent Consciousness.


Kriyayoga Meditation is the practical application of the philosophy and principle of non-violence in daily life. It is the foundation strength of the new age of human consciousness, which will bring peace and harmony to the warring modern world. It promises to remove all doubts and craziness of the human mind and thus brings the realization of complete unity among all persons of east and west and north and south. The practice of Kriyayoga Meditation unveils the glory of all nations. It promises to build a modern civilization where all nations will come together to form a united world guided by eternal values of life. The practice of Kriyayoga Meditation creates a highway of common values, which brings together the spirituality of India and modern science.


It infuses the cells and tissues of a person with love for all – human beings, animals, plants, oceans, lakes and mountains. In this way, each person’s power of body and mind, along with global funds, can be collectively channeled towards removing poverty and ignorance from the planet.


Kriyayoga Meditation promises to provide quantum acceleration to our power of understanding. Each day, the practitioner feels more peace, power, patience, courage and love for all, than the previous day.


It has been demonstrated by many that by the sincere devoted practice of Kriyayoga, terminal, chronic, incurable illnesses can be successfully cured. It is clear that when Kriyayoga Meditation is spread all over the world, a vast monetary fund, currently used to maintain health and peace, can be more effectively used to promote new scientific inventions, thus making human life more productive.


In brief, Kriyayoga Meditation is a new and powerful revolution to change the false dogmas of all religions, by showing their essential unity. In fact, there is no difference in the Truth spread by the various faiths.


The following two centres were established in 1983 to disseminate Kriyayoga Meditation under the guidance of Kriyayoga Scientist, Swami Shree Yogi Satyam:


     1.      CANADA (North America) CENTRE:
Yog Fellowship Temple,
388 Plains Road, Kitchener, Ontario, N2R 1R8, Canada.
Phone: (519)579-4433 OR (519)696-3993


The centre holds regular practice sessions. A special healing program was organized this year from October 1st to November 10th, 2004 to provide healing of body and mind through Kriyayoga Meditation and diet. All participants benefited immensely. Outstanding results were demonstrated. For example, seventy percent reversal of terminal cancer, cure from drug addiction amongst others. Each found a new purpose in life. Shown below are some photos from the October month of Health and Peace:



                          Swami Shree Yogi Satyam                                         Kriyayoga Practitioners


     2.    INDIA CENTRE:
Kriyayoga Research Institute,
Nai Jhunsi, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh -211019, India.
Phone: 011-91-532-2667-243 / 011-91-9415217277/ 011-91-9415235084


The India Centre is functional throughout the year and attracts people from all over the world to find cure of all kinds of illnesses of body and mind. Founded by Kriyayoga Scientist, Swami Shree Yogi Satyam, this centre is situated on the banks of the Holy Ganges River - the ancient historical place for Magh Mela and Kumbha Mela. These special events are sponsored by the Government of India. Approximately 35 million people congregate for some of these events, which are held primarily for spiritual upliftment.


Many practice groups have been established across Canada. The schedule for the on-going regular sessions is given on the website and all are welcome to practise for real health, peace and joy.

Special Attention

Kriyayoga Meditation as presented by Yogi Satyam is very simple to understand and practice; it is scientific, non-mystical, non-sectarian, most effective and fascinating. Each Kriyayoga session is complete and saturates body and mind with peace and joy. His approach to teaching Kriyayoga Meditation is most unique and can be found no where, except for the work of Paramhansa Yogananda whose method of presentation had a similar effect on people. Paramhansa Yogananda first introduced Kriyayoga to North America in 1920. Today, Kriyayoga has a large worldwide following with proven results, ranks the highest in the yoga system and has been recognized by all the yoga masters and spiritual personalities of the world.

All services offered worldwide by Yogi Satyam are free of charge.