Vaughan Kriyayoga Canada Program News 2009

“Canadian-based Business Inaugurates New Center for Kriyayoga”
 Aug 9, 2009

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Vaughan Kriyayoga Canada now serves the Greater Toronto Area with one third of its new international head office space devoted exclusively to the practice of Kriyayoga. It will serve alongside Yog Fellowship Temple as a Kriyayoga Meditation Center in Canada. Guruji Swami Sri Yogi Satyam visited the newly constructed building on 81 Zenway Blvd. in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, this morning on August 8, 2009. Sri Yogi Satyam inaugurated the new Kriyayoga Center in front of an enthusiastic crowd that gathered at 5:30 a.m. for the inaugural ceremony and Kriyayoga Meditation class led by the master, who is visiting Canada conducting Kriyayoga classes in Toronto and then at his North American Headquarters, Yog Fellowship,  in Kitchener until September 6th.

Guruji announced that this space will serve as the primary center for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and he encouraged everyone from the GTA to attend as often as possible. The meditation center has a large glassed conference room, a separate washroom facility from the business office, and simple and attractive furnishings including photos of the modern Kriyayoga Masters. Guruji stressed the wisdom and importance of having a meditation space in a place of business, saying that it is a complete and cost free way to ensure real health and prosperity. Thoughts charged with Truth and Non-Violence (i.e. Kriyayoga Meditation) spread like rays to its surrounding area. Therefore, a center for Kriyayoga charges the workplace, family, and society with energy and knowledge for the benefit of all.

“When I had first visited Canada in [19]94, I envisioned that one day all businesses would operate like this…with a separate space devoted to Kriyayoga Practice,” said Yogi Satyam. Antonella Favaro, owner of Vaughan Kriyayoga Canada and dedicated Kriyayogi, had envisioned this space since her initial introduction to Kriyayoga, but this is the first space dedicated exclusively as a Kriyayoga Meditation Center to serve the Greater Toronto Area.

Due to the deep and positive vibration already felt at the Vaughan Kriyayoga Meditation Center, people have been demanding intensive, long meditation classes in addition to regular group practices and seasonal programs hosting Guruji Yogi Satyam (check website for updates).