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NEWS RELEASE October 14, 2005

Kriyayoga is the most important life necessity at the present time, because it increases our understanding power very quickly in all areas and walks of life.

Lack of understanding is called ignorance (Avidyaa). Ignorance is the root cause of all suffering on the plane of body, mind and spirit.

How to cure the cause of ignorance is the big question. The answer lies in the connecting link in the medulla area at the back of the head. When we connect our mind with this area, ignorance disappears permanently. This stage gives us the realization that each and every creation of the Cosmos is potentially vast and infinite. In this stage, a person enjoys eternal health and permanent peace.

Ignorance cannot be removed by reading books and attending lectures. I proved this by my own experience of life in North America. I was always searching for the source of spirituality to fulfill my inner longing for permanent peace. 

I was a devout practitioner of my Catholic Christian religion and raised my children this way. For twenty years, I worked lovingly as a chaplain in high schools organizing worship services, spiritual retreats for staff and students presenting workshops internationally and became trained as a family therapist to better serve school needs. In pursuit of inner wholeness, I; taught yoga; became a Reiki master teaching large Reiki classes; learned a variety of healing modalities, including praanic healing, holographic repatterning and others.

I traveled the world including most of Europe, the British Isles, Mexico, Thailand, India and South Africa to name a few areas, always searching for the key to inner freedom. Nothing removed ignorance and the shadow of duality and relativity until I discovered Kriyayoga practice and joined the Kriyayoga congregation taught by Yogi Satyam in Boston, Mass., USA. At my first sitting to practice, I felt peace for the first time. While there, I healed my body of ovarian cysts, thereby avoiding surgery. So complete is this practice, so satisfying to the soul search, that I am devoting my life to the Kriyayoga mission, founded by realized master Swami Shree Yogi Satyam right here in Jhunsi, Allahabad. I strongly feel that Yogi Satyam is a holy man of all nations of the world, not only of India. 

I have observed many examples of healings in others
through Kriyayoga practice  under the guidane of Swami Shree Yogi Satyam both in Canada and here in India.

Kriyayoga is a non-denominational practice and is practiced by all persons of all faiths, ages, and conditions of health. Even a small amount of practice will preserve health and prevent illness.

Kriyayoga classes are offered four times daily at the Kriyayoga Research Institute, Nai Jhunsi, Allahabad.
In order to spread Kriyayoga in the city of Allahabad, fifteen days of Kriyayoga teaching and practice is being offered from Oct 16 to Oct 30, free of charge, donations are accepted. All are welcome. The camp is organized at Raam Vaatikaa, Colonel Ganj, in front of Indian Press. Daily morning classes are offered from 6:00 am to 8:00 am and evening classes from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

For more information, please contact Kriyayoga Research Institute at 2667243, 2667999, 9415217277 or 9415235084.

Written by:

Mil Winter (Shraddhamata)