The Present System Of Nation Needs Change…  A Movement Begins…

May 1, 2012


Swami Shree Yogi Satyam, founder of the Kriyayoga Ashram & Research Institute in Allahabad India has launched an international movement to make change in India so that India should radiate vibrations of peace and non-violence all over the world. He began a bus tour this week to Ishwar Saran College and Elan Ganj Crossing with a group of his devotees. The crowds continued to expand from several hundred to several thousand. "There is an urgent need for system change - India's corruption has to be demolished. The movement will not stop until the corruption stops" said Swami Shree Yogi Satyam.

The present system has been evolved from the human consciousness of the past. This system has become non-functional now and is creating chaos in family, in society and in the nation. How the system can be changed was explained to thousands of persons present during a recent movement led by founder and president of Kriyayoga Ashram and Research Institute, Swami Shree Yogi Satyam.

Swami Shree Yogi Satyam discussed the philosophy and concept of how to increase growth of intelligence consciousness within human existence through Kriyayoga Meditation.  Kriyayoga Meditation is the proven, time-tested and the fastest scientific spiritual technique which naturally accelerates the intelligence of human beings. Swamiji said that we need a new education system with a new curriculum charged by principle and philosophy of Kriyayoga Science.

Kriyayoga Science is based on the principle of Truth and Non-Violence.  It’s practice is the easiest of all techniques that can be practised while laying, sitting, standing, resting and in all conditions by any person who may be sick or healthy, young or old.

It is scientifically proved that if anyone practises Kriyayoga Meditation scientifically, they are able to realize Truth behind each and every object, each and every thought, each and every word that we speak, write and see, and as well whatever we imagine. The moment we realize this Truth, we realize a state of fearlessness and no sickness of body or mind.

In the present system, many officers have only the one aim to collect bribes as much as possible. The administration system has become most corrupt. Except for a few officials, most of the officials have the objective only to take bribes. For a few lacs of bribes, they are destroying many crores of national and private properties. Seeds of prevailing corruption were sown many hundred years before. Now those seeds have taken the form of big trees. Each day, the officials plan how they can create problems among persons in order to get bribes from them. When bribes are not paid, they do all kinds of illegal and unlawful activities.

Kriyayoga Ashram and Research Institute in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, is a non-profit, non-sectarian scientific organization which teaches and demonstrates that if anyone practices true concept of religion and is searching God within their own existence, that person enjoys complete healing of body and mind and has no thought of violence of any kind. Each and every action is fully saturated with the concept of Truth and Non-violence.

Kriyayoga Ashram and Research Institute has always provided all services free of cost. All persons of the world who are having real love of mother, father and great persons, feel great joy in supporting the Kriyayoga Ashram without any salary.

The Uttar Pradesh Administration in Allahabad Development, Vice-Chairman A.K. Singh, and General Zonal Officer Rajesh Kumar Srivastava, were demanding huge amounts of money as bribes which could not be paid. Therefore, they demolished the building that was dedicated for all the wheelchair sick persons. Illegally and unlawfully they terrorised and beat women and children of the U.S., Canada, Brazil and as well persons of India.

Why do these things happen?

Because of a faulty education system, one is not nurtured with the correct foundation. This results in one living an incorrect lifestyle. There is an urgent need for a change of the system today here and now.

Swami Shree Yogi Satyam, the founder of Kriyayoga Ashram and Research Institute, has decided to launch a peaceful movement charged with the principle and power of Truth and Ahimsa to make a change in India so that India should radiate vibrations of peace and non-violence all over the world. This is very important work and the right way to remove the wide spread corruption in India.

“This movement has started and will be expanding until the glory of Spiritual India is highlighted all over the world. India, a unique sub-continent, is having a revered position as Mother India which nourishes and supplies all good things first to all other countries then Herself. Now, the present twenty-first century is for India. Corruption of India is like a virus infection and is having successful treatment by Omnipotent and Omniscient medicine – Kriyayoga Meditation, “ concluded Swami Shree Yogi Satyam.

Bribery and corruption leads to violence and this is clearly visible as seen in the demolition video on the StarNews Real Youtube channel:

    Some videos are:
1) India is Attacked by Indians Again ( April 10 Demolition Terror)

2) Supportive Court Orders and Rulings

3) Child Krishna's View About Corruption

4) ADA Officials Refusing To See Restraining Order

5) Views of Canadian Wheelchair resident, Catherine Baboo

6) Views of Handicapped, Blind Dwarf resident, Smt. Sudama ji

7) Views of Canadian Mother Erin with children

8) Views of American Resident Kathleen Forrest



Guruji Swam Shree Yogi Satyam
speaking with the students
gathered around presentation bus

Gathered To Listen To Message
of Peace and Non-violence


Swami Shanatanand (Dr Anil Kumar, M.D.)
addressing the crowd

Mukund Speaking with some of the youth


Guruji speaking of Truth and Non-violence
principles of Paramahansa Yogananda ji
and Mahatma Gandhi ji

Projector screening of the terrorizing violence
that occurred during the April 10th  demolition
( a clear example of the result of the present
system giving rise to CORRUPT officials )

The Youngest Supporters of
Peaceful Movement
(L) Kari with Baby Arjun Scott and
(R) Erin with Elliot and Annabel