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News from the Kriyayoga Research Institute – November 19, 2006


A special Kriyayoga meditation session was organized this morning at the holy premises of the Kriyayoga ashram at Jhunsi, Allahabad. Kriyayoga is a complete, spiritual, scientific technique that enables its practitioners to detect the Truth behind all names, forms and thoughts of the visible and invisible cosmos.  Sincere practice of this ancient, spiritual science, as taught by Swami Shree Yogi Satyam, awakens one to his/her vast and infinite potential within.

Explaining the truth behind flatulence of the digestive system, Swami Shree

Yogi Satyam informed those in attendance at this morning’s class that the cause of excessive gas in the digestive system is actually the thought of attachment and aversion on the platform of taste. When a person eats food with the thought of attachment or aversion, he eats in an unnatural way, thus inviting injury to the stomach and intestines of the digestive system.  Consequently, the digestive system produces gas to have protection from the hit of the injurious food, in the same way as air protects the tire of a wheel.  In order to solve the problems of flatulence permanently, one should practice Kriyayoga meditation to overcome attachment and aversion on the platform of taste.

       Details of the cause and management of hemorrhoids, colitis, and acidity were also discussed during the class, in addition to a wonderful practice of Kriyayoga meditation led by Swami Shree Yogi Satyam to a full packed audience of Indians and those of foreign origin.


By Gangamata



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