Updated : March 4, 2013, 11:05 pm   

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By Kriyayoga Ashram and Research Institute. Allahabad, India

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Mar 4 - Kriyayoga Meditation Reveals the Glory of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita     English     Hindi
Mar 3 - The True Meaning of Yogi and Sanyasi     English     Hindi
Mar 2 - True Concept Behind Birth and Death   English     Hindi
Mar 1 -  Oneness with True Self       English        Hindi
Feb 28 -  Kriyayoga Uncovers the Root Cause of All Problems   English   Hindi
Feb 27-  Kriyayoga Meditation Reveals the Infinite Glory of the Human Being     English
Feb 26 -  Kriyayoga Practice Awakens True Concept of Mahabharata Within     English     Hindi
Feb 25 -  Kriyayoga Awakens the True Knowledge About All Weapons      English     Hindi           VIDEO : Kriyayoga Is The Highest Yagya    (english)
Feb 24 -  Kriyayoga is the Clear and Royal Pathway to Reawaken the Glory of India and the World     English     Hindi
Feb 23 -  Kriyayoga Practice Awakens True Concept of Mahabharata Within     English     Hindi
Feb 22 -  Kriyayoga is an Omnipotent Tool to Solve All Problems     English     Hindi
Feb 21 -  Kriyayoga Meditation is the Complete Teaching of Bhagavan Krishna   English    Hindi
Feb 20 -  Enlightening Revelations Behind Angel and Devil Consciousness   English    Hindi
Feb 19 -  Kriyayoga is the Glorious Journey Towards Truth and Ahimsa   English      Hindi
Feb 18 -  Kriyayoga is Incarnation of God in Present Ascending Dwapar Yuga   English      Hindi
Feb 17 -  Kriyayoga Reveals Truth Behind Food and Digestion   English     Hindi
Feb 16 -  Kriyayoga Practice Awakens the True Concept of Hanuman Worship   English     Hindi
Feb 15 -  Kriyayoga Repairs Structure of Stomach   English     Hindi                                         VIDEO : True Concept of Vasant Panchami  (english)
Feb 14 -  Glorious Presence of Vasant Panchami Within   English     Hindi
Feb 13 -  Kriyayoga Reveals Truth and Non-violence   English     Hindi                              
Feb 12 -  Kriyayoga is the Key to Freedom From Bondage of Habit Slavery    English    Hindi
Feb 11 -  Kriyayoga Reveals True Concept of Mauni Amaavasya    English    Hindi
Feb 10 -  Kriyayoga Ashram Constantly spreads the Message of Kriyayoga    English    Hindi                  VIDEO : True Concept of Mauni Amavasya (english)
Feb 9 -  Kriyayoga Reveals the Truth Behind Mauni Amaavashya    English    Hindi
Feb 8 - Kriyayoga Fulfills All Needs      English     Hindi
Feb 7 - Understanding the Significance of Ritual Practice and Kriyayoga Practice in One’s Life      English      Hindi
Feb 6 - Kriyayoga meditation reveals the Truth behind Japa and Tapa    English  Hindi
Feb 5 - Teachings of All Realized Masters and Prophets are All the Same    English  Hindi
Feb 4 - Nullify the Effect of Bad Karma Through the Practice of Kriyayoga   English   Hindi
Feb 3 - Kriyayoga Practice Enlightens Samudra Manthan and Holy Dip in Kumbha Within  English    Hindi
Feb 2  - Kriyayoga Removes All Troubles  English   Hindi                                                                                      VIDEO : Churning Cosmic Ocean  (english)
Feb 1  - Kriyayoga Brings Positive Change to Society and Education   English   Hindi
Jan 31 - Kriyayoga Meditation will Create Heaven on Earth  English  Hindi
Jan 30 - Kriyayoga Meditation is a Time-Tested Technique to Experience Timeless and Spaceless Unity with God  English   Hindi
Jan 29 - Kriyayoga Camp Inauguration at Mukti Marg in Kumbha Mela     English    Hindi                                          VIDEO: Inauguration Video (english)