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NEWS  OF DEC 10, 2006

Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam with Kriyayoga Practitioners during Sunday class

A special session of Kriyayoga Meditation was held this Sunday morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the holy premises of the Kriyayoga Research Institute in Jhunsi, Allahabad.  Swami Shree Yogi Satyam led this morning’s congregation through an intense practice of Kriyayoga Meditation, followed by an in-depth explanation of the Science of Kriyayoga.  This is the same spiritual science which was at one time available only to a select few, and now with the dawning of this Dwapar age, is being made available to all—and in the most unique way, by Swami Shree Yogi Satyam.

            He clearly explained to this morning’s class that practising Kriyayoga Meditation is the highest work that we all can do, for it leads us to Truth and Non-Violence—to a state of perfect peace, perfect health, fearlessness, and to the ultimate realization that “I and God are one”.  This means that by practising Kriyayoga Meditation, we will realize our immortal nature, our omnipotent power, omniscient knowledge and omnipresent consciousness.  In fact, we will realize that the whole cosmos exists in each perception of our toes to head existence.  This is the same principle as practised by Jesus Christ and Krishna, and as we practise Kriyayoga Meditation, we will bring about great, positive change to society.  Our life will be charged with immortality and non-violence.

            Swami Shree Yogi Satyam also explained some basic Kriyayoga Diet Principles (based on non-violence) to this morning’s congregation—a full-packed audience of Indians, and those of foreign origin.  All were most interested to learn these concepts and to learn how to apply them in daily life to attain perfect peace, health and happiness.


To Be One With God Means To Be One With Peace, Power & Knowledge Within...