Start Each Day with The Real Morning Bath:
Steps of Standing Recharging

Standing Recharging is Not Exercise...

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Practising Standing Recharging
sincerely each day, with the thought of Infinite, leads one to realize Truth.
It is important to practise these fundamental steps daily.


Kriyayoga Practitioners @ Unity Church,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

What is the Truth behind The body?

The body is not simply skin, bones and muscles.
The body is the door to attaining "Moksha".
"Moksha" means liberation from ignorance.
The practice of Kriyayoga Science brings the realization that the body is a compact book of eternal knowledge & is comprised of molecules of
eternal peace and patience.
In fact, the body is potentially Vast and Infinite.
It is Omnipresent consciousness.

What is illness?

When we are unable to accept and love certain bodily perceptions, we term these changes as illness. Perception of illness and discomfort means that the mind has not learnt to love certain changes.
We have to train The Mind to accept and love all changes. By removing the factor of hatred and aversion prevalent in the mind, we will be able to cure all illness. The practice of Kriyayoga is The Highest Science of removing all hatred and aversion.