To eat correctly, one has to first understand the purpose of eating. We eat to uplift. This is a service that we, as humans, can provide towards the other manifested forms, in this creation, that are less evolved than us.
God has manifested in the forms of atoms/molecules, plants, animals, humans and angels. The Waves diagram on the left shows the different-sized waves representing the manifested forms. It shows the progression in the state of evolution of the manifested forms of God. Angels, represented by the shortest wave, are closest to God while atoms/molecules are furthest.
When we intake liquids, the atoms/molecules are uplifted as they are converted into our human cells and tissues. In the same way, plants, taken in the form of fruits or vegetables are also uplifted. It is important to note that we should intake anything as a whole so that it is uplifted. What does this mean? This requires some explanation...
In plants, the life-current layer is revealed. Plants, when prepared and taken according to certain guidelines, can be consumed as a whole when we consume the entire physical plant. 
In animals, besides the life-current layer, the mind layer is also revealed. The mind layer, however, cannot be consumed. As a result, animals cannot be consumed as a whole and uplifted. They will have to be reborn in the form of an animal once again Therefore, we should refrain from adopting a non-vegetarian diet.
Another reason for avoiding the intake of a non-vegetarian diet is that our digestive system is unsuited for it.
The length of our digestive tract, similar to that of the monkey, is approximately 10-12 times that of our spinal cord.

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This is comparatively much longer than that of the carnivores animal, whose length of digestive tract is only 3-4 times of the length of the spinal cord. There are more chances that meat may rot and decay in our digestive tract, which can result in health problems.
Our aim in life is to transform ourselves from human to that of an angel. Then only can we realize oneness with God. In this way, all forms have to be uplifted to the next higher level of evolvement and eventually be One with God, When we are truly convinced within and realize that the purpose for eating is not to provide us with energy but to do the service of upliftment unto the other forms, then we will automatically have a proper eating behaviour.