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Holi : True Concept of 
The Celebration

The Science of Ressurrection and
Kriyayoga (Science of Original Yoga)
Are One and the Same

Easter Message
Common Message of Truth Across All Scriptures
Mind Is Creator of Body
True Principle of Life Ekoahambahushyami
True Meaning of Ahimsa


Realization of I and God 
Are One is called 
experiencing Ahimsa
True Meaning of Praanayama
Celebrate Awakening
The Lamps Within - Deepavali
True Concept Behind Christmas Day
The Real Meaning of Independence

On the Occasion of  Independence Day 
of India...

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Explained
Janamashtami - Birth of Prophet-consciousness

Interpretation of I Die Daily...

The Great Incarnation of 
Jesus Christ on Earth...

The Real Way of Celebrating
Navaraatri and Dasharaa
The Real Meaning of Pranaam
Divine Love Within
Kriyayoga Is The Ancient & Ever-new Education System of India (Upnayan Sanskaar) 
Hindi & English
Front for February 2003  
(Kriyayoga Is Highest Education) 
Hindi Only

Reflections of India -
My Spiritual Journey

Tea Taken Without Milk & Sugar is Best
Union of Yog Satsang Samiti & Yog Fellowship Temple - English

Click here for Hindi version

Mela 2003 Inauguration News
Hindi & English
Ego That Is Divinely-Tuned By Kriyayoga Practice Cures Osteoporosis 
Hindi & English
Attaining a Divine Body by Changing Thought
Hindi & English
Repairing Body Cells and Tissues

More Articles...

Special Message on Gandhi Jayanti - Oct 2,2004
Ahimsa Paramodharmahah
The Real Meaning of Independence
Christmas Greetings

The Highest Life - To Realize Truth

Kriyayoga is Yagya

more to be added...

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