Year 1998


Month/Date                            Location                       

1)14 Jan to 15 Feb           Maghmela Prayag Alld.
Introduction to Kriyayoga Science
Knowing the true science of seeking God
How can we know that we are performing right worship of God
Knowing our past and future
Living in the present with greatest joy
Understanding the true meaning behind the holy scriptures of The Mahabharat
Knowing who were Dronacharya, Dhristadyumna and the role of Krishna in the epic of

The Mahabharat
Seeking God with deep devotion
How we can cure all our ailments
The need for the spread of Kriyayoga in India to build a foundation for developing the nation
The role of rishis and saints in society
Knowing this world as it really is
How we can unveil the knowledge within us
Empowering ourselves to do all work
What is moksha?
Understanding the real meaning of victory
Bringing the realization that prophets always came with the mission to spread
peace and love in society
Realizing the innate unity of all creation and Hindus and Muslims
How we can overcome poverty and have a progressive life
Loving each other as we love God
What is true devotion in God?
The meaning of Hanuman
Interpretation of some verses of The Ram Charit Manas and how Kriyayoga is
described in the holy scripture
What is the Gayatri mantra and how to really practice it
Understanding the angelic forces of Pandavas and who were the Kauravas
Realizing that we are all equal without caste
Understanding the caste system and how it has been misinterpreted
Getting to know the 24 elements that make Self

2.                5 Jan            Lala Manmohan Das Inter-college Jhunsi, Alld.
SUBJECT: Kriyayoga to increase the power of the mind


3.                5 Jan            Gandhi Inter College Patel Nagar, Jhunsi, Alld.
SUBJECT: Kriyayoga practice for perfect understanding of all subjects


4.                5 Jan            Bal Prasad Inter College Balrampur, Allahabad.

SUBJECT: Discovering our innate talent by the practice of Kriyayoga


5.                6 Jan            Tilak Inter College Kotwa Hanumanganj

SUBJECT: The necessity of Kriyayoga in the education system to promote
complete development of personality


6.                6 Jan            Moti Lal Nehru Inter College Kakra, Alld.
SUBJECT: The true message of the scriptures promotes non-violence


7.                6 Jan            Maharshi Durvasa Inter College Kakra, Alld.
SUBJECT: Introduction to the role of the rishis and saints in society and how they looked

after the development and welfare of the nation


8.                7 Jan            ChandraShekhar Ajad U.M.V. Bagyee , Alld.

SUBJECT: Practising Kriyayoga to realize Truth to solve all problems in life


9.                7 Jan            Dr. Ramnath Singh U.M.V. Bagyee Kalla , Alld.

SUBJECT: Improving work productivity with Kriyayoga practice

10.               7 Jan            Sarvhitkari U.M.V. Laharpatere , Alld.
SUBJECT: Improving concentration and enhancing the standards of all production


11.               8 Jan            Shiv Darshan U.M.V. Birgapur , Alld.
SUBJECT: Realizing Omnipotent power as powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva


12.               8 Jan            Shaheed  Asgar B.U.M.V. Kanaujkhurd, Alld.
SUBJECT: Working towards unity of everyone to create a dynamic work force
working for the constructive development of the nation


13.               8 Jan            Priya Darshini U.M.Inter College , Jamunipur , Alld.
SUBECT: How to increase concentration and will-power within self


14.               9 Jan            Sardar Bhagat Singh Inter College, Saidabad , Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the one message behind all scriptures


15.               9 Jan            Public Inter College Matiha, Alld.
SUBJECT: Fulfilling all dreams and desires through exercising dynamic will-power

16.               9 Jan            Maharshi Krishna Inter College, Handia Allahabad.
SUBJECT: The need for a new lifestyle with regular practice of Kriyayoga and
understanding the benefits of the practice for daily concentration to improve work efficiency


17.               9 Jan            National Inter College Handia, Alld.
SUBJECT: Living a life of truth and non-violence


18.               10 Jan          Rastriya Balika Inter College Handia, Alld.
SUBJECT: The importance of complete training of youth for national development


19.               10 Jan          Saint Ganga Ram Jaiswal Inter College

                                      Baraut Allahabad.
SUBJECT: Increasing the power of our mind


20.               10 Jan          Mahanarayan Shukla Inter College Baraut, Alld.
SUBJECT: Kriyayoga as the science to increase will-power and concentration
to perform all duties with highest efficiency.


21.               11 Jan          Sarvodaya Shiksha Sadan  Inter College

                                      Lokmanpur, Alld.
SUBJECT: The meaning of Bharat and the importance of Bharat in the world


22.               11 Jan          Janta Inter College Imamganj Baraut, Alld.
SUBJECT: The importance of spirituality in all aspects of life


23.               11 Jan          Sardar Patel Inter College Jalalpur

                                      Kasba, Alld.

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga Science and how it increases the capacity
of all persons


24.               12 Jan          Convent Inter College Umapur, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the interpretation of “The Star in the East”


25.               12 Jan          Zila Panchayat Inter College Girls, Holagarh Allahabad.
SUBJECT: The necessity to practice Kriyayoga to increase determination and


26.               12 Jan          Jansewa Inter College Mohaddipur, Allahabad.
SUBJECT: Increasing potential to serve in the right way


27.               13 Jan          Kisan U.M.V. Muyee, Alld.

SUBJECT: Practising Kriyayoga unveils ideas to promote best agricultural growth


28.               13 Jan          Chandra Shekhar Ajad U.M.V. Parmeshwarpur, Alld.
SUBJECT: Realizing what is true freedom in life


29.               13 Jan          Sarswati U.M.V. Barestakalla, Alld.

SUBJECT: Attaining complete knowledge through the practice of scientific


30.               15 Jan          Mahadev U.M.V. Saidabad, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the powers of Brahms, Vishnu and Shive and the correct worship and preservation of the powers


31.               15 Jan          Ajit Pratap U.M.V. Shahabpur, Alld.
SUBJECT: Redefining parameters for everlasting happiness and peace


32.               15 Jan          R.R. Y. Sri Krishna Adarsh

                                      U.M.V. Kalandpur Allahabad.
SUBJECT:  Realizing the highest truth about our immortal nature


33.               16 Jan          Lalti Verma B.U.M.V. Pratappur, Alld.
SUBJECT: Realizing the omnipresent nature of God


34.               16 Jan          Ishwar Jyoti U.M.V. Chiraura Babuganj, Allahabad.
SUBJECT: Attaining the light of knowledge and dispelling ignorance from
our lives


35.               16 Jan          Bal Vikas Kannya Vidyalaya Mahveram ka Pura, Alld.
SUBJECT: Adopting a scientific practice to increase dynamic will-power to
face all situations in life


36.               16 Jan          Rajwanti Smarak B.U.M.V. Bahriya, Alld.
SUBJECT:  Understanding Kriyayoga as Science to cure all illness and solve
all problems in life


37.               17 Jan          Jawahar Lal Maurya U.M.V. Hanumannagar

SUBJECT: Purifying our thoughts to receive infinite thought of everlasting peace
and love


38.               17 Jan          Rajiv Gandhi U.M.V.Bighiya, Alld.
SUBJECT: Facing all situations with calmness and even-mindedness


39.               17 Jan          C.S.K. U.M.V. Dharna Hanumanganj, Alld.
SUBJECT: Spiritualizing all our work


40.               17 Jan          Dr. Chhotelal Bind U.M.V. Bheeti, Alld.
SUBJECT: Removing negative thoughts and living life with confidence


41.               18 Jan          Jawahar Lal U.M.V. Jwalapur Chandpara, Alld.
SUBJECT: Worshipping God in a practical scientific way


42.               18 Jan          Zila Panchayat Kannya U.M.V. Mauima, Alld.
SUBJECT: Managing with sincerity to bring about real progress


43.               18 Jan          Sherwani High School Beraoa Atrampur, Alld.
SUBJECT:  Increasing self-control and will-power through the practice of


44.               19 Jan          Sarswati Devi Parmanand Singh, Inter College Korihar, Alld.
SUBJECT: Knowing God as Universal Spirit


45.               19 Jan          Jawahar Lal Inter College Nyayeepur

                                      Chaubara, Alld.
SUBJECT: Overcoming habits to make definite self-progress


46.               19 Jan          Sherwani Inter College Mukundpur, Alld.
SUBJECT: How to do complete study of all matter


47.               19 Jan          Gandhi Inter College Kalyanpur, Alld.
SUBJECT: Practising non-violence naturally


48.               20 Jan          Janta Inter College Kalyanpur, Alld.
SUBJECT: How will national development come about through the practice
of Kriyayoga Science


49.               20 Jan          Ansar Girl's Inter College Mauima, Alld.
SUBJECT: Knowing our infinite potential to do all work and root out all
impossibilities in life


50.               20 Jan          Standard Inter College Mauima, Alld.
SUBJECT: Realizing the limitless energy within us


51.               21 Jan          Mewa lal Ayodhya Prasad Inter College, Alld.

                                      Sorao Allahabad.
SUBJECT: Equipping ourselves with dynamic will-power and confidence


52.               21 Jan          Sardar Patel Inter College Dadauli, Alld.
SUBJECT: Filtering out insecurities in life


53.               21 Jan          Bhagwan Deen Yadv Inter College

                                      madhuban Nagar Bahotipur, Alld.
SUBJECT: Following in the footsteps of the Prophets and Masters


54.               22 Jan          Adarsh U.M.V. Jurapur, Alld.
SUBJECT: Practising to be even-minded under all conditions


55.               22 Jan          Adarsh U.M.V. Dheenpur, Alld.
SUBJECT: Attachment to sense pleasures and how to overcome to awaken the
immortal strength within


56.               22 Jan          Tyagi U.M.V. Ismaeelpur, Alld.
SUBJECT: Overcoming all obstacles through developing great will-power


57.               23 Jan          Sorao U.M.V. Sorao, Alld.
SUBJECT: Having single-pointed devotion to God


58.               23 Jan          Pt. Hanumat Dutt Tripathi U.M.V.

                                      Ismaeelganj, Alld.
SUBJECT: Attaining everlasting joy and prosperity


59.               23 Jan          Adarsh Janta U.M.V. Shastrinagar

                                      Sorao Allahabad.
SUBJECT: Developing the angelic powers within


60.               24 Jan          Yadubanshi Inter College Shrigberpur, Alld.
SUBJECT: Developing the essential powers within to accomplishing the


61.               24 Jan          Mohammadiya Girl's U.M.V. Lal Gopalganj, Alld.
SUBJECT: The one true message conveyed by all prophets of all ages and lands


62.               24 Jan          Sarvodaya Vidhyapeeth U.M.V. Ashok Nagar

                                      Sorao, Allahabad.
SUBJECT: Cultivating qualities of purity and serving all unconditionally


63.               25 Jan          Jawahar Lal Inter College Jalaoopur

                                      Sikandara, Alld.
SUBJECT: Expanding the human consciousness through meditation


64.               25 Jan          Janta Inter College Sidandara, Alld.
SUBJECT: Learning to support one another to progress as a society


65.               25 Jan          Bal Niketan U.M.V. Phaphamau, Alld.
SUBJECT: Devoting oneself to right activity


66.               27 Jan          Saint Gayadeen U.M.V. Galaiha, Alld.
SUBJECT: Living and working without expectations  – the real way
to attain everlasting happiness and progress in life


67.               27 Jan          Salik Ram Dayaram Shastri, U.M.V. hetapatti, Alld.
SUBJECT: Living in cooperation with others


68.               27 Jan          Duryodhan Singh B.U.M.V. Sahso, Allahabad.
SUBJECT: Learning about true religion that brings unity and everlasting peace, cures all illness and solves all problems in life


69.               28 Jan          Vijay Lakshmi Inter College Phoolpur, Alld.
SUBJECT: The importance of work and refraining from nonactivity


70.               28 Jan          Gomti Inter College, Alld.
SUBJECT: Cultivating the right habits to have firm faith in God


71.               28 Jan          Adarsh Inter College Melhan, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding our duties in life and dutifully performing them


72.               29 Jan          Sitaram Singh Inter college Babuganj

SUBJECT: Working unceasingly and with sincerity


73.               29 Jan          Shivaji Inter College Sahso, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the real meaning of The Mahabharat epic as the
war within oneself and progressing towards overcoming all obstacles


74.               29 Jan          Sri Mahabal Singh Inter College

                                      Sehra Allahabad.
SUBJECT: Following the path to remove ignorance and attain wisdom

75.               30 Jan          Shuklpur Inter College Shuklpur, Allahabad.
SUBJECT: Being aware of delusions and rising above them


76.               30 Jan          Sri Bhagwan Deen Singh Inter College

                                      Shambhuchak Dohariya, Allad.
SUBJECT: Learning to work to please God alone


77.               30 Jan          Mangal Prasad Inter College Bampur, Alld.

SUBJECT: What is the complete education system and how building human values

is most important in this complete education system

78.               30 Jan          Vashitha Sewa Sangh Inter College Mahewa

                                      Kalla, Alld.
SUBJECT: Maintaining courage and even-mindedness in all situations


79.               2 Feb           Janta Shiksha Sadan Inter College Bharatganj

SUBJECT: Practice of the Kriyayoga technique is essential in our daily


80.               2 Feb           Lal Bahadur Shastri Inter College Manda, Alld.
SUBJECT: Living a life of simplicity and non-violence for spiritual progress


81.               2 Feb           B.N. T. E. College Meza Road, Allahabad.

SUBJECT: Overcoming the restless mind and maintaining a state of


82.               3 Feb           Nand Kishore Inter College Sohgauranagar, Alld.

SUBJECT:  Overcoming all obstacles – physical, mental and social


83.               3 Feb           Laxmi Narayan High School Meza Road, Alld.

SUBJECT: Projecting our loving Divine nature

84.               3 Feb           Janta Kanya U.I.K. Visarhjan, Alld.

SUBJECT: Overpowering the evil tendencies


85.               4 Feb           Rajendra B.U.M.V. Meza Road, Alld.
SUBJECT: Being selfless and working for betterment of general good


86.               4 Feb           Sardar Rajnarayan Yadav U.M.V. Biramnagar

SUBJECT: Overcoming our short-lived desires


87.               4 Feb           Srimati Annpurna Kuwar

                                      Kripa Devi Kanya U.M.V. Allahabad.
SUBJECT: Curing all ailments by the true worship of God


88.               4 Feb           Subash Chandra U.M.V. Pakri Sewar, Alld.
SUBJECT: Remembering to be attuned with God in all activities


89.               4 Feb           Dandi Swami U.M.V. Gunayee Gaharpure, Alld.

SUBJECT: Practising true religion that brings progress for humanity as a whole


90.               4 Feb           Zila Panchayat U.M.V. Dohiya, Alld.
SUBJECT: National development through working sincerely and unconditionally


91.               5 Feb           Roo U.M.V. Suruwa, Dalalpur, Alld.
SUBJECT: Bring in tune with the Cosmic plan and playing dutifully our
humble role


92.               5 Feb           Ramanuj Inter College Korehar, Alld.
SUBJECT: True worship of God bring wisdom guided by God


93.               5 Feb           Lala Jangilal Inter College Korehar, Alld.
SUBJECT: Remaining free of worry through a work-oriented lifestyle where
we are attuned each moment with God


94.               6 Feb           Gopal Inter College Korao, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding about yoga and what is raja yoga


95.               6 Feb           Goswami Tulsidas Inter College

                                      Korao, Alld.
SUBJECT: Being a yogi while fulfilling all responsibilities of life


96.               6 Feb           Adha Prasad Inter College Deoghat Poos

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga practice brings about develop of intuition


97.               7 Feb           Sardar Patel Inter College Korao, Alld.
SUBJECT: Realizing our innate Divine nature and


98.               7 Feb           Shiv Jiyawan Inter college Ladiyari, Alld.
SUBJECT: Fulfilling all dreams in life by seeking the
Kingdom of God


99.               7 Feb           Manbodh Kushwaha Balika Inter College

                                      Kokhraj, Alld.
SUBJECT: Developing of the mind and wisdom through Kriyayoga practice


100.             8 Feb           Rajkeeya U.M.V. Bera Manda, Alld.
SUBJECT: Having genuine love for all


101.             8 Feb           Ramcharan Shivjokhan Singh U.M.V.

                                      Jawayeen, Alld.
SUBJECT: Perceiving the truth stated in the scriptures


102.             10 Feb         Chao Jagat Deo Singh U.M.V. Seeker, Alld.
SUBJECT: Developing the wisdom within to know right from wrong


103.             10 Feb         Parmanand Inter College Kheeri, Alld.
SUBJECT: Being in union with Bliss of God


104.             10 Feb         Dr. S. S. Nehru U.M.V. Hata, Alld.
SUBJECT: Overcoming anger and directing the life-current towards increasing
power of mind


105.             11 Feb         Gandhi Shanti Niketan Inter College
                                      Gauhniya, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding pain and pleasure and how to overcome the delusions


106.             11 Feb         Jawahar Lal Nehru Inter College Jari, Alld.
SUBJECT: Practising the Science to learn truth about everything


107.             11 Feb         Krishak Inter College Garaiya Jari, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the correct worship of God


108.             12 Feb         Shivaji Inter College Khurd, Alld.
SUBJECT: What is the meaning of
Ganga and understanding about the Ganga that

flows within us


109.             12 Feb         Jamuna Par Inter College Amreha, Alld.

SUBJECT: Attaining mastery over Self is the real victory in life


110.             13 Feb         Iswar Deen Chhedi Lal Inter College Jasra, Alld.
SUBJECT: Winning over the temptations of desires to attain infinite power

111.             13 Feb         Lal Chandra Inter College Jasra Alld.
SUBJECT: Realizing the truth about pain and weakness


112.             13 Feb         Satya Inter College Jasra, Alld.
SUBJECT: Knowing about praan and apaan and how to direct the life current


113.             13 Feb         Shivaji Inter College Khurd, Alld.
SUBJECT: The true meaning of renunciation and who is a true renunciant


114.             14 Feb         Zila Panchayat Inter College Manpur, Alld.
SUBJECT: The importance of nonattachment to fruits of action


115.             14 Feb         Ranjeet Pt. Inter College Lohgara, Alld.
SUBJECT: Experiencing the limitless joy of union with Universal Consciousness


116.             14 Feb         Rajkeeya Balika Inter College Shankergarh, Alld.
SUBJECT: How to control the mind and senses and increase concentration power


117.             15 Feb         Rajya Kamlakar Inter College Shankergarh, Alld.
SUBJECT: Having the confidence to face all situations


118.             15 Feb         Sardar Patel Inter College Khorhat Khurd, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding what is Yoga and an introduction into the fundamentals of

the Kriyayoga technique


119.             15 Feb         Krishak Inter College Kasauta, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the characters of The Pandavas and Kauravas in
The Mahabharat


120.             16 Feb         Hari Shanker Inter College Lalapur, Alld.
SUBJECT: How to conquer the restlessness of the mind


121.             16 Feb         Adarsh Ganga B.U.M.V. Bheeta, Alld.
SUBJECT: The importance of each of us being of good service to humanity


122.             16 Feb         Rajkeeya B.U.M.V. Jasra, Alld.
SUBJECT: Having real health and peace of mind as worship God correctly

123.             17 Feb         Sharda Devi U.M.V. Naudya Tarhar


SUBJECT: Building the potential within for building of the nation


124.             17 Feb         Lal Bahadur Shastri U.M.V. Bashara Tarhar


SUBJECT: What it means to have devotion of Hanuman


125.             17 Feb         Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna U.M.V. Rigwa, Alld.

SUBJECT: Recognizing the powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva within us


125.             18 Feb         Kedarnath U.M.V. Khatgiya, Alld.

SUBJECT: Increasing power and knowledge within by overcoming anger, greed
and lust


126.             18 Feb         Bal Bhartiya U.M.V. Chak Babura Nainy, Alld.

SUBJECT: Overcoming the delusions of illness, pain and suffering


127.             18 Feb         Bhagwati Devi U.M.V. Bhuska, Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding God manifested in the form of Divine Mother


128.             19 Feb         Jaya Bachchan B.U.M.V. Mahujari, Alld.

SUBJECT: Establishing devotion through increasing concentration


129.             19 Feb         Rastriya Shiksha Niketan B.U.M.V. Lakhanpur

                                      Meza, Alld.
SUBJECT: The meaning of tapsaya

130.             20 Feb         Chandrakalli B.U.M.V. Pakri Sewar, Alld.

SUBJECT: Knowing about the Divine Cave and the knowledge centers


131.             20 Feb         Bal Vidhya Mandir U.M.V. Belwat, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the symbolic form of the deities


132.             20 Feb         Adarsh Shiksha Mandir U.M.V. Vash ki

                                      Duhiya, Alld.
SUBJECT: Getting to know about the meaning of the celebration of Holi


133.             21 Feb         N.K. Singh U.M.V. Akora, Alld.

SUBJECT: Knowing the scientific worship as worship of the altar in this body temple


134.             21 Feb         Ram Dularee Pandey B.U.M.V. Kohdar, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the prophet consciousness of
Krishna and the message


135.             21 Feb         Vikkan Lal B.U.M.V. Nainy, Alld.
SUBJECT: Interpretation of verses in the Holy Scripture of Ram Charit Manas


136.             23 Feb         Smt. Vidhya Devi Mahilla School

                                      Shanker Dall Nainy, Alld.
SUBJECT: Getting to know about the limited sense pleasures


137.             23 Feb         Baba lal Shukla U.M.V. Nainy, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the eight arms of yoga


138.             23 Feb         Vijay U.M.V. Jawahar Nagar Nainy, Alld.
SUBJECT: Fundamentals of Kriyayoga and some guidelines to proper
food combinations

139.             24 Feb         Shaili Shiksha Niketa U.M.V. Nainy, Alld.
SUBJECT: Magnetizing the
Divine Cave with Divine Love of God



140.             24 Feb         Utkarsh B.U.M.V. Jawahar Nagar Nainy, Alld.
SUBJECT: Knowing the meaning of bhajan and how it should be practised


141.             24 Feb         Kashi Prasad Singh U.M.V. Katauli Meza, Alld.
SUBJECT: Discussing the treasures of The East and West


142.             25 Feb         Ramayan Prasad Pandey Shikshan Sansthan

                                      Malaihanagar Jari, Alld.
SUBJECT: What is Shiva shakti


143.             25 Feb         Dr. Murli Manohar U.M.V. Gurunanak Nagar

                                      Nainy, Alld.
SUBJECT: Knowing the one true message of the prophets and the technique by which

the prophets attained Divinity within


144.             25 Feb         R.P. Rastogi ka Galla Kaharhar, Alld.
SUBJECT: Getting to know the meaning and importance of Bharat


145.             26 Feb         Allahabad Degree College, Alld.
SUBJECT: How to build a foundation for a progressive society


146.             26 Feb         Chaudhary Mahadev Prasad Maha Vidhyalaya

SUBJECT: Understanding the epic- Ramayana and what is the meaning of the
slaying of the villain, Ravan


147.             26 Feb         Ewing Christian College, Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding the once scienc practiced by all prophets of all lands


148.             2 Mar          Ishwar Degree College, Alld.

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga and how to uplift our consciousness

149.             2 Mar          Arya Kanya Degree College

                                      Mutthiganj, Alld.
SUBJECT: Getting to know God as The Universal Spirit and how to worship Him


150.             2 Mar          Kulbashkar Degree College, Alld.
SUBJECT: Transformation from human to angel with increased potential to do
work as service to all



151.             3 Mar          Prayag Mahila Vidhyapeeth

                                      Mahavidhyalaya, Alld.
SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga Science and its description in the “Patanjal
Yog Sutras”


152.             3 Mar          Jagat Taran MahaVidhyalaya, Alld.
SUBJECT: Empowering Self with devotion in God


153.             3 Mar          Motilal Nehru Regional

                                      Engineering College, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding
Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati flowing within


154.             4 Mar          Science Dept (Allahabad University)

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga introduced as Science of all sciences and how through its
practice we can have complete and perfect knowledge


155.             4 Mar          Institute of Engineering & Rural Technologies, Alld.
SUBJECT: Getting ideas about good engineering methods through the Science
of discovering about Self


156.             4 Mar          Moti Lal Nehru Medical College, Alld.

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga Science heals in 3 dimensions – physical, mental and spiritual


157.             5 Mar          Swaroop Rani Hospital, Alld.
SUBJECT: Permanent healing through the scientific practice of Kriyayoga


158.             5 Mar          Kamla Nehru Hospital, Alld.

SUBJECT: How we can better help those who perceive sickness

159.             5 Mar          Tej Bahadur Sapru Hospital, Alld.
SUBJECT: Knowing the method to improve medical facilities for sure improvement
of patients and how to better serve them


160.             6 Mar          Saint Anthony Vidhyalaya, Alld.
SUBJECT: Developing The Universal Christ Consciousness within


161.             6 Mar          Bishop George School

                                      (Near Nojreth Hospital), Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the truth of omnipresence of God stated in all scriptures


162.             7 Mar          Bishop Johnson School

                                      (Near Church Chauraha), Alld.
SUBJECT: Truly understanding and practicing the teachings of Christ


163.             7 Mar          Vyayaj Boy's High School (Near Dainik Jagran), Alld.
SUBJECT: Kriyayoga defined in the scriptures


164.             7 Mar          Saint Mary College (G.T. Road), Alld.
SUBJECT: Being one with everlasting peace through uplifting consciousness to


165.             7 Mar          Merry Bana Maker Inter College (Nikat Kachehari), Alld.
SUBJECT: Knowing the right path to fulfill the ultimate aim of human life


166.             9 Mar          Physical Sciences Dept (Allahabad University)

SUBJECT: Introduction to the complete technique to understand all sciences

167.             9 Mar          Chemical Sciences Dept (Alld University)
SUBJECT: The highest science to evolve the mind and wisdom


168.             20 Mar         Animal Sciences (Alld University)
SUBJECT: Realizing infinite potential in all manifestations of God


169.             20 Mar         Plant Sciences (Alld University)
SUBJECT: The living aspect in all manifested forms of God


170.             20 Mar         Math Dept (Alld University)
SUBJECT: Increasing mental strength to increase concentration of the mind
through the practice of Kriyayoga Science


171.             21 Mar         Statistics Dept (Alld University)
SUBJECT: The technique that is the source of all knowledge, power and peace


172.             21 Mar         J.K. Institute (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Awakening awareness to reach our maximum potential

173.             21 Mar         Literature Dept (Alld University)
SUBJECT: Seeking Truth through Kriyayoga


174.             22 Mar         Hindi Dept (Alld University)
SUBJECT: Knowing the culture behind the language and how the spread of
Universal spirituality of
India will bring positive peace nd unity in the world


175.             22 Mar         Sanskrit Dept (Alld University)
SUBJECT: Understanding the importance of knowing our infinite nature – our
true identity


176.             22 Mar         English Dept (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Practising Kriyayoga to be perfect in all subject matter

177.             23 Mar         Urdu Dept (Alld University)

SUBJECT: The language of the soul is above all modes of communications

178.             23 Mar         Art Dept (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga Science for making the correct decisions in life

179.             23 Mar         Ancient History Dept. (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Knowing our past and working out the karmas in our present life
through deep devotion in God

180.             24 Mar        Medieval History Dept (Alld University)
SUBJECT: The ultimate path for spiritual growth leading to a life free from
tension and worry


181.             24 Mar        Political Science Dept (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Developing the right personality to serve humanity correctly

182.             24 Mar         Education Dept (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga establishes the perfect framework for a complete education


183.             25 Mar         Psychology Dept (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Realizing our infinite nature through Kriyayoga Science

184.             25 Mar         Human Science Dept (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Perceiving the infinite reservoir that empowers us in all ways through
the practice of Kriyayoga Science

185.             25 Mar         Geography Dept (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Realizing no boundaries amongst creation eternally connected

186.             26 Mar         Philosophy Dept (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Practising how to accomplish what we say


187.             26 Mar         Commerce Faculty (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Practising Kriyayoga to best understand the needs and getting ideas
to fulfill these needs


188.             26 Mar         Law Faculty (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Facing all situations in a state of even-mindedness

189.             27 Mar         Correspondence Dept (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Developing sincere relations through purity of the mind and heart

190.             27 Mar         Public Relations Dept (Alld University)

SUBJECT: Practising to serve all sincerely

191.             7 Apr           Sar Sunder Lal Hostel, Alld.
SUBJECT: Unveiling the truth behind scriptures through efforts of devotion


192.             7 Apr           P.C. Banerji Hostel, Alld.
SUBJECT: Expanding to our unlimited potential


193.             7 Apr           A.N. Jha Hostel, Alld.
SUBJECT: How to have mastery over the mind and senses


194.             7 Apr           G.N. Jha Hostel. Alld.
SUBJECT: What is the meaning of Chitrakoot – the abode of Ram as described
in Ramayana

195.             8 Apr           Muslim Boarding Hostel, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the practices of the Islamic tradition and an explantion
about how Kriyayoga is the practical application of Quoran


196.             8 Apr           Hindu Hostel, Alld.
SUBJECT: Practising harmonious living through correctly understanding
the scriptural texts


197.             8 Apr           Tarachandra Hostel, Alld.
SUBJECT: The way to synthesizing wisdom within Self


198.             8 Apr           Halland Hall Hostel, Alld.
SUBJECT: How to overcome the evil forces that bring misery and suffering in life


199.             9 Apr           K.P. U.C. Hostel, Alld.
SUBJECT: Developing the indomitable forces within


200.             9 Apr           Diamond Jublee Hostel, Alld.
SUBJECT: Furnishing our needs through the development of dynamic will-power



201.             13 Apr                  Village – Amilia, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the correct worship of God and interpretation of

scriptural verses


202.             13 Apr                  Village – Arail, Alld.
SUBJECT: Knowing how to cure oneself of all sickness through the worship
of God and explanation of The Mahabharat as the battle against the evil tendencies within


203.             13 Apr                  Village- Arail Kachhar, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding all bodily perceptions as Godly perceptions and how
the prophets and masters practiced Kriyayogs Science to attain mastery over Self and

were able to bring about peace, love and unity to all


204.             14 Apr                  Village- Chak Homiram, Alld.
SUBJECT: Intro to the sacred science of Kriyayoga that is the highest worship
of the Infinite One who is described as Omnipresent in the scriptures

205.             14 Apr                  Village- Chak Araskhush, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the practice of Kriyayoga Science and how it helps
to increase understanding to solve all problems in life


206.             14 Apr                  Village- Chak Sevak Ram, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding that God is to be perceived and making seeking God a


207.             14 Apr                  Village- Lokpur Gramin, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding the truth about the forest and kingdom that King
Ram resided in as described in the scriptures


208.             15 - 19 Apr            Village- Umari, Alld.
Apr 15: Incorporating Kriyayoga in daily chores
Apr 16: What is the meaning of devotion in God and understanding and practicing like Hanuman
Apr 17:Healing oneself by repairing the body cells and tissues through Kriyayoga
Apr 18: Increasing power of the mind senses
Apr 19: Getting to know and understand the characters in The Mahabharat

209.             15 Apr                  Village- Ghoghapur, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding about ego-consciousness as represented by
Bhishm in the epic of Mahabharat


210.             15 Apr                   Village- Chak Ataulla Gramin, Alld.
SUBJECT: How we can realize the Krishna consciousness within us and have
control over the conditions in our lives


211.             16 Apr                    Village- Chak Gareebdas, Alld.
SUBJECT: Understanding Mahabharat in the light of Kriyayoga


212.             16 Apr                     Village- Chak Kriparam, Alld.
SUBJECT: Overcoming habits, ignorance, lust and anger through the practice
of Kriyayoga. Explanation using the characters in the epic of Mahabharat


213.             16 Apr                     Village- Chak Purakhurd, Alld.
SUBJECT: Maintaining heavenly peace and even-mindedness under all


214.             17 Apr                      Village- Rehi Kalla, Alld.

SUBJECT: Knowing the right path to liberation

215.             17 Apr                      Village- Chak Gori, Alld.

SUBJECT: Working without desires but only for God

216.             17 Apr                      Village- Chak Vibha Giri, Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding the original yoga and the arms of yoga

217.             18 Apr                     Village- Atri ta Nimi, Alld.

SUBJECT: Knowing the heavens and spheres within us that lead us towards
attaining oneness with Universal Infinite Spirt

218.             18 Apr                     Village- Chakbabura, Alld.

SUBJECT: Knowing the knowledge centers within and how to awaken them

219.             19 Apr                    Village- Chak Dewanand, Alld.

SUBJECT:  Knowing that with the power of Krishna or prophet consciousness
with us we can accomplish all missions and overcome all obstacles

220.             19 Apr                     Village- Chak Osan, Alld.

SUBJECT: Explanation of the yugas and the period of yuga that we are in

221.             19 Apr                      Village- Chamtpur, Alld.

SUBJECT: Being on the path towards self-realization

222.             20 Apr                       Village- Chaka, Alld.

SUBJECT: Devloping the “sanjaya” power within

223.             20 Apr                      Village- Chakmueuddinpur, Alld.

SUBJECT: Knowing about omnipresence of God in the visible and invisible forms

224.             20 Apr                      Village- Dabhaav, Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding maya and how to rise above the effects of maya

225.             20 Apr                     Village- Dadri ta Navgawa, Alld.

SUBJECT: The trinity Godly powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

226.             21 Apr                         Village- Tignauta, Alld.

SUBJECT: Getting to know the practice to enable us to work tirelessly while
being in the state of unending peace

227.             21 Apr                         Village- Teduwawan, Alld.

SUBJECT: Having control over our anger and maintaining calmness within

228.             21 Apr                         Village- Chhivk, Alld.

SUBJECT: Practising to crack the nutshell of the scriptural verses

229.             21Apr                          Village- Baburpur, Alld.

SUBJECT: Practising the worship of God as a true devotee

230.             22 Apr                         Village- Deorakh (Kachhar), Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding the tendencies of the blind mind

231.             22 Apr                          Village- Chak Nirat, Alld.

SUBJECT: Realizing the physical, astral and causal universes

232.             22 Apr                        Village- Chak Madho (Dikshit), Alld.

SUBJECT: Introduction to Spirituality and how we can enhance our personality
to be of Divine nature through being attuned with God

233.             23 Apr                        Village-  Deorita (Nainy Deori), Alld.

SUBJECT: Overcoming the darkness of ignorance

234.             23 Apr                        Village- Chakammir Mohammad, Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding the true meaning of the gems given in the
scriptural text of Ram Charit Manas

235.             23 Apr                         Village- Narsinghpur, Alld.

SUBJECT: Practising to preserve our life-force (praan shakti) and directing it
to attain unlimited heights

236.             24 Apr                           Village- Chakkhowjaali, Alld.

SUBJECT: Overcoming the limited desires to attain the ultimate goal of eternal

237.             24 Apr                            Village- Nivi ka Khurd, Alld.
SUBJECT: How the steadfast devotion in God enables us to discover the
limitless powers that remain dormant within

238.             24 Apr                            Village- Nainy ta (Nainy Dadri), Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding how to overcome the dark evil forces that hinder
our progress towards discovering our true nature as one with Infinite God

239.             24 Apr                           Village- Chak Katra (Chak Yograj), Alld.

SUBJECT:  Introduction to the science to attain real peace, health and happiness
in life that is absent of all problems of all nature

240.             25 Apr                            Village- Chak Durga Dutt, Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding the glory of the spiritual science of Mother India and
how it is the solution to all problems in life

241.             25 Apr                              Village- Paalpur, Alld.

SUBJECT: Adroning our Self with the power of even-mindedness through
overcoming attachment and aversion

242.             25 Apr                              Village- Piprasa, Alld.

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga as the scientific technique to know our true

243.             25 Apr                             Village- Purvaa Khas, Alld.

SUBJECT: The practical systematic way to banish poverty, sickness, tension
and worry from life

244.             25 Apr                              Village- Poore Khagan, Alld.

SUBJECT: Knowing the truth regarding the work and life of the prophets. The
significance for us to follow in the footsteps of these prophets to create peace,
love and unity in society for harmonious living and for progress of the society

245.             26 Apr                               Village- Chakaura, Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding the real meaning of the verses in the scriptures and how

we can apply the message in our lives to solve all problems

246.             26 Apr                              Village- Velvat, Alld.

SUBJECT: What is the meaning of “Chakravati raja” and the importance likewise

for all to gain mastery over the mind and senses and all other elements of Self


247.             26 Apr                             Village- Manuwa Uperhar, Alld.

SUBJECT: Explanation about how each of us endowed with the 6 riches within

248.             26 Apr                             Village- Chakarmajanali, Alld.

SUBJECT: Attaining defeat over the “Ravan” and “Kansa” traits within Self
to attain prophet consciousness

249.             27 Apr                              Village- Waramal, Alld.

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga Science. Explanation about our immortal
nature and how to overcoming fear of death

250.             27 Apr                               Village- Chak Shivnath, Alld.

SUBJECT: Purifying the mind through yagya. What is yagya?

251.             27 Apr                              Village- Chak Bisuni, Alld.

SUBJECT: Getting connected with the ever over-flowing reservoir that
is the real source of knowledge, peace, patience, courage and power

252.             27 Apr                                Village- Baswaar, Alld.

SUBJECT: Developing persistence in seeking God increases our determination
and will-power to accomplish all tasks in life

253.             28 Apr                                Village- Teyohara, Alld.

SUBJECT: Overcoming the impossible through developing mental power

254.             28 Apr                               Village- Gatita purwa, Alld.
SUBJECT: Being aware of the delusions in life and how we can overcome
them through faith in God

255.             28 Apr                                Village- Bhadra (Umerganj), Alld.

SUBJECT: The importance of having eternal patience and humbleness to
grow to our infinite potential

256.             28 Apr                                Village- Madauka (Uperhar), Alld.

SUBJECT: Getting to know Kriyayoga as the science to preserve the life-force
within. Understanding how misuse of this life-forece is the abuse of Draupadi
as described in the immortal epic of Mahabharat

257.             29 Apr                                 Village-  Mahuwaari,  Alld.

SUBJECT: Getting to know the common ultimate goal of all persons and how
we will not be free of desires until we work towards this goal

258.             29 Apr                                 Village- Masika, Alld.

SUBJECT: Realizing all relations with Infinite who is omnipresent

259.             29 Apr         Village- Lawayan Khurd  Allahabad.
SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga as the worship of Shiva in the form of
perceiving all bodily changes that are most beneficial for us