Year 1996


                   Month/Date                   Location                       

1.                14 Jan to 15 Feb    Maghmela prayag

SUBJECTS: Understanding Kriyayoga and its practice for curing all kinds of problems

related to health, education etc. Explained- Gita, Mahabharat, Quoran in the light of

Kriyayoga. Kriyayoga highest nutrition for body and mind and to cure all sicknesses

and mental inharmonies… Understanding science of living balanced life. Kriyayoga

is the highest way to attain liberation. Theory and practice.


2.                2 Jan            Rajkeeya Inter College,     Allahabad.

SUBJECT: Introductory session to Kriyayoga Science. Scriptural interpretation
of certain verses of the scriptural texts to promote a lifestyle filled with peace,
health and happiness


3.                2 Jan            Satya Narayan Inter College, Allahabad.
SUBJECT: How Kriyayoga banishes poverty from the society

4.                2 Jan            Zila Panchayat Inter College

                                      Balika Vidhyalaya Sirsa Alld.

SUBJECT: Building a co-operative society through the practice of Kriyayoga
that functions on the fundamentals of service and love

5.                3 Jan            Smt. Shakuntala Devi Balika

                                      Inter college Ramnagar, Alld.
SUBJECT: Ensuring complete development of a student with incorporation
of personality-building science of Kriyayoga


6.                3 Jan            Zila Panchayat Inter College , Autar
SUBJECT: Kriyayoga introduction with explanation of the verses in the scriptural
text of Ram Charit Manas


7.                3 Jan            Shri Ram Pratap Inter College,  Sirsa
SUBJECT: Explanation of transformation of Ravan to the consciousness of Ram
in the light of Kriyayoga


8.                3 Jan            Lala Ram Kumar Agrawal

                                      Inter College Sirsa
SUBJECT: Empowering Self with Pandavas qualities of control of mind, senses,
even-mindedness, faith in God and eternal humbleness


9.                4 Jan            Madhvendra Singh U.M. Barao

SUBJECT: Explanation about the astral Chakras in the altar of the Divine Cave and

how we can manifest outwardly the powers that are innate to us


10.               4 Jan            Suman Vidhya Niketan Inter College

                                      Nainy Allahabad.

SUBJECT: Knowing the nature of our ego-consciousness through understanding
the character of Bhishma in The Mahabharat


11.               4 Jan            Nav Jyoti Shiksha Sadan U.M.V. Nainy

SUBJECT: Being master over our habits instead of letting them overrule us

12.               4 Jan            Indira Gandhi U.M.V. Akora Alld.

SUBJECT: Building foundation for non-violence in society

13.               5 Jan            Lala Ram Kumar Agrawal

                                      U.M.V. Nain Allahabad.

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga and the practice of true worship of God
that brings solution to all problems and cures all illness

14.               5 Jan            Agricultural Institute Nainy Allld.

SUBJECT: Nourishing the roots of our faith in God

15.               5 Jan            Ranjeet Pt. Inter College Nainy Alld.

SUBJECT: Explanation about the defeat of the demon Ravan in the epic of

16.               5 Jan            Radharaman U.M.V. Nainy Alld.

SUBJECT: Being like a scientist in all aspects of life – worship and work

17.               6 Jan            Ganga Bal Shiksha Mandir Rasoolabad Alld.

SUBJECT: Realizing the flow of holy vibrations that are ever within us

18.               6 Jan            Jubeda Khatoon B.U.M.V. Rajrooppur Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding the discriminating wisdom and the blind mind
and how to develop Divine intuition within us

19.               6 Jan            Lal Behari Adarsh U.M.V. Lookerganj,Alld.

SUBJECT: Tuning the perception, ego, mind and wisdom towards Divinity

20.               6 Jan            P.P. Public School Sullain Sarae Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding the traits of satya (truth) and ahimsa (non-violence)
and how they are both one and the same - eternal

21.               7 Jan            Nand Kishore U.M.V. Harwara Alld.

SUBJECT: The explanation of the Krishna consciousness and how it is attained
through the practice of Kriyayoga

22.               7 Jan            New Bebi Muslim Girls High School,Alld.

SUBJECT: The importance of work as worship and how we can realize our true
potential through working meditatively

23.               7 Jan            Rajkeeya B.U.M.V. Katra Alld.

SUBJECT: Feeling all perceptions as Godly and loving all changes is the way
to the right worship of God

24.               7 Jan            National English School Alld.

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga Science and how we can develop great
skill in the practise of Kriyayoga Science

25.               8 jan            Impact Girls U.M.V. Nihalpur Alld.

SUBJECT: Developing purity and simplicity in nature for the descent of Divinity

26.               8 Jan            M.L. Convent U.M.V. Allahabad.

SUBJECT: Understanding the universal science of Kriyayoga to attain Prophet
consciousness to do good service for the welfare of society

27.               8 Jan            Rani Kheti Devi U.M.V. Allahabad.

SUBJECT: Realizing God as power of Divine Mother who is ever-loving

28.               8 Jan            Shiv Narayan Shiksha Sadan B.U.M.V.

                                      Sultanpur, Alld.

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga Science as a basis for building the framework for a
complete education for all round training of youth to develop traits that promote
sincere activity

29.               9 Jan            Handia Baba Balika U.M.V. Daraganj Allld.

SUBJECT: Practising scientifically to be more spiritually awakened

30.               9 Jan            Ganga Balika U.M.V. Jairampur Patpar Alld.

SUBJECT: Realizing God manifested in all forms – atoms, plants, animals,
humans and angels and how we can realize our innate unity with God and
attain great strength and knowledge within

31.               9 Jan            Chandra Kumari B.U.M.V. Sulaim Sarae Alld.

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga Science as science of true worship of

32.               9 Jan            Diggaj Singh U.M.V. Kalandaripuram Alld.

SUBJECT: Rising above our sub-conscious state of mind and connecting with
Infinite power

33.               10 Jan          Alhalmara Pharookhi Balika U.M.V., Kansari


SUBJECT: Understanding the scriptures in the light of Kriyayoga for realizing
our infinite strengths

34.               10 Jan          Sri Narayan Ashram Balika Inter College

                                      Shivkooti, Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding how to overcome habit addictions through power
of friction and being with presence of God

35.               10 Jan          S.S Girls Balika U.M.V. Rajrooppur Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding God as powers of Creator (Brahma), Preserver(Vishnu),
Changer for the beneficial results (Shiva)


36.               10 Jan          Any Besaint B.U.M.V. Rajrooppur Alld.

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga, the real meaning of Brahmacharya as
being most creative

37.               11 Jan          Sainik Bal Vikas Balika

                                      Inter College New Cantt. Allahabad.

SUBJECT: Getting connected with the vast ocean of knowledge, peace and joy

38.               11 Jan          Umrao Singh Balika Inter College, Alld.

SUBJECT: Developing the right traits for personal growth through association
with the right company and right ideas

39.               11 Jan          Noorjaha Balika Inter College Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding the Namaj and the practice of Kriyayoga as the
practical application of the holy scripture of Quoran

40.               11 Jan          Amrit Girls Inter College Neemsarae Alld.

SUBECT: Having highest devotion in God by practicing to be with infinite
thought each moment

41.               11 Jan          Chetna Girls Inter College Kareili Alld.

SUBJECT: Development of Self means development of nation

42.               12 Jan          Gaus Memorial Balika Inter College, Kareili Alld.

SUBJECT: Being in control of the senses and rising above the pleasures of the

43.               12 Jan          Ahmad Memorial Girls Inter College,   Allahabad.

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga Science and the universal message of
the prophets

44.               12 Jan          Dittyabha Balika Inter College Allahpur Alld.

SUBJECT: Acquiring all knowledge through practice

45.               12 Jan          Sindhu Vidhya Mandir Alopi Bag Alld.

SUBJECT: Understanding the true worship of God

46.               13 Jan          Vikas Vidhyalaya Ishwar Sharan Ashram, Alld.

SUBJECT: How Kriyayoga makes us perfect in all subjects

47.               13 Jan          Mahila Udhog Balika Inter College, Dariyabad, Alld.

SUBJECT: Overcoming all temptations and desires through attunement with
our Divine nature

48.               13 Jan          Radha Raman Balika Inter College, Uchamandi Allahabad.

SUBJECT: Understanding the characters of Shantanu, Ganga and Satyavati

49.               13 Jan          Mahilla Gram Inter College Subedarganj, Allahabad.

SUBJECT: Development of the mind and wisdom through Kriyayoga

50.               15 Jan         Vidhyawati Darbari Balika Inter College

SUBJECT: Developing the characteristics of non-violence in living

51.               15 Jan          Kidwayee memorial Girls Inter College

SUBJECT: Understanding the meaning of and practice of mantra

52.               15 Jan          Hamidiya Girls Inter College

SUBJECT: Introduction to the scientific technique to tap into the reservoir
of peace and knowledge within

53.               15 Jan          Guruteg  Bahadur Khalas Girls Inter College

SUBJECT: Understanding raag (attachment) and dwesh (aversion) and the
technique to accept all conditions maintaining even-mindedness

54.               16 Jan          Rama Devi Balika Inter College

SUBJECT: How to be a storehouse for peace and knowledge

55.               16 Jan          Gopina Girija Nandini Inter College

SUBJECT: Accepting all changes as divine perceptions

56.               16 Jan          Gauri Pathshala Balika Inter College

SUBJECT: How Kriyayoga practice generates limitless energy within

57.               16 Jan          Indian Girls School

SUBJECT: Developing strength of mind to uproot all impossibilities

58.               17 Jan          Arya Kanya Inter College

SUBJECT:  Taking Self towards Infinite to realize prophet-consciousness

59.               17 Jan          Chrasthvet Girls Inter College

SUBJECT: Understanding and preserving praan (life-force) to direct Self
towards attaining greatest knowledge

60.               17 Jan          Naveen Mahila Sewa Sadan Inter College

SUBJECT: Being aware of maya (delusions) and how to overcome them

61.               18 Jan          Mahila Sewa Sadan Inter College

SUBJECT: The scientific worship of God that brings about sure results

62.               18 Jan          Jagat Taran Girls Inter College

SUBJECT: Understanding what is true victory in life and treading on the path
towards real victory

63.               19 Jan          Saint Anthony Girls Inter College

SUBJECT: On the path of a blessed lifestyle of seeking God

64.               19 Jan          Ishwar Sharan Balika Inter College

SUBJECT: Introduction to the lifestyle of Kriyayoga and the significance of the
practice for development of Self

65.               19 Jan          D.P. Girls Inter College

SUBJECT: What is yagya and how we can practice it in the right way

66.               20 Jan          Merry Warana Maker Inter College Alld.

SUBJECT: Realizing the true nature of God as Universal Spirit who is
Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient

67.               22 Jan          Prayag Mahila Vidhya pith Inter College

SUBJECT: Building dynamic will-power within to accomplish all tasks and
to face all situations

68.               22 Jan          K.P. Girls Inter College
SUBJECT: Removing blind mind as the ruler of the body kingdom through
Kriyayoga practice

69.               22 Jan          Hindu Mahila
SUBJECT: Overcoming all worry, tension, sickness and pain through scientific


70.               23 Jan          Mahashay Masuriya deen U.M.V.

SUBJECT: Rising above sensual pleasures through control of mind and senses

71.               23 Jan          Parasuram U.M.V. Naya Purwa
SUBJECT: Magnetizing Self with Infinite thoughts


72.               23 Jan          Bharat Scout & Guide U.M.V.
SUBJECT: Realizing that creator is always with creation


73.               24 Jan          Mahboob Ali U.M.V.
SUBJECT: Leading a life of non-violence through uplifting ones consciousness

74.               24 Jan          Rishikul U.M.V.
SUBJECT: The meaning of Gayatri mantra and its real practice


75.               24 Jan          Lav Kush U.M.V.
SUBJECT: Kriyayoga Science introduced as ancient education of
(Upanayan Sanskaar)


76.               25 Jan          Cornelganj Inter College
SUBJECT: The essential practice of leading a progressively spiritual life


77.               25 Jan          Radha Raman Inter College
SUBJECT: Attaining unity through the practice of Kriyayoga Science


78.               25 Jan          K.P. Inter College
SUBJECT: Understanding the real meaning and purpose of The Caste System


79.               27 Jan          C.A.V. Inter college
SUBJECT: Rejuvenating the body cells and tissues and repairing all necessary
organs through the practice of Kriyayoga. Kriyayoga practice solves all problems
in life through devotion in seeking God.


80.               27 Jan          Anglo Bengali Inter College
SUBJECT: Understanding the third eye of intuition


81.               27 Jan          Maharshi Balika Inter college
SUBJECT: Getting to know Truth through Kriyayoga meditation. Truth is Eternal


82.               28 Jan          Daulat Husain Inter College

SUBJECT: Having mastery over the senses

83.               28 Jan          Agrasen Inter College
SUBJECT: Having the awakened mind as the ruler of the body kingdom


84.               28 Jan          Yadagar Husain Inter College

SUBJECT: Understanding the angelic forces of Pandavas


85.               29 Jan          Majidiya Inter College
SUBJECT: Perceiving The Infinite in the form of bodily perceptions in the
body kingdom


86.               29 Jan          D.A.V. Inter College, Allahabad.

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga as Science of awakening highest knowledge

87.               29 Jan          Shiv Charan Lal Kanhaiyalal Inter College


SUBJECT: Overcoming habits through increasing will-power and being with Infinite
Omnipresent God

88.               30 Jan          Jamuna Christian College
SUBJECT: Understanding the eight arms of Yoga. What is Yoga and Raja yoga?


89.               30 Jan          Dr. Ghos Modern Inter College
SUBJECT: Understanding the consciousness of
Krishna and the real meaning
behind Gopal, Govind and Govardhan


90.               2 Feb           Dr. K.P. Jaisawal Inter College
SUBJECT: How to worship Shiva and what is the power of Shiva?


91.               2 Feb           Dr. K.N. Katju Inter College
SUBJECT: How practice of Kriyayoga unveils the creative talents within


92.               2 Feb           Keshar Vidhyapith Inter College
SUBJECT: Understanding Kriyayoga as Science of Immortality. Removing
fear, sickness, tension and worry in life


93.               3 Feb           Sarvarya Inter College
SUBJECT: What are the true source of nutrition for the body and mind?


94.               3 Feb           Sewa Samiti Vidhya Mandir

                                      Inter College
SUBJECT: The way to overcome all delusionary ideas and discovering our
real potential


95.               3 Feb           Kulbhaskar Inter College
SUBJECT: Understanding the fundamentals of Kriyayoga Science and the
significance of Kriyayoga in daily living


96.               14 to 18 Feb                   Gram Saidpur District Ghazipur.

Feb 14 - Introduction to Science of Kriyayoga and benefits
Feb 15 - How to worship God correctly?
Feb 16 - Understanding the importance of worship of God
Feb 17 - Awakening the angelic qualities within and attaining victory over the Kaurava
characteristics that are obstacles on the path towards realizing our true potential
Feb 18 – Scriptural interpretation of verses in the sacred text of Ram Charit Manas

97.               14 Feb                  Mahmoodpur  Ghazipur

SUBJECT: Increasing understanding and knowledge to attain peace in all
conditions in each moment of life


98.               14 Feb                  Tadwa
SUBJECT: Understanding the battle within (Mahabharat) against the
limited characteristics


99.               15 Feb                  Birano
SUBJECT: Understanding the power of thought


100.             15 Feb                  Badhpur
SUBJECT: Working without fruits for desire is the highest work one

can do in serving humanity


101.             15 Feb                  Nayakdeeh

SUBJECT: Fulfilling the dreams and wishes of incarnations through devotion
in God

102.             16 Feb                  Mahare

SUBJECT: Understanding the meaning of scientific worship and its significance

103.             16 Feb                  Tajepur

SUBJECT: Making the effort to train the mind to rise above its blind nature

104.             17 Feb                  Sonha
SUBJECT: Understanding the scriptural text Ram Charit Manas and what it
truly represents

105.             17 Feb                  Chabar

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga and how it tunes one to live unconditionally

106.             17 Feb                  Panchotar National Inter College

                                                Bhardah Ghazipur.
SUBJECT: Understanding how to overcome all habits through understanding
the characters of The Mahabharat in the light of Kriyayoga and the practice of


107.             17 Feb                  Sarswati Shishu Mandir Inter College

                                                Mardah Ghazipur.
SUBJECT: Getting to know the manifestation of God as Cosmic Divine Mother
who is source of everything in life that we need


108.             18 Feb                  Adarsh Inter College Lahrapur

SUBJECT: Breaking away from the grip of delusion that manifests itself time
and again

109.             18 Feb                  Subhash Adarsh Inter College Dullahpur

SUBJECT: Germinating the seeds of will-power, determination and confidence

110.             18 Feb                  City Inter College Ghazipur.
SUBJECT: Learning how attain the state of the even-minded devotee


111.             18 Feb                  D.A.V. Inter College Ghazipur
SUBJECT: Attaining inner renunciation from all sense pleasures to welcome
in eternal Bliss


112.             18 to 24 Feb                   Village Kelhi
18 Feb - Understanding the scientific process to remove all poverty and
fulfill all needs
19 Feb - Getting to know the true way of practice of God
20 Feb – Overcoming all temptations that give short-lived happiness in exchange
for everlasting peace and health
21 Feb – Scriptural Intepretation of The Gita (aswathaa – the upturned human tree
and the necessity to nourish it with the incomparable fertilizer of Divine Love)
22 Feb – Banishing negative thoughts from the mind and filling the void with
Thoughts of Infinite
23 Feb – Scriptural Interpretation of The Gita (Body is the field and the knower of
the field is with the field)
24 Feb – The technique to know our true immortal nature

113.             19 Feb                  Village - Gayee
SUBJECT: Understanding the meaning of Gopal, Govind, Gopi and Govardhan
and how they represent control of the senses and expansion of the power of the senses


114.             19 Feb                  Village - Raepur

SUBJECT: The sure way to overcome pride and attain the invaluable state of
eternal humbleness and patience

115.             20 Feb                  Village - Barhi
SUBJECT: The right worship practiced by all prophets that solves all problems
of life and cures all sickness


116.             20 Feb                  Village - Kodahi

SUBJECT: How to attain the state of Hanuman ( one who has tuned the ego
towards divinity)

117.             20 Feb                  Village - Dodisar
SUBJECT: Understanding the main characters in The Mahabharat – Pandu,
Dhritarashtra, Gandhari, Pandavas, Kauravas and


118.             21 Feb                  Village - Singgera
SUBJECT: Steps towards realization of our infinite power through attaining
angelic power

119.             21 Feb                  Village - Mardah
SUBJECT: Being persistent in retaining good habits and following the path of
discipline that helps one to grow spiritually


120.             21 Feb                  Village - Hallpur
SUBJECT: Having complete faith to overcome delusions


121.             22 Feb                  Village - Bhojapur
SUBJECT: Practising control of mind and control of senses for uplifting consciousness

to higher consciousness


122.             22 Feb                  Village - Tirkkshi
SUBJECT: How to practice Kriyayoga in daily activities


123.             22 Feb                  Village - Matehu
SUBJECT: Understanding fundamentals of Kriyayoga and describing its mention
in all scriptural texts


124.             23 Feb                   Village - Deoopur

SUBJECT: How to empower ourself to do work because work is worship that
brings all peace and knowledge

125.             23 Feb                  Village - Dhariha
SUBJECT: Practising to instill good habits and control to prevent abuse of praan
(life-force) and direct it towards attaining God-consciousness


126.             23 Feb                  Village - Tisairi
SUBJECT: Bringing the future into present to overcome all tension, worry
insecurity and illness


127.             24 Feb                  Village - Tajepur
SUBJECT: Developing the potential to remove all impossibilities


128.             24 Feb                  Village - Dullahpur
SUBJECT: Introduction to the Science that is highest worship of God that
fulfills all requirements


129.             25 Feb                  Village Naukata
SUBJECT: Developing Self brings about development of the nation


130.             25 Feb                  Village Abadpur
SUBJECT: Interpretation of the verses in The Ramayana – representation of Ram,
how Ram attained victory, the meaning of true victory, the transformation of
Ravan to higher consciousness


131.             25 Feb                  Village Dakhinara
SUBJECT: Knowing the interpretation of Naam japa and how one can attain
all knowledge, peace and power through its real practice


132.             25 Feb                  Village Nagar NainSukh
SUBJECT: Importance of Kriyayoga for development and its special significance
in increasing the capability and potential of the future building blocks of the nation


133.             26 Feb                  Village Mohinipur
SUBJECT: Worship of God in the scientific way and its by products


134.             26 Feb                  Village Taramayee
SUBJECT: Raising the consciousness of Self to attain everlasting peace


135.             26 Feb                  Village Somanpur
SUBJECT: Understanding Kriyayoga. Getting to know the characters of
eternal Kripacharya and Dronacharya in The Mahabharat


136.             26 Feb                  Village Kataina Harsa

SUBJECT: Leading the ego-consciousness towards Divinity through the power
of Self-Control

137.             1 Mar                    Narayan Inter College, Shikohabad

SUBJECT: Understanding who is the real Shudra, Dwij, Vipra , Brahmin,
Kshatriya and Chakravarty
and how each person can progress from one state to


138.             1 Mar                    Narayan College Shikohabad
SUBJECT: Directing the praan (life-force) towards attaining attunement with
higher God-consciousness


139.             2 Mar                    Paliwal Inter College Shikohabad

SUBJECT: Understanding Kriyayoga and how it is the real worship of
Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati

140.             2 Mar                    Paliwal P.G. College Shikohabad
SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga and explanation of how the angelic
force of Yudhisthir attained heaven while in this body temple


141.             12 Mar                  Village Samda Faizabad.
SUBJECT: Attaining the sure solution to all problem in life through Kriyayoga

142.             12 Mar                  Village Shivgarh     
SUBJECT: Understanding Shiva Shakti and how to worship Shiva


143.             12 Mar                  Village Pooraini
SUBJECT: The real meaning of Puja


144.             12 Mar                  Kisnipur Chauraha (Near)

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga Introduction and awakening of the knowledge centers

145.             13 Mar                  Kisnipur Baagh
SUBJECT: Kriyayoga Introduction. Understanding that plucking of flowers is
performing work against the creator (Brahma)


146.             13 Mar                  Village Bihwa

SUBJECT: Overcoming all emotional moods to maintain even-mindedness


147.             13 Mar                  Village Rajapur
SUBJECT: Identifying the necessary characteristics of leaders who will be of
significant service to humanity


148.             13 Mar                  Village Dilasi

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga and development of the perception and ego

149.             14 Mar                  Village Devra
SUBJECT: Awakening the angelic powers within to overcome the evil forces


150.             14 Mar                  Village Saraiya
SUBJECT: Understanding the need for Kriyayoga for complete knowledge


151.             14 Mar                  Village Banghusra
SUBJECT: Coming out of inertia and developing our creative skills


152.             14 Mar                  Vilage Kadiyapur
SUBJECT: Maintaining calmness and even-mindedness under all conditions


153.             15 Mar                  Village Gopiapur
SUBJECT: Introductions of Kriyayoga and increasing great understanding within


154.             15 Mar                  Village Dadwa
SUBJECT: Kriyayoga is the science to understand The Infinite spirit as Source
of everything


155.             15 Mar                  Village Bargodhiya
SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga Science to germinate seed of dynamic
will-power within


156.             15 Mar                  Village Chamainiyapur
SUBJECT: Developing the mental strength to do what we say to improve
the conditions around us for the welfare of the community

157.             16 Mar                  Village Ramnagar

SUBJECT: Understanding The Ramayan in the light of Kriyayoga and some of
the terms – Chitrakoot, Van, Raajya, Transformation of Ravan, Sanjeevani and Hanuman


158.             16 Mar                  Village Ankaripur

SUBJECT: Perceiving life each moment

159.             16 Mar                  Village Puruwa

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga Intro into living under two opposite conditions

160.             16 Mar                  Village Belwari

SUBJECT: Understanding immortality – our true nature

161.             17 Mar                  Village Gopalpur

SUBJECT: Being aware of the evil tendencies that attempt to distract us from
going towards Divinity

162.             17 Mar                  Village Mishrinpur

SUBJECT: Living a spiritual life with Kriyayoga as daily practice is leading
a complete lifestyle

163.             18 Mar                  Village Pahanpur

SUBJECT: Understanding how the programme of national development will
be most successful

164.             18 Mar                  Village Manapara

SUBJECT: Rising above all limited thoughts to invite Godly thoughts and
attunement towards Divinity

165.             18 Mar                  Village Dilasiganj

SUBJECT: Expanding with single-pointed devotion in God as did Hanuman

166.             19 Mar                  Subash Inter College Saraiya Faizabad.
SUBJECT: Unlocking the doors of vast knowledge within


167.             19 Mar                  Acharya Narendra Deo Inter College

                                                Gosayeeganj Faizabad.
SUBJECT: Understanding what is prophet consciousness and how one can
attain this state


168.             20 Mar                  Rambali National Inter Gosayeeganj


SUBJECT: Intro to Kriyayoga. Understanding about the period of evolution

169.             20 Mar                  Jai Kisan Inter College Arwat

SUBJECT: Discovering the truth about our infinite nature

170              21 Mar                  Bachhu Lal Inter College Pura Bazar


SUBJECT: Fulfilling the ultimate purpose of life in a lifetime


171.             25 Mar                  Chitrakoot Inter College (C.T.C.)

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga Science and understanding the meaning of
Chitrakoot – the place where Ram, Sita and Lakshman stayed or concentrated on


172.             25 Mar                  Jansewa Inter College (G.T.C.)
SUBJECT: Knowing how to serve in the correct way


173.             25 Mar                  Saint Poddar Inter College

SUBJECT: Explanation about Christ is born and Star in The East


174.             27 Mar                  Merry Chitrakoot

SUBJECT: Having the ultimate guidance of God in this journey of life

175.             27 Mar                  Village Sirampur

SUBJECT: Practising the highest Science to know and apply scriptural truth
for promoting peace, love and unity in society

176.             27 Mar                  Village Bharatkoope

SUBJECT: Getting to know the meaning of Bharat – to be acquainted with
the highest knowledge

177.             29 Mar                  Gram Rasin Zila Banda

SUBJECT: Learning about eternal truth that enables us to experience highest
peace and contentment in life

178.             29 Mar                  Village Antari         

SUBJECT: Playing our roles in life dutifully and joyously

179.             30 Mar                  Village Badausa

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga and the benefits of regular practice.
Understanding scriptural truth comes naturally as we practice more and more

The Science of knowing Truth.

180.             30 Mar                  Village Nareki
SUBJECT: Understanding the incarnation of Narsimha and how we can attain
highest spiritual height having all knowledge when we live harmoniously with
all conditions

181.             30 Mar                  Village Kalinjar

SUBJECT: Understanding the festival of Holi in the light of Kriyayoga

182.             3 Apr                    Nardaha District Panna (M.P.).

SUBJECT: The necessity of practice of Kriyayoga in daily life to have a complete
life of highest contentment


183.             3 Apr                    Village Brijpur

SUBJECT: Knowing the true image and work of Prophet Krishna and how
Krishna trained the God-seeking disciple, Arjuna, towards attaining higher
consciousness and oneness with The Universal Spirit

184.             4 Apr                    Village Pahari Khera

SUBJECT: Practising to do what we say and live a life of truth


185.             5 Apr                    Jakkikhanni Varanasi

SUBJECT: Getting to know the History of Kriyayoga – The Masters who
rediscovered and taught this lost sacred technique for the salvation of


186.             5 Apr                    Kalika Vara

SUBJECT: What is an avataar? How we can practise the correct worship of God.

187.             5 Apr                    Village Sewapuri

SUBJECT: Building the personality to be on unconditional service to others

188.             5 Apr                    Village Jiwanathpur

SUBJECT: Directing the life-force (praan) towards attaining God-consciousness

189.             6 Apr                    Village Amwa
SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga. Understanding what is a mantra and the
meaning of practicing Gayatri Mantra. How can we practice Gayatri Mantra in
the proper way?


190.             7 to 11 Apr            Village Ikalishpur


7 Apr - Benefits of practice of Kriyayoga
8 Apr - Directing efforts towards seeking God and how to practice the correct worship
of God scientifically
9 Apr - The importance of work in life
10 Apr - Understanding the need to feel bodily perceptions and accepting all changes
11 Apr - Understanding of Scriptures correctly to bring harmony and progress
in society

191.             8 Apr                    Village Saywa

SUBJECT: Understanding the omnipresent nature of God


192.             8 Apr                    Village Gosayeepur

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga. Understanding God manifested in the forms
of the powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva


193.             8 Apr                    Village Chamraha

SUBJECT: Getting to know the truth about all subject matter

194.             8 Apr                    Village Chadpur

SUBJECT: Adorning oneself with peace, patience, courage, confidence and
dynamic will-power. How this naturally happens through the practice of
Kriyayoga – the practice of correct worship of God

195.             8 Apr                    Village Suddipur

SUBJECT – Introduction to Kriyayoga. The importance of attaining purity of
heart and mind for spiritual enlightenment

196.             9 Apr                    Village Ghankat

SUBJECT: Synthesis of wisdom and developing of the soul-guided intuition
power within us



197.             9 Apr                    Village Kuari Tala
SUBJECT: How we can cure all physical ailments and mental disharmonies
through the worship of God. Introduction to Kriyayoga practice technique


198.             9 Apr                    Raja Talab

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga is raja yoga that is the fastest way to seek God.

Explanation of the meaning of seeking God and the by products.


199.             9 Apr                    Village Bankat

SUBJECT: Experiencing peace and health through the practice of seeking God.
What it means to have devotion in God?


200.             10 Apr                  Village Gangapur   

SUBJECT: Understanding the different stages of spiritual progress. The way to raise our

sub-conscious state to the state of super-consciousness.


201.             10 Apr                  Village Rohniya

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga. Understanding the characters of The
Mahabharat – Draupadi and Pandavas and their symbolic representation.


202.             10 Apr                  Village Parmattima

SUBJECT : Understanding Kriyayoga practice as worship of Shiva and the
symbolic representation of the way of worship of Shiv Linga


203.             10 Apr                  Village Kapaura

SUBJECT: Understanding the angelic powers in the Divine Cave and how

We can awaken their powers to overcome all evil tendencies that lead us away
from our Divine nature


204.             11 Apr                  Village Karji

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga. Understanding the truth about samadhi
and what is astaanga yoga.


205.             11 Apr                  Village Kaith
SUBJECT: Understanding the characters of Ravan in The Ramayan. Tuning the
ego-consciousness towards divinity by the scientific technique of Kriyayoga


206.             11 Apr                  Village Cholapur

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga as the highest worship of God. What is the
meaning of worship of God? How we can accelerate the process of experiencing
oneness with God and some guidelines about diet.

207.             11 Apr                  Village Umraha

SUBJECT: Understanding the natural unity that comes about through the
practice of Kriyayoga practice. How one can experience increase in understanding
and feel unity with all creation unconditionally

208.             12 Apr                  Village Aaper         

SUBJECT: Knowing that creator is always with the creation. Understanding the
omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent nature of God


209.             12 Apr                  Village Aede

SUBJECT: Worshipping God as Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver) and Shiva
(changer) that brings beneficial good


210.             12 Apr                  Village Suddipur

SUBJECT: Loving all manifestation forms of creation unconditionally because
we want to realize the omnipresent nature of God

211.             12 Apr                  Village Koyeerajpur

SUBJECT: The meaning of Dasrath ( Father of King Ram) and how the Ravan
personality can be transformed to that of prophet by the practice of true worship
of God – Kriyayoga.


212.             13 Apr                  Chamao

SUBJECT: How we have to do our part as working in the style of creator,
preserver and changer who will bring about beneficial good in society.


213.             13 Apr                  Tarana

SUBJECT: Understanding the truth about some common practices during
worship of God – early morning baths, worship of
Ganga, offering flowers
during worship

214.             13 Apr                  Jagdishppur

SUBJECT: Unveiling our hidden creative talents and to be of service for humanity

Without desire for fruit of action


215.             13 Apr                  Rajapur

SUBJECT: Introduction to the benefits of Kriyayoga Science and how one can
develop the third eye of Shiva ( intuition power) and be ever-guided to make the
correct decisions in life


216.             14 Apr                  Gaurdeeh

SUBJECT: Understanding what worship of Goh really means. Introduction to the
practice of Kriyayoga and how it is the true practice of worship of Goh


217.             14 Apr                  Munari

SUBJECT: Understanding how scientific worship of God is the correct worship
of God and what is means to be devoted to God. Explanation about what is
Gopal and Govind ( alternate names given to Prophet Krishna)


218.             14 Apr                  Gajeshwar

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga. Understanding the real meaning of the
forms of the deities - Ganesh, Saraswati and Hanuman.


219.             14 Apr                  Garkhara

SUBJECT: Knowing God as manifested in everything. Understanding the meaning
of rishi and renunciation.Explained how the ancient rishis and saints were humble
servants of society who brought peace and unity amongst all

220.             15 Apr                  Malepur Varanasi

SUBJECT: Increasing determination and will-power through the correct worship
of God

221.             15 Apr                  Hameerppur

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga as Science of increasing tremendous
potential within. Understanding the symbolic representation of the form of
the creator form (Brahma).


222.             15 Apr                  Dhaukalganj

SUBJECT: Explanation about the representation of the Shiva Linga and what is
correct way to worship Shiva. Shiva shakti and the festival of Shivaratri was explained.



223.             15 Apr                  Kaniyar

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga. Scriptural Interpretation of the Birth of
Krishna, the victory over Kansa, the relation of Krishna with the Pandavas
(angelic forces) and Draupadi (sister of


224.             16 Apr                  Vasni
SUBJECT: Kriyayoga explained as the Science to know Truth. Explained
how by the increase of understanding, one attains great peace to contribute
positively for the welfare of society


225.             16 Apr                  Dallipur

SUBJECT: How we can increase our awareness by the practice of Kriyayoga.
The importance of work in life. The true purpose of work to feel different
variety of changes (Shiva Shakti) and the concentration on these changes is
the true worship of God or Shiva shakti.

226.             16 Apr                  Belwa
SUBJECT: Attaining real health through Kriyayoga practice. The practice brings
renewal and repair of all body cells and tissues and recharges the body with infinite
thought of God – source of everything


227.             16 Apr                  Bahutara

SUBJECT: Understanding that we are all One and connected with each other in
God-consciousness. Explanation that our innate unity can be realized through
the correct worship of God – Kriyayoga.


228.             17 Apr                  Nindanpur

SUBJECT: Practising Kriyayoga Science that enable us to overcome all habits
that are obstacles on the path of spiritual progress. How we can instill good
habits that encourage deeper concentration and devotion in God


229.             17 Apr                  Kusumura
SUBJECT: Perceiving all changes as Divine perceptions that instill in us with
all positive traits and enable us to work as did all the Prophets.


230.             17 Apr                  Paprasi

SUBJECT: How to have mastery over the mind and senses. The symbolic
representation of the characters of King Dhritarashtra, Gandhari, Duryodhana,
Nakul and Sahadev were explained


231.             17 Apr                  Chhiriya

SUBJECT: Understanding the cycle of spiritual evolution (Yugas) and the
calculation to derive that current age is that of Dwapar. Factors for success in this
age were also highlighted

232.             18 Apr                  Dhamha

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga solves all problems of life and cures all ailments – physical
and mental.  Understanding the common ailments of stomach and nervous disorders

and how these can be cured by the practice of Kriyayoga


233.             19 to 23 Apr                   Ratanpur Varanasi.

19 Apr – Introduction to history and benefits of Kriyayoga
20 Apr - Having complete faith in God enables one to overcome all delusions.
Practising the science to overcome fear, jealousy and hatred.
21 Apr – Living a life absent of lust, anger, attachment and aversion, delusion and
22 Apr – Scriptural interpretation of sacred verses in Ram Charit Manas
23 Apr – Explanation of loving all manifestations of creation and living
unconditionally with all

234.             19 Apr                  Gagkalla

19 Apr – Explanation of the benefits of meditation and how it enables us to be
connected with all.

235.             19 Apr                  Deochandpur

19 Apr – Introduction to Kriyayoga and understanding how to overcome
delusions in life


236.             20 Apr                  Khataura

20 Apr – The technique that helps us to increase faith and devotion in God.

237.             20 Apr                  Karampur

SUBJECT: Making God a priority. Understanding that in seeking God, one is
provided with all necessities

238.             20 Apr                  Sarnath

SUBJECT: Introduction to the Science of Kriyayoga practiced by all Prophets
and Realized masters to attain oneness with Universal Spirit and be of service to
all of humanity

239.             20 Apr                  Chaubepur

SUBJECT: Living in the light of knowledge and overcoming all ignorance that
prevents our spiritual growth


240.             21 Apr                  Ashapur

SUBJECT: Understanding the scriptural texts through the practice of being in
attunement with infinite source of all knowledge


241.             21 Apr                  Danganj

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga as the science of awakening of dynamic
will-power that enable one to accomplish the impossible in life

242.             21 Apr                  Padrayee

SUBJECT: Explanation of the development of spiritual strength through the
power or adherence to good discipline and increasing the power of the senses


243.             21Apr                   Bawatpur

SUBJECT: Understanding Kriyayoga and how it connects us with the reservoir


244.             22 Apr                  Mangari

SUBJECT: Understanding the significance of Kriyayoga as a lifestyle to
increase understanding and have real peace and health

245.             22 Apr                  Dharahra

SUBJECT: Introduction to Kriyayoga Science and the art of being connected with
all unconditionally. How we can serve by radiating peace to others through opening

the doors of our connection with The Infinite

246.             23 Apr                  Ajgara

SUBJECT: Practising the eternal teachings of The Gita to work without attachment
to the fruits of our action.

247.             23 Apr                  Kanakpur, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Making worship of God each moment our highest priority in life and so
remain even-mindedness under all conditions


248.             23 Apr                  Kadirao, Varnasi

SUBEJCT: Increasing concentration on the head and spine region to experience
power and understanding within


249.             23 Apr                  Davethuwa, Varnasi

SUBJECT: Understanding the purpose of work and practicing to work solely
to feel God each moment.


250.             24 Apr                  Raghunathpur, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Understanding Dharmshetra and Kurushetra in our body temple.
Knowing the relation of The Mahabharat with the Science of practice of Kriyayoga


251.             24 Apr                  Adhimaripur, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Practising Kriyayoga to know how we can serve each correctly


252.             24 Apr                  Sarawan, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Practising Kriyayoga to increase understanding within so as to lead
a life of truth and non-violence


253.             24 Apr                  Kuwarkot, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Realizing the omnipresence of God through the practice of Kriyayoga
and removing unfounded fear, tension and worry in our lives


254.             25 Apr                  Narayanpur, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Getting to know the physical, astral and causal bodies and how each
one is related to another


255.             25 Apr                  Adalghat, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: How we can experience the highest form of living through the practice
of Kriyayoga. Kriyayoga enables one to understand the scriptures correctly for
application in daily life activities


256.             25 Apr                  Kachhawa, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Maintaining calmness and even-mindedness within through the
right worship of God

257.             25 Apr                  Rampur, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Expanding the power of our senses to infinite heights to attain
control over them. An introduction to how by the practice of Kriyayoga, this can
be made possible


258.             25 Apr                  Hathibarni, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Knowing the ancient sacred science practiced by the rishis of India
and how it evolves a person, taking one closer to God, fulfilling the ultimate
of life

259.             25 Apr                  Rameshwar, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Explanation about the plexus in the head and spine region and intro
about the practice of Kriyayoga, highlighing how it charges one with limitless
Divine energy that awakens the knowledge centers in the head and spine region.
Also explanation about how the practice of Kriyayoga cures all illness


260.             26 Apr                  Jansi, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Intro about Kriyayoga. Scriptural interpretation of The Mahabharat
- characters and their symbolic representation

261.             26 Apr                  Dhausia, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Understanding how the worship of God should be. Explanation about
Kriyayoga as defined in Maharshi Patanjali’s “Patanjal Yog Darshanam”.

The real meaning of tapasya and yagya

262.             27 Apr                  Aurayee, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: How Kriyayoga will positively bring about development of the nation
through increasing potential, knowledge, contentment and sincerity in all persons


263.             27 Apr                  Ugapur, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Understanding how Kriyayoga accelerates spiritual evolution. Explanation about

the calculation of extent of evolution that comes about through certain level of practice of

the science.

264.             27 Apr                  Eshipur, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: How practice purifies one –removing all evil tendencies and makes
one sincere in life to provide correct service to others without any ulterior motive


265.             27 Apr                  Chiurapur, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Knowing our past and bringing the future into present to remove all
insecurity and fear in life. Introduction to how to practice Kriyayoga Science and
why it the true worship of God


266.             28 Apr                  Harhuwa, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Understanding about the abuse of Draupadi as has been depicted in
The Mahabharat and getting to know what it symbolically represents. Explanation
about how to prevent the abuse of Draupadi through negative tendencies of
lust, anger, greed, delusion and pride


267.             28 Apr                  Kavirampur, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Understanding about consciousness and how we can raise our
consciousness level. Significance of work was also highlighted and how
work is worship that leads one towards spiritual progress


268.             28 Apr                  Parmanandpur, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Overcoming temptations that distract one from progressing
on the spiritual path


269.             29 Apr                  Aneyee, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Knowing about Kriyayoga Science and the different layers of
creation – atoms, plants, animals, humans and angels

270.             29 Apr                  Gorayee, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: The importance of seeking God and His righteousness (nature).
Explanation about how in seeking God, we realize our innate eternal relation
with God and our Divine nature

271.             29 Apr                  Khargupur, Varanasi.

SUBJECT: Understanding worship of God. Theory and practice.