Year 1990


Date/Month                     Location

1        14 Jan to 14 Feb    Maghmela, Prayag, Allahabad.  


The way to infinite peace and understanding

Related background of Kriyayoga and its origination as mentioned in Patanjal’s Yog Sutras

Benefits of the practice of Kriyayoga Science

Explanations of verses of the scriptures of Ramayan, Mahabharat and Gita

Understanding some verses in the epic depicting the astral consciousness – Ram Charit Manas

The real work and practice of the Realized Masters

Bringing true health through the practice of Kriyayoga

Understanding The Science of Eating

Explained the delusionary layers of creation

How we should do real worship of God?

Practising Kriyayoga brings youthfulness and recharged energy

Realizing our true immortal nature

Overcoming habits explained through the characters depicted in the epic of The Mahabharat

Preserving the powers of God – Creative, Preservative and Changing

What is true Shiva worship?

Understanding the festivals and their real significance and meaning in practical life

Being free of the chains of delusions of sickness, pain, tension and worry

How the nation will be developed through the spread of the Science of Kriyayoga?

Knowing the right way to raise children

Explained what is complete education and why it is most essential

Building a co-operative work force of sincere workers

Loving one another unconditionally
Getting to know the true nature of God – Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient

How the world will be united through Kriyayoga?

Removing violence in society
Getting to know Truth


2        5 Jan                     Dr. K.N. Katzu Inter College Allahabad.       

Subject: Introduction to Kriyayoga and benefits. Knowing the Science of Worship of

God and How it brings all necessities in life.


3        5 Jan                     Dr. K.P. Jaiswal Inter College Allahabad.     

Subject: An understanding as to how one can understand the real meaning of the scriptures

and apply it in daily life.


4        6 Jan                     Dr. Ghosh Modern Inter College Allahabad                     

Subject: Developing concentration and will-power in oneself


5        6 Jan                     Rajkeya Inter College Allahabad.                           

Subject: Explanation of Naam japa


6        7 Jan                     Rishi Valmiki Inter college Allahabad.                    

Subject: How one can know truth behind The Ramayana?


7        10 Jan                             Majeediya Inter College Allahabad.                        

Subject: Magnetizing our personality with the angelic Pandavas forces –

control of mind and senses, even-mindedness, feeling oneness with God and eternal

patience and humbleness


8        10 Jan                             D.A.V. Inter College Allahabad.                   

Subject: Re-directing the life-current towards realizing our infinite Self


9        11 Jan                             Dawlat Husain Inter College, Allahabad

Subject: Performing all work as worship of God


10      11 Jan                             Kaser Nidya Peeth Inter College, Allahabad

Subject: Preserving our energy to realize the state of God-consiousness


11      13 Jan                             Kulbhaskar Inter College, Allahabad.

Subject: Overcoming Pride with Eternal Humbleness and The chains of Delusion

with feeling oneness with God


12      13 Jan                             Rajkeeya Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Understanding the true meaning of Independence


13      16 Jan                             Sewa Samiti Nidya Mandir Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: How to serve others correctly and unconditionally


14      16 Jan                             Sarwarya Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: How to follow the path of non-violence and truth


15      16 Jan                             Maharshi Valmiki Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Introduction to Kriyayoga Science as the Science to reveal complete

knowledge of all subject matter


16      18 Jan                             Shiv Charan Lal Kanchya Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Increasing the potential of Self to Live with even-mindedness under all conditions


17      1 Feb                    Jamuna Christian College Allahabad.

Subject: Explained the real meaning of Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati and how

they are in actual fact within us.


18      1 Feb                    Yadgar Husain Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Explained Kauravas and their symbolic representation


19      2 Feb                    Agrasen Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Realizing our true aim in life and how we can increase our will-power

to fulfill this aim


20      2 Feb                    Angalo Bengali Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Uncovering the creative abilities in us


21      3 Feb                    C.A.N. Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Removing fear and insecurities in life with Faith in God


22      4 Feb                    K.P. Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Explained the Universal Science of Religion


23      4 Feb                    Radha Raman Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: The fundamental principles of Kriyayoga Science and initiating our

physical, mental and spiritual development


25      5 Feb                    Karmalganj Inter College Allahabad.             

Subject: Understanding the essentiality of frictional force and feeling presence

of God in overcoming bad habits


26      5 Feb                    LuvKush Uchattar Madhyamic Vidyalaya Allahabad.                 

Subject: Explained what was the traditional practice of yagya as performed by the

ancient sages of India


27      6 Feb                    Rishi Kul Alchattar lchattar Madyamic Vidyalaya Allahabad.      

Subject: Explained the meaning of Shiva puja, Shiva Ling and how to worship

Shiva shakti for greatest development


28      7 Feb                    Mahboun Ali Alchattr Madhyamic Nidyalaya Allahabad.  

Subject: Germinating the seedlings for instilling good habits in oneself


29      18 Feb                            Bharat Scout and Guide, Nidyalaya, Allahabad.

Subject: Knowing about ignorance and knowledge and how we can become closer

to the source of light of wisdom


30      19 Feb                            Parasuram Alchattar Madhyamic Vidyalaya Allahabad.              

Subject: Explained how one can transform from the villain character of Ravana to

having prophet-consciousness (Ram)


31      3 to 5 Mar             Tilak Ward Kandelee, Narsinghpur, M.P.


3 Mar - Explained what is Kriyayoga and the purpose of its practice

4 Mar - The angelic power of Hanuman and what it represents

5 Mar – Realization of the true nature of God as Omnipresent, Omnipotent and



32      3 Mar                    Kamath Ward Kandelee Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Explained praan and apaan shakti and how we can merge the two to raise

our level of consciousness


33      4 Mar                    Telephone Colony Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Introduction to Kriyayoga as the Science of overcoming our evil tendencies

by increasing the power of the angelic forces within


34      5 Mar                    Danaree Colony Narsinghpur M.P.               

Subject: Explained the true nature of Prophet Krishna and how we can attain the

consciousness of Krishna within us.


35      6 Mar                    Ram Ward Kandelee Narsinghpur M.P.                 

Subject: Explained the life of Realized master, Shri Lahiri Mahasaya, the householder

Yogavatar,  who is exemplary for all seekers of truth who are householders


36      6 Mar                    Gurudwara Road, near Jain Mandir, Kandelee, Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Explained The Universal Science that brings unity amongst humanity


37      7 Mar                    Sachiv Sanatan Mandir Samiti Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: The meaning of growing in spiritual strength and how it has an impact on our

day-to-day life and activities


38      7 Mar                    955 Samta colony Right Town Jabalpur M.P.                  

Subject: The importance of work and how with the practice of Kriyayoga, one is

trained to do what is said


39      8 Mar                    Singhpur, Barda Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Knowing the relevance of Kriyayoga in every day life


40      8 Mar                    Merchant Gali, infront of Jain Mandir Narsinghpur, M.P

Subject: The life and work of Prophets who worked as servant of all and how we

can practice to attain this state


41      8 Mar                    Kashi Muhalla, Mahajani Nardh, Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Making seeking God a priority


42      9 Mar                    Nema Hotel, Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Purifying mind of evil thoughts and welcoming infiniteness into our lives


43      9 Mar                    Jagdamba Nagar Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Developing the strength of the mind


44      10 Mar                  Bas Kuwari, Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Channelising efforts towards increasing devotion in God


45      11 Mar                  Venkat Nagar Sahdaul, M.P.

Subject: Understanding about samadhi and clarifying false ideas about Samadhi


46      12 Mar                  3/4 Telephone etwra Bazar Kandelee, Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Knowing the way to heal ourselves by will-power, without use of any medicines


47      13 Mar                  ta Aryan Stores Kandelee, Narsinghpur M.P

Subject: Crossing over the ocean of delusions by our devotion in God. Experiencing

everlasting peace and security


48      13 Mar                  Sadar Colony Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Understanding quote of The Bible – seven churches..candles…


49      14 Mar                            G-6 Sadar Colony Narsinghpur, M.P

Subject: Understanding about the Creation of Light


50      14 Mar                  Mandee Road Station ganj Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Understanding the essence of all creation as One Supreme Power,

Undivided but appearing to be divided


51      14 Mar                  Housing Board colony Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Understanding the law of nature


52      15 Mar                  Panchavatee Stationganj Mandee Road, Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Adopting the lifestyle of Kriyayoga to live in real peace, health and

harmoniously with all


53      15 Mar                  Librerian Saskeya P.G. College Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Developing faith in God to overcome all fear in life


54      16 Mar                  Kirana Store, Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Overcoming the desires that bring short-termed happiness for everlasting

peace and joy


55      16 Mar                  Subhas Ward Vandelee Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Experiencing Bliss through practicing the Science of being one with God


56      17 Mar                  Karelee Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Realizing the immortal message in The Gita


57      17 Mar                  Central Co-operative Bank Narsinghpur M.P.         

Subject: How we can develop will-power in facing the inner battle to overcome

evil Kauravas tendencies


58      18 Mar                  P.G. College Saskeeya Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: How to walk on the path of non-violence and truth


59      18 Mar                  R.T.O. Narsinghpur M.P.         

Subject: Recharging the mind and body with the Divine Love of God


60      18 Mar                  Roop Kamal Traders, Kandelee, Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Understanding the states of consciousness and how we can attain the union

with God-consciousness through the regular practice of Kriyayoga


61      19 Mar                  R.T.O. Office, Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Explained the overcoming of habits through understanding the characters

in The Mahabharat epic


62      19 Mar                  Kendreya Sarkaree Bank Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Explanation of  Hiranyakashyap, Prahlaad , Holika and Narasimha and

what each of them symbolically represents


63      19 Mar                  Mukam Usari, Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Increasing concentration on Self to reduce distance between body and mind

to realize complete knowledge


64      20 Mar                  Kendreeya Nidhyalaya, Narsinghpur, M.P.   

Subject: Introduction to Kriyayoga and how we can develop our spiritual strength to

overcome all physical and mental hurdles


65      20 Mar                  Nillage Saleya, Mahmadpur Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: On the pathway to seeking God. Kriyayoga – The fastest technique to

experience spiritual evolution


66      20 Mar                  Jhirma Road, Narsinghpur, M.P.        

Subject: Overcoming all prejudices and preconceived ideas for spiritual progress


67      21 Mar                  M.I.G. 38 Housing Board Colony, Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Rejuvenating health and peace in life


68      21 Mar                  Amagar Borda, Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Understanding what is true health and prosperity in life and how we can

attain them


69      22 Mar                  Naya Muhalla, Jabalpur, M.P.

Subject: Creating an atmosphere for harmonious living


70      22 Mar                  Madan Mahal Station, Jabalpur, M.P. 

Subject: Expanding our potential and realizing the limitless knowledge, peace and

will-power within


71      22 Mar                  New Gharance Colony, Jabalpur, M.P.

Subject: Flowering infinite thoughts to produce a Divine nature


72      23 Mar                  Yadav Colony, Narsinghpur, M.P.     

Subject: Wiping out non-reality and discovering Truth


73      23 Mar                  43 Modi Complex Narsinghpur M.P.  

Subject: Having the soul power of intuition that is the source of eternal happiness and peace


74      23 Mar                  Dhanareya Colony Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Living life gracefully, feeling the presence of God each moment


75      23 Mar                  Sachidananda Ashram Narsinghpur M.P.     

Subject: Understanding the real message in the scriptures is only possible through the

practice of the scientific technique of uniting body with mind


76      23 Mar                  Kandelee Central Narsinghpur M.P.    

Subject: Rooting out impossibilities in life


77      24 Mar                  Saskeeya Balik Mahavidyalya Chidwarda, M.P.

Subject: Understanding the significance of work and why it is the highest worship of God?


78      25 Mar                  1038 Narsinghward, Madan Mahal, Jabalpur, M.P.

Subject: Learning the Science of the Soul


79      26 Mar                  130 Trimurti Nagar Narsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Purifying the mind with thoughts of Infinite


80      26 Mar                  Shayam Takij Road Narsinghpur M.P.         

Subject: Some verses of Ram Charit Manas explained


81      27 Mar                  Dayersa Compound Katani, M.P.

Subject: Introduced the scientific method of gaining real health and ever-lasting prosperity


82      28 Mar                  Radha Murari Kunj Mandala, M.P.

Subject: Visualizing the magnetization of the Divine Cave with Divine Love


83      29 Mar                  G. 4 Sadar Colony Narsinghpur M.P. 

Subject: Explained how we can practice non-storing and non-attachment


84      30 Mar                  1311/8A Jay Prakash Nagar, Adhartal, Jabalpur M.P.

Subject: Explained how we can control our mind through breath


85      30 Mar                  49 Ramnagar Adhartal, Jabalpur, M.P.

Subject: Understanding this Cosmic Dream World as outward reflection of inner

world within us


86      31 Mar                  R.T.O. Office Narsinghpur M.P.        

Subject: Getting to know the Science of Visible and non-visible objects


87      31 Mar                  Tilak Ward Kandelee, Noorsinghpur M.P.

Subject: Understanding of the symbolic representation of King Dasarath (Father

of Prophet Ram) and how one can give birth to prophet consciousness within


88      31 Mar                  M-30 Trimurti Nagar Housing Boardcolony Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Understanding the creative life-force within and how to preserve it and

direct it to take us towards the path of self-realization


89      31 Mar                  Rosana Station Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Developing the nation by the practice of self-development through the technique

of Kriyayoga


90      31 Mar                  Sadar Colony, Narsinghpur, M.P.

Subject: Understanding the physical, astral and causal universes.


91      5 Apr                    Mahasaya Masurideen, alchattar Madhyamic Nidyalaya,

Taliyarganj, Allahabad

Subject: Learning the practice to be consciously aware each moment


92      5 Apr                    Hindu Mahila Inter College, Allahabad.

Subject: Awakening the angelic powers within to overcome all obstacles on the

pathway towards God-realization. Explained verses of Ram Charit Manas, the scriptural

text written on the astral level


93      6 Apr                    K.P. Girls Inter College, Allahabad.

Subject: Deepening devotion in God and magnetizing the body and mind for

spiritual progress


94      6 Apr                    Prayag Mahila Nidyapeetha Inter College, Allahabad.

Subject: Knowing the owner of the body field – Understanding verse in The Gita


95      7 Apr                    Mery Narma Maker, Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Knowing God as the powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Explained how Kriyayoga practice is the real worship of these powers within us.


96      8 Apr                    D.P. Girls Inter college Allahabad.

Subject: Explained the Prophet consciousness of Krishna and the symbolic

representation of Krishna in The Mahabharat


98      10 Apr                  Ishwara Sharan Balika Inter college, Allahabad

Subject: Understanding of the nature of God as Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient

or having all knowledge. The essential need for all to worship God in daily life


99      10 Apr                  St. Anthony Girls Inter College, Allahabad.

Subject: Explained relation of God and all creation in the example of Ocean and wave


100    15 Apr                  Mahila Sewa Sadar Inter College ,Allahabad

Subject: Making our frustrations a boon in life


101    15 Apr                  Crosthwait Girls Inter College, Allahabad.

Subject: Understanding encasement of ourself in the Physical, astral and causal bodies.


102    1 May                   Aryakanya Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Our ultimate search in life


103    1 May                   Indian Girls Inter College Allahabad

Subject: How to ever swim in the ocean of calmness and even-mindedness


104    1 May                   Gauri Pathshala Balika Inter College , Allahabad

Subject: Instilling the necessary discipline in Self to seek our infinite nature


105    1 May                   Gopina Girija Nandini Inter College, Allahabad

Subject: Kriyayoga Science explained as the science to discover complete and

perfect knowledge


106    2 May                   Ram Devi Balika Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Worship of God in the form of Cosmic Divine Mother


107    2 May                   Guru Tej Bahadur Kahalsa Girls Inter College Allahabad

Subject: Knowing Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati within us


108    2 May                   Hameediya Girls Inter College, Allahabad.

Subject: Introduction to the Science of Kriyayoga and how we can increase our

limitless potential within by its practice


109    2 May                   Kidvayee Memorial Girls Inter College, Allahabad.

Subject: Spotlighting our mind on God to remove evil tendencies


110    3 May                   Nidyawati Darbari Balika Inter college, Allahabad.

Subject: Understanding the concept of living together harmoniously under all

conditions just like the different bodily structures


111    3 May                   Mahila Gram Inter College Subedar ganj, Allahabad

Subject: Perceiving heaven within us each moment


112    3 May                   Radha Raman Balika Inter College, Allahabad.

Subject: Attaining the state of eternal humbleness and patience, nearness with God,

even-mindedness and control over mind and senses


113    3 May                   Mahila Udyogya Balika Inter College, Dariyabad, Allahabad

Subject: Understanding how habits are formed, how we can permanently overcome

them and how to instill and fill the void with good habits.


114    4 May                   Nikas Vidyalaya Ishwara Sharana Ashram, Allahabad

Subject: Directing the ego-consciousness towards Infinite God-consciousness


115    4 May                   Sindhu Vidyamandir, Alopibag, Allahabad

Subject: Rising above the power of wisdom to be attuned with the intuition power

of the soul


116    4 May                   Diwayabha Balika Inter College,Allapur, Allahabad.

Subject: Kriyayoga brings unity in all aspects – body with mind, soul with God,

self with all persons, nation with nation


117    4 May                   Ahmad Memorial Girls Inter college, Allahabad.

Subject: Unbinding one self from the shackles of sickness, tension and worry


118    5 May                   Gaus Memorial Balika Inter college, Allahabad

Subject: Generating limitless power within to recharge and rejuvenate one self


119    5 May                   Chetna Girls, Inter college, Karelee, Allahabad.

Subject: Finding a life that is complete and perfectly harmonious


120    5 May                   Amrit Girls Inter College Neemsaraya, Allahabad

Subject: Discovering our creative power within


121    5 May                   Noorjaha Balika Inter college Allahabad

Subject: Understanding Kriyayoga as the practical application of The Quoranic verses


122    7 May                   Umrav Singh Balika Inter College,Allahabad.

Subject: Knowing that each of us has a role to play and we should play it joyously


123    7 May                   Sainik Balvikas Balika Inter College, New Kant, Allahabad.

Subject: Increasing our understanding power


124    7 May                   Anibasent Balika Alchattar, Madhyamic, Vidyalaya, Allahabad.

Subject: Looking for Divine guidance in daily life


125    7 May                   S.S. Girls Balika Alchattar Madhyamic, Vidyalaya, Allahabad.

Subject: Understanding the relation of Kriyayoga with the ancient education system that

was taught to the youth in India – Upnayan Sanskaar


126    9 May                   Sri Narayan Ashram Balika Inter College, Allahabad.

Subject: How not to be attached to the results of labour


127    9 May                   Alhalmara, Pharwkhee, Vidyalaya,Allahabad.

Subject: Explained the non-reality of matter in The Cosmic Drama


128    9 May                   Diggaj Singh alchattar, Madhayamic, Vidyalaya, Allahabad

Subject: Eluding delusions by feeling oneness with God leads one onwards towards

realizing   spiritual height


129    9 May          Chandra Kumari, Balika, Alchattar Mahavidyalaya, Allahabad.

Subject: Introduction to Kriyayoga and why we need to make this practice a mandatory

part of daily life


130    9 May                   Ganga Balika alchattar Madhyamic vidyalaya, Allahabad

Subject: Kriyayoga practice is most important to increase our capability and is the

complete science


131    10 May                  Handi Baba Balika Alchattar Mahavidyalaya,Allahabad

Subject: Understanding fundamentals of Kriyayoga. How body is God manifested

in this form.


132    10 May                  Shiv Narayan Shiksha Sadar, Allahabad.

Subject: Explained that Shiva is symbolic of change that is beneficial for oneself.

All bodily changes that we feel are Godly perceptions that we call Shiva shakti (power). Concentrating on these changes is therefore the worship of Shiva.


133    10 May                  Rani Rewati Devi Alchattar Madhyamic Vidyalaya, Allahabad

Subject: Working and serving all unconditionally


134    11 May                  M.L. convent, Allahabad

Subject: The Bible explained – “ In the beginning was the word and the word

was with God….”


135    11 May                  Impact Girls Alchattar Madhyamic Vidyalaya, Allahabad

Subject:  Leading a blessed life filled with the highest nourishment of thought of God


136    11 May                  National English School, Allahabad

Subject: Solving all problems through first seeking the Kingdom of God


137    11 May                  Rajkeeya Balika, Vidyalaya Katra, Allahabad.

Subject: Understanding Kriyayoga and the law of nature


138    13 May                  New Babi Muslim Girls High School, Allahabad

Subject: Understanding about sleep and how one should make the effort to go

beyond the sub-conscious state that one is in during sleep.


139    13 May                  Nand Kishore Uchattar Madhyamic Vidyalaya, Allahabad

Subject: Awakening oneself from the sleep of Cosmic delusions


140    13 May                  P.P. Public School, Allahabad.

Subject: Polishing the mind with highest quality polish of thought of God


141    13 May                  Lal Bihari Adarsh Vidyalaya, Allahabad.

Subject: Understanding the original Science of Yoga – Having highest Unity within


142    14 May                  Jubeda Khatwin Balik, Vidyalaya, Allahabad

Subject: Being fearless in the face of hardships


143    14 May                  Ganja Bal Shiksha, Mandir, Allahabad.

Subject: Developing soul guidance to make best decisions in life


144    14 May                  Gandhi Shanti Niketan, Allahabad.

Subject: Setting the spotlight on union with God within Self


145    15 May                  Radha Raman, Balika Vidyalaya, Allahabad

Subject: Overpowering temptations and desires and attaining unending peace


146    15 May                  Ranjeet Pankaj Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Making transition to adopt the spiritual life


147    15 May                  Agricultural Institute, Allahabad

Subject:  Making the amends to incorporate the seeking God each moment.

Discovering real nourishment by which we can grow to experience everlasting Bliss


148    15 May                  Lala Ram Kumar Agarwal Vidyalaya, Allahabad.

Subject: Increasing power of mind and overcoming the temporary sensory pleasures


149    16 May                  Indira Gandhi Ucchatar Madhyamic Vidyalaya, Allahabad.

Subject: Walking unwaveringly on the path towards non-violence


150    16 May                  Nav Jyoti shiksha Sadan, Allahabad.

Subject: Recognizing our eternal guiding light


151    16 May                  Suman vidyaniketan Inter College Allahabad.

Subject: Raising awareness within oneself through the practice of Kriyayoga


152    16 May                  Madhvendra Singh, Uchattar Madhyamic Vidyalaya, Allahabad

Subject: Kindling devotion in God and realizing oneself as an image of God


153    17 May                  Lala Ram Kumar Agrawal Inter college, Allahabad.

Subject: Fostering good habits through increased understanding, will-power and knowledge


154    19 May                  Sri Ram Pratap Inter College, Allahabad

Subject: God is The Universal Spirit that connects each point in space. By practicing

Kriyayoga, we realize our innate eternal connection with one another


155    19 May                  Zila Panchayat Inter College, Allahabad.

Subject: God is personal and the best eternal friend who is always with us and never

forsakes us


156    19 May                  Srimati Shakuntala Devi Balika Inter College, Allahabad

Subject: Awakening Dasratha (control over 10 senses) within ourselves and giving

birth to Prophet consciousness


157    19 May                  Satya Narayan Inter college, Allahabad.

Subject: Practising to be in God-consciousness through regular Kriyayoga practice


158    1 Jun                    Village Atarpura Baharia Allahabad.

Subject: Understanding the power of attraction of spiritual forces (Kunti shakti) and

the power of attachment to the power of attraction to the spiritual forces (Madri)


159    1 Jun                     Village Sultanpur Bahavia, Allahabad

Subject: Introduction to Kriyayoga. Explanation that God has granted us the free-will

to do as we please. Choosing to seek God is the best use of this free-will in the midst

of all the different options that lay available to us


160    1 Jun                     Village Chakdhar Mohamad, Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject:  Disabling the Kauravas tendencies within us through increasing the strength

of angelic forces (Pandavas) within Self. An explanation of the respective characters

that are in the immortal epic of The Mahabharat. Understanding that Mahabharat is the

inner battle that takes place within each of us that enables us to realize the

prophet-consciousness within us


161    4 Jun                     Village Abhaipur, Baharia Allahabad.

Subject: Knowing ourselves always to be projecting the different traits of God and

never calling ourselves sinners.


162    4 Jun                     Village Meerakpur, Baharia Allahabad.

Subject: Naturally radiating the light of Truth to all and being a source of peace and

knowledge to everyone.


163    6 Jun                     Ahiraee Village Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Wrestling with restlessness by increasing one-pointed devotion in God


164    6 Jun                     Raideepuri Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Standing tall with devotional strength in God in the face of all ferment


165    7 Jun                     Village Adampur Baharia Allahabad.

Subject: Increasing determination through persistence in seeking God despite the

many seemingly failed attempts


166    7 Jun                     Village Udhopur, Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Knowing GOD as Generator, Operator and Developer and how each of us

reflects these same powers within self


167    7 Jun                     Village Madera, Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Explained creation of the universe in the form of relation between Ocean

and Waves. How we can return home to the vast ocean of Bliss


168    8 Jun                     Village Chak Shahbeg Baharia Allahabad.

Subject: Developing divinity and having genuine humbleness and patience,

simplicity, non-covetness and non-violence within oneself


169    8 Jun                     Village Saranghpur, Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: How can we be adorned with true riches?


170    8 Jun                     Village Gorawa, Baharia Allahabad.

Subject: Victory and defeat. How to live a spiritual life of true success

171    9 Jun                     Village Katiyahee Baharia Allahabad.

Subject: Blooming with the enhanced fragrance of Divine Love within


172    9 Jun                     Village Mohamodpur may Baharia Allahabad.

Subject: Introduction of Kriyayoga and Science of eating. Knowing the proper

guidelines to preparing food in daily meals.


173    9 Jun                     Village Kahli, Baharia Allahabad.

Subject: Understanding the Science of living with all unconditionally


174    3 Jul                      Godwa, Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Scientific prayer that is true worship of God which reliefs all sicknesses

and solves all problems


175    3 Jul                      Village Katiyahee, Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Realizing our vast and infinite potential through recognizing ourselves as

the image of Infinite


176    4 Jul                      Village Mohamadpur, Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Experiencing natural Unity through seeking Divine oneness


177    4 Jul                      Village Kohli Bahava, Allahabad

Subject: Removing worry from our consciousness


178    5 Jul                      Village Sadalpur Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Feeling the depth of Divine Love through communion with God


179    5 Jul                      Village Karamha, Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Practising Kriyayoga to develop sincerity in work and living a life of

non-violence and simplicity


180    7 Jul                      Village Stanpur, Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Developing the sense to live for others and sacrificing desires of oneself


181    7 Jul                      Village Kumhauna, Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Developing the right attitude towards work and others


182    8 Jul                      Village Chakmascid Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Explained the Yugas and the current period of evolved perception and ego


183    9 Jul                      Village Chaksabeen Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Knowing the lineage of Gurus who taught and spread Kriyayoga .


184    1 Aug                    Village Raghunathpur Baharia Allahabad.

Subject: Unbundling the joy that lies within through seeking God in the practice

of Kriyayoga


185    2 Aug                    Village Kusungauri Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Removing the darkness of ignorance from our lives permanently


186    4 Aug                    Village Keranb, Baharia,Allahabad

Subject: Knowing Truth through Kriyayoga and the way to blessedness


187    5 Aug                    Village Chakmanpur, Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Concentrating on God ever more and more is increasing devotion in God


188    2 Sept                             Village  Khojapur, Baharia,Allahabad

Subject: Explained the characters of Dhritarashtra and Pandu the effect on the birth

of the forces by them – Kauravas and Pandavas


189    2 Sept                             Village Denkeepur, Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Knowing the real meaning of celebration of Navratri in the light of Kriyayoga


190    3 Sept                   Village Khewrajpur, Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Knowing the aim of ones life and how we can develop the will-power to

fulfill this aim


191    3 Sept                             Village Bharatpur, Bhaaria, Allahabad.

Subject: Knowing the fundamentals of Kriyayoga and how it brings increased

understanding in life, giving rise to peace within self and others around


192    4 Sept                             Village Gamarhata, Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Realizing where is van (forest) and where is raajya (kingdom) in oneself


193    4 Sept                             Village Barsarahe Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Having the power to heal oneself through spiritual wellness


194    6 Sept                    Village Gaharpur, Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Operating on the ego through Kriyayoga practice


194    1 Nov.                   Village Oharpur, Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Explained the festival of lights – Diwali. What the lamps that are lit mean?


195    3 Nov                    Village Malaka, Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Realizing infiniteness in each point in space


196    3 Nov                    Village Gorapur, Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Merging into the Ocean of Bliss


197    5 Nov                    Village Safkhanpur Baharia Allahabad.

Subject: Realizing the Ashwani kumar shakti, Indra shakti, Pavan devta shakti

and Dharam raj shakti within


198    6 to 10 Nov           Village Veerbhadra Baharia, Allahabad.

Introduction to Kriyayoga
Understanding the importance of making Kriyayoga a daily routine

What are we truly looking for in life?

Knowing what is spiritual strength .

Ploughing through the hardened soil of bad habits and planting new seedlings of

good habits to increase physical and mental strength


199    12 Nov                  Village Arajeedevi Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Explained about the importance of the medulla oblongata also known as

kundal shetra and how we can increase the flow of life-force from The Cosmos

into Self to realize our infinite nature


200    12 Nov                  Village Nadiyanee Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Explained the purpose of Kriyayoga and the benefits of practice.

Kriyayoga practice is essential to bring about development of the village


201    13 Nov                  Village chak Afjal, Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Introduction to Kriyayoga. Defined physical, astral and causal worlds and

how each is connected with the other


202    13 Nov                  Village Neerbhadra, Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: Kriyayoga defined as the scientific lifestyle that is essential for all. Explained

the development of Self that comes about through its practice and how all sicknesses are automatically cured due to automatic repair and rejuvenation of the body cells and tissues.


203    14 Nov                  Village Arajeedevi Baharia, Allahabad.

Subject: Explained why it is essential to accept all bodily changes.


204    14 Nov                  Village Nadiyani Baharia, Allahabad

Subject: How to defeat the evil tendencies within? Explained some verses from the

scriptural text Ram Charit Manas


205    2 Dec.                   Rajeev Gandhi Science College, Gauriganj Amethi Sultanpur

Subject: Explained what is Science and how we can gain complete knowledge of all

matter through Kriyayoga.


206    2 Dec                    Rananjay Inter college, Gauriganj, Amethi Sultanpur

Subject: The definition of true religion and what is the purpose of religion?


207    2 Dec          Srimati Indira Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Gauriganj, Amethi, Sultanpur.

Subject: Unveiling the creative force within ourself to overcome all impossibilities


208    3 Dec                    Ravjeet Rananjaya, P.G. college Amethi, Sultanpur

Subject: Understanding about Divine cave and the life-force. The way to preserve

the life-force. Draupadi explained.


209    4 Dec                    Ranveer Inter College, Ramnagar, Amethi Sultanpur

Subject: What is the meaning of worshipping God?


210    4 Dec                    Sri Gopal Inter College, Amethi Sultanpur.

Subject: Walking on the path of non-violence and truth through simple living and

practicing the scientific technique to overcome evil tendencies

211    4 Dec                    Rajkeeya Mahila Polytechnique Amethi, Sultanpur

Subject: Getting to know the Science of knowing our roots and in the process awakening

the dormant angelic forces within


213    6 Dec                    Shiv Pratap Inter College Amethi, Sultanpur.

Subject: Functioning with dynamic will-power in all work. An understanding that no

work is small and all work is worship of God when practiced with the highest

thought of infinite


214    6 Dec                    Rajkeeya Balika Inter College Amethi, Sultanpur

Subject: Introduction of Kriyayoga Science. Building a foundation of Love of God

within and realizing our true image


215    6 Dec          Srimati Ramraji Balika Uchattar, Madhyamic, Vidyalaya Sultanpur.

Subject:  Understanding the forces of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and what they truly are. Also explained how we can worship the forces of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.


216    7 Dec                    Balika Inter College Akhand Nagar Dostapur, Sultanpur.

Subject: Knowing reality and non-reality and how we can perceive reality


217    7 Dec                    Janta Degree College, Loknath Dostapur Sultanpur.

Subject: Perceiving ourselves connected with all creation in Cosmos


218    7 Dec                    Balika Inter College, Surapuri Dostapur, Sultanpur.

Subject: The art of simple living with highest thought


219    9 Dec                    Junior High School Bethera Dostapur, Sultanpur.

Subject: Importance of spiritual training for highest character development


220    9 Dec                    Jeet Bahadur, Balika, Inter College Dostapur Sultanpur

Subject: Living unconditionally is the real way to leading a stress-free and

tension-free life


221    9 Dec                    Chuneelal Inter college Dostapur, Sultanpur.

Subject: Understanding the nature of God as Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

Reference given in the scriptures that highlight this highest truth.


222    10 Dec                  Ramkali Balika Inter College Sultanpur.

Subject: Scientific and spiritual healing is permanent healing of physical and

mental conditions


223    10 Dec                  Bar Association Sultanpur.                          

Subject: Identifying saints in life. Practising inner renunciation rather than outward

 renunciation only


224    10 Dec                  Primary School Hamjapur Pathan, Dadipur, Sultanpur                         

Subject: Coming out of the shadow into the light of highest knowledge and radiating

peace and understanding to all


225    11 Dec                  Durga Dham Kadipur, Sultanpur

Subject: Overcoming all obstacles of dream delusions to head steadily onward on

the path towards God-realization


226    11 Dec                  Janta Inter Colege Koomti, Dadipur Sultanpur

Subject: Kriyayoga Intro and understanding true creativity (Brahmacharya)


227    11 Dec                  Ram Das Yadav Balika Inter College Kadipuri Sultanpur.                    

Subject: An explanation about living in highest awareness


228    12 Dec         Srimati Kalawati Balika Inter & Kadipur Degree College

Kadipur Sultanpur.

Subject: Who is God? How to develop deep devotion in God? What does devotion

in God mean?


229    12 Dec                  Trilochan Shastri Inter College, Kadipur, Sultanpur

Subject: Knowing the eternal true love of our life. How we can feel this eternal love?


230.   12 Dec                  Ramdev Pandey InterCollege, Kadipur, Sultanpur

Subject: Kriyayoga explained with how one can overcome fatigue, weakness,

sickness and emotional moods through regular practice of Kriyayoga


231    13 Dec                  Janta Inter College, Burana, Kadipur, Sultanpur

Subject: Living in the present moment and forgetting all past mistakes in life.


232.   13 Dec                  Sri Hanumat Inter College Bejathua, Kadipur, Sultanpur

Subject: Realizing our Divine nature through perceiving our unity with God’s

Omnipresent power


233    13 Dec                  Inter College Barwaripur Kadipur, Sultanpur.

Subject: Choosing the life of Divinity over limited short-termed success


234    15 Dec                  Rajkeeya Balika Inter College Kadipur, Sultanpur.

Subject: Explained aswathaa – body as upturned tree with roots above and branches

below that is the described in The Gita by Prophet Krishna. How we can nourish this

tree with Divine Love and realize its full growth into its natural glorious form


235    15 Dec                  Bar Association, Kadipur Sultanpur.

Subject: Understanding chanting and what is Naam Japa. Also explained what it means

to do Ram Japa. Kriyayoga defined as the Science to perceive oneness with the Source

of our origin


234    15 Dec                  National Intermediate College Kadipur, Sultanpur

Subject: Practising with deep concentration is having true devotion in God


235    16 Dec         Sant TulsiDas, Snatkavthur, Mahavidyala, Kadipur, Sultanpur

Subject: Listening to the calling and message of God through observing bodily

changes, watching of the unit of creation of this body – breath and listening to the

inner Divine sound


236:   16 Dec                  Bheckha Ram, Bansidhar Dharmashala, Amethi Sultanpur

Subject: Overcoming the restlessness of the mind through the Science of Kriyayoga

and experiencing deep calmness within


237.   16 Dec                  Jitendra Mohan Narsinghpur, Dostapur, Sultanpur

Subject: Being spiritually awakened – What does it mean and why it is important?


238.  17 Dec                  Sri Ram Janke Hanuman Mandir, Kadipur, Sultanpur

Subject: The highest virtue of forgiveness takes one on the path towards God


239.   17 Dec                  Radharani Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sultanpur

Subject: Tuning the mind towards Guru and God again and again increases

concentration power and strength of mind


240.   17 Dec                  Rajkeeya Intermediate College, Sultanpur

Subject: Eliminating the weeds of delusions from our life and nourishing its foundation

with Love and faith in God


241.   18 Dec                  Mahatma Gandhi Smarak Intermediate College, Sultanpur

Subject: Establishing oneness with Guru is important for spiritual progress. Introduction

of Kriyayoga as Science of instilling non-violence in Self and knowing Truth of Life


242.   18 Dec                  Ganpat, Sahaya, P.G. College, Sultanpur

Subject: Explained about the dream nature of this World and how it can be realized.

Awakening of the powers of angelic forces within us – Control over mind and senses,

even-mindedness, devotion in God, eternal patience and humbleness and finding

solution to all problems in life


243.   18 Dec                  Kamla Nehru Engeering College,  Sultanpur

Subject: How to have excellent knowledge and make the right decisions in practical

engineering. Explained that complete knowledge of any subject matter can be gained

through the practice of Kriyayoga – the science of awakening deep knowledge within


244    20 Dec                  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Amethi, Sultanpur

Subject: Benefits and importance of Kriyayoga explained. Highlighted the need for

practicing what is learnt. Technical skills are most important to have that will especially

channel efforts towards best use of mental ability.


245.   20 Dec         Srimat Paramhansa Ashram, Teekarmaphi, Amethi, Sultanpur

Subject: The importance of ideal scientific lifestyle and how its practice brings

development in all aspects


246.   20 Dec                  Kesh Kumari Balika Inter college, Sultanpur

Subject: Complete knowledge is possible when one practices what is learnt.

Explained that living in truth means doing what we say.


247.   23 Dec                  Kamla Nehru Engineering College, Sultanpur

Subject: Understanding that everything is manifestation of God and how seeking

God means knowing about the true nature of everything there is.


248.   23 Dec                  Mahadevi Nema Balika Inter College, Kurwar, Sultanpur

Subject: Overcoming evil tendencies by strengthening Divine forces within