Year 1988


        MONTH/DATE             LOCATION                  


1        14Jan-15Feb                    Magh Mela Sangam Area Allahabad                                  SUBJECT: Understanding Mahabharat, Gita, Bible, Quoran and their spiritual

interpretation in the light of Kriyayoga. Explained- How to worship God within

and without to solve all problems of life? Theory and practical application.


2        7-Jan                               Agriculture Institute Naini Allahabad.                     

          SUBJECT: Attaining realization through the practice of Kriyayoga.


3        7-Jan                               Lala Ram Kumar High School Nainy Allahabad                 SUBJECT:  Explained- Kriyayoga science gives the highest knowledge of

immortality to realize oneness with God. Theory and practice.


4        7-Jan                               Indira Gandhi HighSchool Nainy Allahabad.                     SUBJECT: Understanding how one God has manifested in all forms (Atoms),

(Plants), (Animals), (Human beings), (Angels)…Theory and practice- How to

feel God's presence through the practice of Kriyayoga.


5        8-Jan                               Suman Vidyaniketan Inter College Nainy Allahabad

          SUBJECT: Explained- What is Vidya and Avidya. Explained- Through the

practice of Kriyayoga we attain true knowledge- Vidya which removes all kinds

of ignorance…


6        8-Jan                               Ramjeet Inter College Naini Allahabad.         

          SUBJECT: Understanding what is power of Duryodhana within and how to

change it to the power of Pandavas..(Angelic Power) through the practice of



7        7-Jan                               Radha Raman & Girls High School Naini, Allahabad

SUBJECT: Explained- What is Radha and Krishna consciousness within…?


8        14-Jan                             Hindu Mahila Inter College Allahabad.                   

          SUBJECT: How to develop eternal humbleness and infinite patience through the

practice of increasing devotion in God…


9        15-Jan                             Prayag Mahila Vidhya Peeth Inter college Allahabad.

          SUBJECT: Understanding basic philosophy and practice of Kriyayoga.


10      15-Jan                             Ishwar Sharan Girls Inter College Allahabad.          

          SUBJECT: Understanding real meaning of Guru Kripa


11      20-Jan                             Nurjaha Girls Inter College Allahabad.                              SUBJECT: Explained- Real meaning of Devotion in God..and how it purifies

our body and mind…Theory and Practice.


12      1-Feb                              Diamond Jubilee Hostel Allahabad                         

          SUBJECT: How to develop self confidence through the practice of Kriyayoga.

Theory and practice.


13      2-Feb                              K.P. U.C. Hostel Allahabad                         

          SUBJECT: How to overcome lust, greed, anger and delusion through the

practice of Kriyayoga. Theory and practice.


14      3-Feb                              Tara Chandra Hostel Allahabad University             

          SUBJECT:  Explained- Star in the east Christ is born.. Spiritual interpretation of

Bible in the light of Kriyayoga.


15      7-Feb                              Holland Hall Hostel Allahabad University               

          SUBJECT: Understanding divine centers within brain and spine and how to

awaken them through the practice of Kriyayoga.


16      7-Feb                              Sir P.C. Banerjee Hostel Allahabad.                       

          SUBJECT: Understanding divine goal of life and how to fulfill it…?


17      8-Feb                              Sir Snder Lal Hostel Allahabad.                   

          SUBJECT: Feeling bodily changes- (pain, pleasure, tension, relaxation…etc, as

great power of God. Explained- Bodily changes are linked with eternal

knowledge, peace and infinite power…


18      8-Feb                              A.N. Jha Hostel Allahabad.                          

          SUBJECT: Explained- How to reduce distance between 24 elements to perceive

one element- Sat--which has manifested in all forms…theory and practice.


19      9-Feb                              G.N. Jha Hostel Allahabad                           

          SUBJECT: Spiritual interpretation of Mahabharat and its practical application.


20      11-Feb                            Muslim Bording Hostel                      

          SUBJECT: Explained- Spiritual interpretation of verses of the Quoran.


21      11-Feb                            Hindu Hostel                                     

SUBJECT: How to feel divine unity with the whole cosmos through the practice

of Kriyayoga.


22      4-Mar                              Ashok Nagar Allahabad                               

SUBJECT: Solving different questions of life through deep prayer and devotion

in God.


23      6-Mar                              RamLeela Maidan Katra Allahabad.                       

          SUBJECT: Rooting out impossibilities through the practice of Kriyayoga.


24      7-Mar                              Judges Colony Allahabad.                           

          SUBJECT: Explained- Patanjali Yoga Sutras…


25      1Mar-11Mar                    Railway Colony Allahabad                           

          SUBJECT: Understanding what is Naamjap and how its practice relieves us

form Bhavbandhan (delusion)


26      7-Apr                              Village Surapur Jaunpur                     

          SUBJECT: Explained- Spiritual interpretation of verses of the Quoran.


27      7-Apr                              Village Pipral Jaunpur                                  

SUBJECT: Spiritual interpretation of Gita- Understanding body as Ashwathaa

(Upturned tree)...


28      8-Apr                              Village Amar Jaunpur                                  

SUBJECT:  Necessity of Kriyayoga for development of village.


29      8-Apr                              High School Amethi Jaunpur.                      

          SUBJECT: How to increase infinite peace, patience, knowledge through the

practice of Kriyayoga.


30      9-Apr                              Inter College Samodhpur Jaunpur                          

          SUBJECT: Understanding real meaning of Saam, daam, dand, bhed…and how

to attain these powers by transferring our consciousness within brain and



31      9-Apr                              Village Mayawa Jaunpur                              

SUBJECT:  Science of increasing unshakable faith in God.


32      7-May                             Neta Ji Subhash Marg Cacutta                     

          SUBJECT: Explained- Mahabharat- Shantanu and story of three generations in

the light of Kriyayoga.


33      8-May                             Garpar Road Calcutta                        

          SUBJECT: Explained- How to worship power of Brahma within? Theory and its

practical application.


34      9May-12May                   Shri Rampur West Bengal                           

          SUBJECT:  Understanding Kriyayoga and its link with divine master -Swami

Shri Yukteswar Giri. Understanding spiritual interpretation of Holy science and



35      13May-17May                 Hawra Railway Colony west Bengal                       

          SUBJECT: How to increase power of mind..? Theory and practice.


36      14-May                           U.P. Bhawan Calcutta                                 

SUBJECT:  Spiritual interpretation of Mahabharat - Explained what is power of

Kunti, Madri within..


37      6-Jun                               Upper Circular Road Calcutta                               

SUBJECT:  Law of divine incarnation.


38      7-Jun                               Village Dhahawa Pratap Garh                       

          SUBJECT: Mastery over senses, body and mind through the practice of



39      8-Jun                               Village Pathi Pratap Garh                   

          SUBJECT: Understanding how to work in God consciousness…Theory and



40      8-Jun                               Village Amar Garh                             

SUBJECT: Explained- Work is worship of God.


41      14-Jun                            Village Kala Kakar pratap Garh                    

          SUBJECT: Science of prayer.


42      15-Jun                            Village Chilbila Pratap Garh                         

          SUBJECT: Understanding basic dietary principles and practice of Kriyayoga.


43      18-Jun                            Village Bhopiys Mau Pratap Garh                          

          SUBJECT: How to remain even-minded in all conditions of life through the

practice of Kriyayoga? Theory and practice.


44      11-Jul                              Government Girls Inter College Amethi Sultanpur  

          SUBJECT: Meeting the inner source of energy to charge all atoms and

molecules with divine consciousness of God. Theory and practice.


45      11-Jul                              Shiv Pratap Inter College Amethi Sultanpur            

          SUBJECT: Understanding what is real meaning Tapasaya (Penance)…


46      12-Jul                              Gopal Inter College Parari Amethi Sultanpur          

          SUBJECT:  Understanding mystery of physical, astral and causal universe in the

light of Kriyayoga.


47      12-Jul                              Ranvir Inter College Ram Nagar Amethi Sultanpur 

          SUBJECT: Introduction of Kriyayoga and its practice.


48      13-Jul                              Ranvir Raanjai P.G. college Amethi Sultanpur        

          SUBJECT: Explained- What is mind, wisdom and intuition power?


49      2-Aug                              Governent Girls Inter college Gauri Garh Sultanpur

          SUBJECT: How to contro life current through the practice of Pranayama.

          Explained- Real meaning of Pranayama


50      2-Aug                              Ranan Jav Inter College Gauri Ganj Sultanpur        

          SUBJECT: Explained- Real meaning of freedom and how to attain through the

practice of Kriyayoga.


51      14-Aug                           Saint Tulsidas P.G. College Kadipur Sultanpur.     

          SUBJECT:  Law of miracles..Explained- nothing is miracle, behind all miracles

there is play of divine will of God.


52      16-Aug                           National Inter College Kadipur Sultanpur                          SUBJECT: Understanding real meaning of freedom and how to attain it through

the practice of Kriyayoga.


53      16-Aug                            Government Girls H.S. Kadipur Sultanpur             

          SUBJECT: Explained- Different states of wakefulness, dream and deep sleep.

How to go beyond sleep in the wakeful condition to attain the state of

Super-consciousness…theory and practice."


54      16-Aug                           Inter college Barwaripur Sultanpur                         

          SUBJECT: Practice of truth and non-violence.


55      17-Aug                           Sri Hanumant I.C. Visethua Sultanpur                    

          SUBJECT: Explained- Kriyayoga science of seeking God within body. Seeking

God means seeking infinite knowledge, power and peace.


56      3-Oct                              Allahabad Degree College Allahabad                      

          SUBJECT: Understanding Origin of universe in the light of Kriyayoga.


57      3-Oct                              C.M.P. Degree College Allahabad.                        

          SUBJECT: Charging body battery with the infinite power of God. Theory and



58      4-Oct                              Ishwar Sharan Degree College Allahabad.              

          SUBJECT: Theory and practice of increasing concentration and will-power…


59      1-Nov                             Arya Kana Degree College Allahabad.                    

          SUBJECT: Understanding the real meaning of Sudra, Dwija, Vipra, Brahmin,

Kshetriya and Chakrawarti Raja..Explained- these are different states of

evolution which is attained through the practice of Kriyayoga.    


60      2-Nov                             Kulbhashker Degree college Allahabad                   

          SUBJECT: Explained- How Body is confidence thought power?


61      1-Dec                              Jagat TaranDegreeCollege Allahabad                                SUBJECT:  Feeling evernew joy, peace and divine love of God through the

practice of Kriyayoga.


62      2-Dec                              M.L. N. Engineering college Allahabad                  

          SUBJECT: Necessity of Kriyayoga for the development of physical, mental and

spiritual power…


63      3-Dec                              Agra Sen Inter College Allahabad.                         

          SUBJECT: Understanding How to know our past, present and future through

the practice of Kriyayoga.