Year 1987


        MONTH/DATE             LOCATION                  


1        14Jan-15Feb          Magh Mela Sangam Area Allahabad                                

SUBJECT: Scientific interpretation of Gita, Bible, Gurugranth Sahib in the light

of Kriyayoga.Understanding basic Kriyayoga philosophy and practice.


2        3-Jan                     Gandhi Bhawan A.U. Allahabad.                                     

SUBJECT: Introduction of Kriyayoga and explained principles of Mahatma

Gandhi and its practical application.


3        7-Jan                     Hindustan Academy Allahabad                              

SUBJECT: Mastery over the state of mind through the practice of Kriyayoga.


4        8-Jan                     Psychology Dept. A.U.Allahabad                                    

SUBJECT: Understanding Kriyayoga as highest psychology.


5        1-Feb                    K.P. Inter College Allahabad                                 

SUBJECT: Seeking truth.


6        10-Feb                   C.A.V. Inter college Allahabad                              

SUBJECT: Reducing distance between saying and doing to increase purity

within through the practice of Kriyayoga.


7        11-Feb                   Kulbhaskar Inter College Allahabad                       

SUBJECT: Training of mind, body and senses through the practice of



8        17-Feb                   D.A.V. Inter College Allahabad                             

SUBJECT: Development of spiritual power through the practice of Kriyayoga.


9        1-Mar                    Kamala Nagar Allahabad                              

SUBJECT:  Understanding what is Kriyayoga..? And its practical application.


10      2-Mar                    Darbhanga Colony Allahabad                                

SUBJECT: Tuning of body and mind towards God through the practice of



11      7Mar-9Mar            Preetam Nagar Allahabad                             

SUBJECT: Understanding Kriyayoga as highest nutrition of body and mind.


12      17-Mar                  Chaitham Lines Allahabad                                     

SUBJECT: Overcoming emotions and mental stress through the practice of



13      4-Apr                    Chowk area Sultanpur                                 

SUBJECT: Spiritual interpretation of first verse of Gita and its practical

application in the light of Kriyayoga.


14      5Apr-7Apr             Ramraji Balika High School ground, Sultanpur                            SUBJECT:   Understanding real meaning of Dharma and Adharma in the light

of Kriyayoga.                           


15      8-Apr                    Korao Dhanpatganj Sultanpur                                

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga ancient and ever-new spiritual science of seeking God.          

16      9-Apr                    Ram Janaki Mandir Kadipur Sultanpur         

SUBJECT: Understanding how to work for God? Theory and practice.                  

17      10-Apr                   Yadav Dharmeshala Bijethua Sultanpur                                       SUBJECT:   Explained- True worship of God solves all problem of life.                  

18      10-Apr                   Village Bhupatpur Sultanpur                                  

SUBJECT: Understanding Universal concept of God.               


19      7-May                    Village Pakarpur Distt. Sultanpur                                     

          SUBJECT:   Explained- Cosmic cycle of evolution and  present age is

          ascending Dwapara.                 


20      7-May                    Village- Pokhardaha, Dist- Sultanpur

          SUBJECT:   Curing sickness through the practice of Kriyayoga.          


21      8-May                    Village- Bhadaya, Dist- Sultanpur

          SUBJECT: Understanding methods of scientific prayers.           


22      8-May                    Village- Bairang, Dist- Sultanpur

SUBJECT: Healing of body and mind through the practice of Kriyayoga.                

23      9-May                    Village Karpi Rampur, Dist- Sultanpur

          SUBJECT: How to feel God's immortal power through the practice of



24      8-Jun                      Village- Majhgava, Dist- Sultanpur.

          SUBJECT:  Increasing unity through Kriyayoga.              


25      8-Jun                      Village- Kaimaspur, Dist- Sultanpur.

          SUBJECT: Introduction of Kriyayoga and understanding basic points

of diet.                 


26      9-Jun                      Village- Muriladeeh, Dist- Sultanpur.

SUBJECT:  Goal of life and its fulfillment.             


27      9-Jun                      Village- Khalispur, Dist- Sultanpur.

          SUBJECT: Finding real joy, peace and bliss within through the practice of



28      14-Jul                     Jeat Bahadur Girls Inter College Gauspur                        

          SUBJECT: Practice of recharging the body battery with God's infinite power

to destroy the seeds of disease and failures.           


29      14-Jul                     National Inter College Kadipur                               

SUBJECT: Realizing death and illness as dreams delusion.                  


30      15-Jul                     St. Tulsidas Degree College Kadipur                               

SUBJECT: Dietary principles and practice of Kriyayoga            


31      1-Aug                     Kamala Mehra Degree College Sultanpur                                    SUBJECT: Understanding real meaning of Brahmacharya (Divine creativity) in

the light of Kriyayoga.                                                    


32      1-Aug                     M.P. Degree College Sultanpur                              

SUBJECT: Tuning the mind towards God through the practice of meditation.

Explained- Meditation means concentration on God..(Infinite)                                                    

33      1-Aug                     M.G.S. Inter College Sultanpur                             

SUBJECT: Explained- Consciousness and matter are one.                                                         

34      2-Aug                     M.S.B. Inter College Sultanpur                              

SUBJECT: Explained- Creator (God) is always with creation (Atoms, Plants.

Animals, Human beings, Angeles etc…)


35      2-Aug                     Saraswati Shisha Mandir Sultanpur                                             SUBJECT: Beholding universe as cosmic dreams of God.                                                         

36      2-Aug                    Kesh Kumari Girls Inter college Sultanpur                                  SUBJECT: Understanding Origin of Universe in the light of Kriyayoga.                                                         

37      6-Sep                    Allahabad Degree College Allahabad                               

SUBJECT: Explained- Different state of realization.                                                

38      6-Sep                    Arya Kanya Degree College Allahabad                   

          SUBJECT: Explained- Difference between realization and visualization.                                               

39      7-Sep                    Medical College Allahabad                                    

SUBJECT: Understanding how to control body by controlling life current.

Theory and practice.                                                      


40      7-Sep                    Prayaga Mahila Vidyapeath MahaVidhyalay, Allahabad               SUBJECT: Gaining true knowledge through Kriyayoga.                                


41      24-Sep                   St. Anthony School Allahabad                                        

          SUBJECT:   Understanding the basic fundamentals of Kriyayoga and its

          practical application.


42      3-Oct                    Kidwai Nagar Allapur Allahabad                            

          SUBJECT: Attaining true knowledge through the practice of Kriyayoga.

Explained- knowledge attained through the books are incomplete, Kriyayoga is

a science of seeking God through which we attain eternal knowledge which is

eternal and everlasting.


43      3-Oct                    North Malaka Allahabad                              

SUBJECT: Explained- Real meaning of Asana- “Sthir Sukham iti

Asanam". When Sukha is estable that stage is called Asana… theory and



44      4-Oct                    Rajrooppur Allahabad                        

          SUBJECT: Understanding who are Duryaodha, Shakuni and Dhritrashtra

within. Spiritual interpretation of Mahabharat in the light of Kriyayoga.


45      9-Oct                    Balbhawan Colonelganj Allahabad                         

          SUBJECT: Explained- How to know our true self through the practice of

Kriyayoga. Theory and practice.                                                        


46      9-Oct                    Tagore Town Allahabad.                             

SUBJECT: Scientific methods of healing through meditation and practice of

Asana, Pranayam, relaxation…


47      2-Nov                    R.P. Inter college Sirsa Allahabad                          

          SUBJECT: Explained- How to increase dynamic willpower through the

practice of Kriyayoga.


48      1-Nov                    Zila Panchayat girls Inter College Ramnagar                     

          SUBJECT: Introduction of Kriyayoga and its practical application.


50      10-Nov                  Inter College autar Allahabad                       

          SUBJECT: Explained- How to overcome moods, restlessness of mind

          through the practice of Kriyayoga. Theory and practice of Kriyayoga



51      11-Nov                  Agrawal Inter college Sirsa Allahabad                    

          SUBJECT: Understanding different stages of realization and how to attain

highest realized state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi through the practice of Kriyayoga.

Theory and practice.


52      2-Dec                    Lala Ram Kumar Agrawal H.S. School Naini Allahabad   

          SUBJECT: Explained- How to attain knowledge of immortality through the

practice of Kriyayoga. Theory and practice of Kriyayoga.


53      4-Dec                    Navjyati H.S. School Naini Allahabad.                   

          SUBJECT: Basic Kriyayoga practice techniques along with theory-

Bhrumadhya Darshan (Concentration on center between eyebrows- Prophet

Consciousness), Khechari Mudra (Rolling tongue back to magnetize medulla,

Charging brain and spine with divine power of God..


54      5-Dec                    Suman Vidhya Niketan Inter College, Naini Allahabad.     

          SUBJECT: Understanding the real worship of God. Explained- We should not

pluck flowers for worshipping God. We should grow flowers and protect

them so that they should express the divine creativity of God. Spiritual

interpretation of Ramayana in the light of Kriyayoga.


55      11-Dec                  Ranjeet Inter college Naini Allahabad.                    

          SUBJECT:   Understanding how to increase faith in God through the practice

          of Kriyayoga. Theory and practice.


56      11-Dec                  Radha Raman Girls Inter college Naini Allahabad             

          SUBJECT:   Practice of Kriyayoga and understanding basic dietary principles.


57      17-Dec                  Agriculture institute Naini Allahabad                       

          SUBJECT: Explained- Necessity of Kriyayoga for development of nation.