Year 1986


        MONTH/DATE             LOCATION                     


1        14Jan-15Feb          Magh Mela Sangam Allahabad                     

SUBJECT: Understanding scriptures in the light of Kriyayoga. Basic

fundamental philosophy and practice of Kriyayoga.


2        3-Jan                     K.P. Inter College Allahabad                                 

SUBJECT: Explained- Through the practice of Kriyayoga we attain the highest stage of realization- "Yoga"…Understanding what is Yoga and Kriyayoga..?


3        7-Jan                     Govt. Inter College Allahabad                               

SUBJECT: Explained- Law of Karma.


4        8-Jan                     Prayag Mahila Vidya Peeth Allahabad                    

          SUBJECT: Physical, mental and spiritual healing through the practice of 



5        10-Jan                    Ewing Christian College Allahabad                                  

SUBJECT: Explained- Kriyayoga highest spiritual science of seeking God.

Theory and practice.


6        10-Jan                    C.M.P. Degree College Allahabad                                              SUBJECT: Increasing faith in God through the practice of Kriyayoga.


7        19-Feb                   Jagat Taran Degree College Allahabad                             

SUBJECT: How to develop positive thinking by increasing devotion in God..?

Theory and practice of increasing devotion in God.


8        23-Feb                   Economics Dept. Allahabad University                            

          SUBJECT: Explained- Bhagavad Gita in the light of Kriyayoga and its practical

application to solve all problems of life.


9        2March-6March     Madhav Kunj Katra Allahabad                               

SUBJECT: Understanding- Cause of sickness and how to overcome it through

the practice of Kriyayoga.


10      7-Mar                    Engineering College Hostel Allahabad                              

SUBJECT: Explained- Kriyayoga as highest engineering science.


11      9-Mar                    Allahabad Polytechnic Prayag                               

SUBJECT: Necessity of Kriyayoga and its need in the present age…


12      12Mar-14Mar        Chandpur SaloriAllahabad                                     
SUBJECT: Worship of God within bodily temple.


13      2Apr-8Apr             Residence of A.J. Singh Roopnagar Delhi                       

          SUBJECT: Understanding- Real meaning of God and how to find God through

the practice of Kriyayoga.


14      9-Apr                    Paharganj Delhi                                  

SUBJECT: Explained- Kriyayoga as practice of Asana.


15      10-Apr                   Shahadar Delhi                                  

SUBJECT: Understanding real meaning of Pranayam.


16      11-Apr                   Karolbaag Delhi                                 
SUBJECT: Root cause of suffering and illness.


17      12-Apr                   Gurudwara Delhi                               

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga universal science of seeking God which was practised by

prophets of all lands and ages.


18      5-May                    Shahganj Distt. Jaunpur                               

SUBJECT: How to seek God within? Theory and practice.


19      6-May                    Village Bhagas Jaunpur                                

SUBJECT: Universal Concept of God.


20      7May-9May           Village Suithakala Jaunpur                                     

SUBJECT: How to be evenminded in all conditions of life through the practice

of Kriyayoga.? Theory and practice.


21      12-May                  Village Rudhauli Jaunpur                             

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga- Science of true communion with God.


22      13-May                  Village Amawan Jaunpur                              

SUBJECT: Stress management through the practice of Kriyayoga.


23      14-Jun                   Village Jumjuma Jaunpur                              

SUBJECT: Explained- Worship of God and its practical application.


24      15-Jun                   Village Basauli Jaunpur                      

SUBJECT: Rejuvenating Body and mind through the practice of Kriyayoga.


25      16-Jun                   Village Dhirauli Jaunpur                      

SUBJECT: Reducing distance between body and mind.


26      17-Jun                   Narendrapur Patti Jaunpur                                     

SUBJECT: Basic theory and practice of Kriyayoga.


27      11-Jul                    Inter College Patti Narendrapur, Distt Jaunpur                             SUBJECT: Overcoming habits through meditation (feeling presence of God

through the practice of Kriyayoga)


28      12-Jul                    Degree College Samodhpur Jaunpur                      

          SUBJECT: Realizing our immortal nature.


29      2-Aug                    Inter College Khutaha Jaunpur                     

          SUBJECT: Increasing peace, vitality and dynamic will-power through the

practice of Kriyayoga.


30      3-Aug                    Degree College Takha Jaunpur                     

          SUBJECT: Discourse on Gita and its practical application.


31      4-Aug                    Gajraj Singh Inter College Jamunia Jaunpur                      

          SUBJECT: Understanding Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyan Yoga in

the light of Kriyayoga.


32      5-Aug                    Inter College Shahganj Jaunpur                    

          SUBJECT: Explained- Kriyayoga science of evaluation.


33      1-Sep                    Girls Inter College Kheta Sarai Jaunpur                            

SUBJECT: Conscious journey towards God.


34      2-Sep                    Indian Girls Inter College Allahabad                       

          SUBJECT: Concept of Yug and human evolution.


35      2-Sep                    Tej Bahadur Khalasa Girls Inter College, Allahabad

          SUBJECT: How to develop divinity within through the practice of Kriyayoga.


36      12-Sep                   Kidwai Memorial Girls Inter College Allad                       

          SUBJECT:   Increasing power of mind.


37      12-Sep                   Arya Kanya Inter College Allahabad                      

          SUBJECT: Kriyiayoga highest meditation.


38      14-Sep                   Ishwar Sharan Inter College Allahabad                            

SUBJECT: Food Tips and philosophy of Kriyayoga.


39      3-Oct                     Crosthwaite Girls Inter College Allahabad                        

          SUBJECT: Explained- Kriyayoga universal science of seeking God.


40      7-Oct                     Mahila Gram Inter College Allahabad                              

SUBJECT: Explained- Mystery of physical and Astral and universe.


41      9-Oct                    Umarao Singh Junior School Mumfordganj Allahabad      

          SUBJECT: Interpretation of Gita in the light of Kriyayoga


42      20-Oct                   National English School Allahabad                        

SUBJECT: How to develop self confidence through the practice of Kriyayoga.


43      21-Oct                   Lal Bihar H.S. School Lookerganj Allahabad

SUBJECT: Development of Intution power…


44      7-Nov                    Hanumat Nikaetan Civil Lines Allahabad                          

          SUBJECT: Explained- Kriyayoga is practical application of Gayatri Mantra.


45      10-Nov                  Samaya Mai Katara Allahabad                               

SUBJECT: Lecture on God.


46      15-Nov                  Shivakuti Ashram Allahabad                                                      SUBJECT: Explained- How to work in God consciousness?


47      17-Nov                  Mehdauri colony Teliarganj Allahabad                   

SUBJECT: Understanding how to perform action without desire for fruit?

Theory and practice.


48      20-Nov                  Mumfordganj Area Allahabad                                

SUBJECT: Realizing self as manifestation of God.


49      2Dec-4Dec            Dharkundi Ashram Ashram Chitrakoot Banda                             SUBJECT: Understanding worship of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva within..


50      5Dec-9Dec            Anusiaya Ashram Chitrakoot Banda                                

SUBJECT: Spiritual interpretation of Ramayana- Explained- What is Chitrakoot

within and how to focous our concentration on Chritkoot to feel oneness with

Lord Rama (Prophet Consciousness)…theory and practice.


51      10-Dec                  Hanuman Dhara, Chitrakoot

          SUBJECT: Tuning ego towards divinity


52      10-Dec                  Peeli Kothi, Chitrakoot

          SUBJECT: Realizing God's infinite nature.


53      11-Dec                  Gupt Godawari, Chitrakoot, Banda

          SUBJECT: How to talk with God through the practice of Kriyayoga…?

Theory and practice.


54      11-Dec                  Kamatgiri, Chitrakoot, Banda                                

SUBJECT: Necessity of Kriyayoga in present age.


55      12-Dec                  Rajapur, Chitrakoot, Banda

          SUBJECT: Attaining oneness with God fulfills all dreams and desires of