Year 1985


          MONTH/DATE                      LOCATION                           


1        15Jan-15Feb          Magh Mela Sangam Area Allahabad                       

SUBJECT:   Worship of Sangam, Triveni and Ganga within through

the practice of Kriyayoga.


2        7-Jan                     K.P. Girls Inter College Allahabad                                   

SUBJECT: Understanding how to develop your talents through the

practice of Kriyayoga. Theory and practice.


3        9-Jan                     Hindu Mahila Inter College Allahabad 

          SUBJECT: Explained- Kriyayoga highest education.


4        16-Jan                    Bharat Scout and Guide H.S. School Allahabad

          SUBJECT:   How to develop dyanamic will power through the

          practice of Kriyayoga.


5        4-Feb                     D.P. Girls Inter College Allahabad                         

          SUBJECT:   Attaining real health through the practice of Kriyayoga.


6        7-Feb                     St. Anthony Girls Inter College Allahabad              

          SUBJECT:   Development of infinite potential through the practice of



7        12-Feb                   Jagat TaranGirls Inter College Allahabad                

          SUBJECT:   Understanding basic fundamentals of Kriyayoga along

          with practical application.


8        24-Feb                   Rama Devi Girls Inter College Allahabad                         

SUBJECT:   Explained- Worship of divine centres within our body.


9        7Mar-9Mar            George Town Allahabad                                       

          SUBJECT:   Understanding mystery of life.


10      12Mar-18Mar        Mehdauri Colony Teliarganj Allahabad                   

SUBJECT: Understanding real meaning of Asana in the light of ]



11      19Mar-23Mar        Allahpur Area Allahabad                                       

          SUBJECT: National Development through the practice of Kriyayoga.


12      24-Mar                  Bairahana Allahabad                          

          SUBJECT:   Understanding Kriyayoga as divine healer of body and



13      14-Apr                   Village Kadipur Distt. Sultanpur                   

SUBJECT: Kriyayoga highest nutrition for body and mind..


14      15Apr-18Apr         Village Ravipur Distt Sultanpur                    

          SUBJECT: Explained- Ignorance (Avidya) cause of alll sufferings and

          how to overcome ignorance through the practice of Kriyayoga.


15      19Apr-21Apr         Village Banawaripur Distt Sultanpur    

          SUBJECT:   Explained- True worship of God heals body and mind.


16      22-Apr                   Village Lakshmanpur Sultanpur                    

          SUBJECT: Worshipping Shiva power within through the practice of



17      1May-4May           Village Tavakalpur Banautha Distt Sultanpur 

          SUBJECT: Explained- How to remove blindness of mind by

concentrating our mind in the divine centers within brain and spine.

Spritual interpretation of Dhritrashtra Uvach….in the light of



18      5-May                    Village Gopalpur             Sultanpur              

SUBJECT: Necessity of Kriyayoga for the development of village.


19      6May-12May         Village Hamajapur Sultanpur                        

          SUBJECT:   Kriyayoga highest way of self realization.


20      13-May                  Village Noorppur Sultanpur                                   

SUBJECT: Explained- Real meaning of ""Swasthya"" in the light of



21      11-Jun                   Village Banake Sultanpur                              

          SUBJECT: Understanding how to get eternal joy, peace and happiness

through the practice of devotion in God.


22      18-Jun                   Village Rampur Sultanpur                            

          SUBJECT:   Interpretation of Ramcharitmanas and practice.


23      9June-13June         Village Dostpur Sultanpur                            

          SUBJECT: Lecture on- Diet and meditation…


24      10-Jul                    National Inter College Kadipur Disst Sultanpur                

SUBJECT: Explained- Meditation, Asana and Pranayam in the light

of Kriyayoga.


25      11-Jul                   Shri Hanumat Inter College Bijethua, Sultanpur

          SUBJECT: How to speak truth? Theory and practice.


26      12-Jul                    C.L. Inter College Chhitte Patti Distt. Sultanpur      

          SUBJECT:   Understanding eternal rules of happiness.


27      9-Aug                    Manmohan Das Inter College Jhunsi, Allahabad

          SUBJECT: Explained- Mahabharat Science of immortality.


28      17-Aug                  B.N.T. Inter College Meja Road Allahabad                      

SUBJECT: Practicing evenmindedness on the plateform of sound,

vision, touch, taste and smell.


29      18-Aug                  L.N. Inter College Meja Road Allahabad                

          SUBJECT: How to increase concentration of mind through the

Practice of Kriyayoga. Theory and practice.


30      27-Aug                  Rajendra Girls H.S. School MejaRoad Allad          

          SUBJECT: Development of intution power (third eye) through the

practice of Kriyayoga.


31      6-Sep                    Old Jhunsi Kohana Allahabad                      

          SUBJECT: Spiriutal Interpretation of Scriptness and its practical



32      8Sep-11Sep           Village Kataka Allahabad                    

          SUBJECT: Development of economy and through Kriyayoga.


33      14Sep-16Sep         Village Havelia       velia Allahabad                         

          SUBJECT:   Explained- What is Kriyayoga? Theory and practice


34      18Sep-21Sep         Village Chhatahag Allahabad                                 

SUBJECT: How to remove duality of mind through the practice of



35      8Oct-10Oct           Medical College Hostel Allahabad                         

          SUBJECT: Lecture on "Kriyayoga and real health”


36      12-Oct                   Prayag Sangeet SamitiAllahabad                            

          SUBJECT:   Understanding Concept of God.


37      17-Oct                   Children Park Allahabad                    

          SUBJECT: Explained- How to develop Children's physical, mental

and spiritual power through the practice of Kriyayoga.


38      20-Oct                   Tagore Town Allahabad                    

          SUBJECT: Explained- Basic fundamentals of Kriyayoga Science and

          its practical application.


39      2-Nov          Lavkush H.S. School Allahabad                                      

SUBJECT:  Understanding Kriyayoga as conscious Journey from

finite towards infinite.


40      7-Nov          Mazeedia Inter College Allahabad                                    

SUBJECT: Fulfilling dreams and desires of incarnation through the

          practice of Kriyayoga.


41      8-Nov          Agrasen Inter College Allahabad                                               

          SUBJECT: Solving all problems of life through the practice of



42      17-Nov        Arya Kanya Inter College Allahabad                                

SUBJECT:  Understanding the mystery of Physical, Astral and causal



43      17-Dec        Sanjay Gandhi Politechnique Jagdishpur, Sultanpur.                   

SUBJECT: Overcoming ignorance and habbits through the practice of



44      18-Dec        Inter College Musafirkhana Sultanpur                              

          SUBJECT: Explained- Kriyayoga as highest Spiritual Science for

attaining realization.


45      19-Dec        Inter College Jagdishpur

          SUBJECT: Kriyayoga is the key of solving all problems of life

through increased understanding.


46      20-Dec        Waisganj Market Sultanpur                                    

SUBJECT:  Understanding sickness as dream delusion and attaining

real health through the practice of Kriyayoga.