Repair Body Cells & Tissues

As Understood from Kriyayoga Session by
Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam

The human body is the gross structure of Cosmic Consciousness. Cosmic Consciousness is a term used in spiritual science to refer to the vibration of infinite frequency. In order to express the infinite nature, The Cosmic Consciousness vibrates and by the process of condensation of the infinite frequency of The Cosmos, it forms different gross structures - super-ether becomes ether, sky, then all invisible gases, ideal gases and ordinary gases such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, helium, neon, argon and other gases. Thereafter, the gases become converted into solid substances that is known as the gross existence of The Cosmos. Our body is nothing but frozen Cosmic Consciousness. It is the frozen infinite vibration.

When we practice the Kriyayoga techniques, our kinetic energy increases. The frozen state of energy is removed and slowly we realize that we are not the physical body but frozen consciousness. When we look at ourselves as frozen consciousness, we increase the free energy of the molecules within. Free energy is a term that is used in the second law of thermodynamics.

What happens in the practice of Kriyayoga Science? We concentrate on each part of the body. By increasing our concentration on the body, our frozen structure (body) melts. Melting refers to the transformation of the lower form of energy to a higher form of energy. This transformation has been described in the law of conservation of energy. However, it has been described differently. According to the law of conservation of energy :
"Energy can neither be created nor it is destroyed, however, energy can be converted from one form energy to any other form of energy."
This simply implies that there is full and complete transformation of energy that is all measurable.

However, the real transformation of free energy is more natural. We cannot transform the full energy completely into a different form. During transformation, subtle and invisible free energies are also released which cannot be measured.

So, what happens when there is an increase in the flow of free energy, in all cells and tissues of the body? The free energy magnetizes the gross structure of consciousness, that we refer to as bones, muscles, skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, neurons and other parts.

It is incorrect for us to think that this body is simply a bundle of muscles and bones, charged with blood and oxygen that is sustained by food and water.

By practicing Kriyayoga Science with single-pointed devotion, the cosmic consciousness which flows in the form of super-consciousness within us flows and spreads inside our cells, tissues and all parts of the body, changing the gross structure of the body into energy waves. When we increase the flow of free energy within to a certain level, the body becomes 100% healed of all ailments.

The energy ignites the gross structure that is formed of the consciousness and we feel fresh, energetic and more peaceful. We become more awakened and have a better understanding. With the increase of free energy to the highest level of concentration, our will-power, patience and confidence also increases greatly.