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Euclid Declares July 13, 2009 "Kriyayoga Meditation Day"


“Expanding the Science of Non-Violence to America and All Nations”

By: Scott Lynch

Humanitarian, scientist, and Kriyayoga Master, Swami Sri Yogi Satyam, returned to the United States in Cleveland, Ohio for the 2009 Kriyayoga Meditation Seminar “Understanding Non-Violence: A Better Life, a Better World Today” on July 2-13 at John Carroll University.  Approximately 250 people attended the Kriyayoga Seminar over its 12-day span, with a core group of about 60 – 70 people attending regularly and going deeper into the profound Kriyayoga Science.


Television journalist Ted Henry gave remarks during the program on July 11th. The evening before, the well known broadcaster who has shifted his journalistic focus exclusively to the field of spirituality conducted a captivating 1-hour interview of the Master for people who might be new to Kriyayoga. The interview emphasized the important way Kriyayoga can impact the lives of young people, and it revealed how non-violence and Kriyayoga Meditation can provide the surest foundation stone for a just and prosperous society.


Former City of Euclid Mayor, David Lynch, introduced Guruji Sri Yogi Satyam at the beginning of the program on July 2nd and presented some closing reflections as well after the final Sunday evening session on the 12th. Mayor Lynch publicly swore off eating meat because he was so moved by the wide benefits of a more non-violent lifestyle. After other warm words, he presented a Mayoral Proclamation declaring Monday July 13, 2009, to be “Kriyayoga Meditation Day” in the city of Euclid, Ohio, USA.  





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The twice daily Kriyayoga classes were attended by people of all ages, colors, and creeds which could be taken as a cross section of socially active American culture. Nearly everyone experienced deeper levels of patience, self-confidence, tolerance, and understanding. Some found relief from depression and others even cancelled major surgery due to the healing effects of Kriyayoga Meditation.


This momentous homecoming for Swami Sri Yogi Satyam to the United States is an exact continuation of the work of Paramahansa Yogananda, who introduced the ever-new Kriyayoga Practice to America in the preceding century.


With his main North American headquarters at Yog Fellowship in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Swami Sri Yogi Satyam’s American homecoming is more accurately an expansion of home. Cleveland and Kitchener are situated just off opposite sides of the Great Lakes. There between America and Canada stretches the world’s longest undefended, non-militarized border between any two nations.


The expansion of Kriyayoga and non-violent living is the herald of peace for all nations. Guruji Yogi Satyam often stated during the John Carroll University Seminars that he feels America and Canada to be as one country, and that with deepening Kriyayoga Practice, you will feel the entire world and cosmos as One Home and One Family.


As Kriyayoga establishes real health, harmony, and peace within the self, home, and society – it defies all limitations, sects, and borders. Guruji Sri Yogi Satyam’s deep commitment to spreading the Science of Non-Violence to the entire world is inevitable with the deepening understanding of our age and the deepening practice of our global citizens from India, America, Canada, and all nations of the world.


The growing business, scientific, and technological advances which the West has weaved into making the world a smaller and more connected place this past century is but a faint scent of the Unity to be felt when Kriyayoga Science is placed in every home. It is with this sense of vastness and awe that the people of Ohio bow to Guruji Swami Sri Yogi Satyam and the unifying practice of Kriyayoga. There is a hopeful atmosphere in Ohio and America itself after our John Carroll University 2009 Kriyayoga Meditation Seminar, and it is our sincerest wish to commit our own genius and our continued, gradual, and joyful practice of Kriyayoga as the Science of Non-Violence for the benefit of all humanity.