“Mind - Creator Of Body”

Healing the body by reducing distance
between body and mind...

Transcribed as understood from Kriyayoga lecture given by
Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam - Kriyayoga Master & Scientist

Mind is creator of body. By concentrating the mind on the body, you can recreate, preserve and heal your body. As we concentrate more and more on the body, the wandering of mind stops. When concentration of mind on the body becomes infinite, you will realize that the body is perfectly healed and you have full control over the mind. When mind is completely one with the body, we realize infinite peace, power, knowledge within.

Kriyayoga is the science of reducing distance between body and mind. By increasing the intensity (depth) and duration (time period of concentration) on the body, we discover the power of astral radio and television (telepathy) within. At this stage, we realize that we can cross the obstacle of any gross matter and transcend our consciousness at will to any place in the cosmos. We can project our consciousness in the gross form and again merge the gross structure in the subtle consciousness, which is called appearing and disappearing at will.  

Nothing is impossible for self. You can explore the mysteries of the unknown and can discover the subtle laws of telepathy, materialization and dematerialization. With deeper, devoted and sincere practice of Kriyayoga, you attain the state of perfect realization where you feel complete oneness with The Creator - God. At this stage, you behold the truth that self and God are one. Self is eternally blessed with the infinite qualities of God and can manifest God. After attainment of this realization, your whole being is charged with infinite joy, eternal Bliss (the greatest intoxication of God) and your joy sings forever and forever --  “I am one with the eternal light of God. I am beholding the ocean of light (ocean of God-- Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient consciousness), which has manifested in all forms. The eternal bliss of beholding the ocean of light (the light of God) is Supreme......Words cannot express it’s glory. Bliss is infinite and everlasting.........

Visible & Invisible Cosmos Is One Body Known As God