The main objective is to connect all nations together and to bring the realization in the Consciousness of human beings that the whole world is One Home
and that all members of the Home are Children of God, fully charged with Omniscient, Omnipotent, Immortal and Omnipresent Consciousness.

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Updated : August 28, 2013

September 1st Half, 2013

- Essential Need To Change The Present System of Lifestyle ...

What is the cause of present problems in the home, society, country and in the world? In order to understand the situation, let us concentrate on the illustration of the egg and chick. Initially, in the embryonic stage, the chick is very small and there is vast space in the egg. As the chick expands and grows, the space becomes more and more congested causing the chick to feel tremendous stress and suffocation. Captive in a tight space, the chick begins to make lots of stressful noises within. Upon hearing the noises, the mother hen cracks open the egg shell and sets the chick free into a vast space of infinite freedom, peace, joy and comfort....

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August 2nd Half, 2013

Uniting East & West ...

I appreciate the lifestyle of Barack Obama, the unique president of U.S.A. Barack Obama is truly a great far-sighted and loving person of the world. He has shown his great love for Osama bin Laden. He realised that Osama bin Laden will not be able to do great work in this life and will keep on doing bad work, and because of this will enter and stay in hell many lifetimes. Obama tried his best to change the criminal activities of Osama bin Laden. However, when Obama realised that Osama had become carnivorous, like a man-eating tiger, then, Obama decided that it was best for Osama to leave this physical universe and to get settled in astral world where the great teaching for effective transformation is available. In astral world, one receives the teaching based on Consciousness of Truth and Non-violence and one does not get involved in violent thoughts creating differences among human beings by using ignorant concepts behind cast, colour, creed and religion. Osama bin Laden has left earth and is now residing in the astral world, and enjoying peace through the True teaching. All this was done and initiated by great President Barack Obama. We appreciate his decision....

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