" With The Deepest Devotion Of My Soul...

I bow to my Eternal Masters, Shree Lahiri Mahasayaji &
 Swami Shree Yukteshwarji, whose blessings in the style
of Kriyayoga Practice enlightened me to realize that
Kriyayoga practice is a quick solution to all problems in life. 
The practice makes one realize that illness, pain, tension and death
are dream in nature. Kriyayoga practice brings the realization
that each object of creation is  potentially vast and infinite..."     

- GURUJI Swami Shree Yogi Satyam
Kriyayoga Master  & Scientist,



About Guruji


Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam, Kriyayoga Master & Scientist, is founder and president of Kriyayoga Research Institute, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, as well as the spiritual head of Yog Fellowship Temple in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada ( North American Center for Kriyayoga ). Each institution is under his spiritual guidance to serve humanity. 


Guruji, Swami Shree Yogi Satyam, is a graduate biologist and a former medical student. Within two years of his medical training, he realized the truth that Kriyayoga is the highest medical science and devoted his life to the science of Kriyayoga. Under the guidance of His Gurus - Shree Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasayaji and Swami Shree Yukteshwarji, Guruji has been teaching the ancient and ever-new spiritual science of Kriyayoga. Guruji has developed an extremely simple and effective approach to Kriyayoga, allowing one to quickly solve all problems of life, and to achieve complete wellness of body, mind, and ego. Kriyayoga is the 'highest, fastest and royal way' to God-realization. Guruji's ultimate goal is to make this science easily accessible to all. 

Guruji aims to place Kriyayoga in each and every home of The World....



Kriyayoga Made Simple

Kriyayoga as taught by Guruji is most simple to understand and practise. His teaching is scientific, non-mystical, non-sectarian, most effective and fascinating. Each session is complete and saturates the body and mind with peace and joy. His approach to teaching Kriyayoga Meditation is most unique and can be found nowhere. except for the work of Beloved Realized Master, Paramhansa Yogananda, whose method of presentation had a similar effect on people. Kriyayoga Meditation taught by Guruji is so simple that it can be easily incorporated into one’s daily routine. By the practice, a person becomes physically and mentally charged with Cosmic life force. 

Using his innovative style, Guruji has been able to teach Kriyayoga Meditation, the ancient science of humanity, to millions of people all over the world . He encourages people to realize that there are no barriers preventing anyone from learning, practising and benefiting from Kriyayoga Meditation.  The same science was practised by all Saints and Sages, Realized Masters, Ascended Masters and Prophets.


The government of India has awarded Guruji with several government initiatives such as Teachers Training Program for all school teachers in Uttar Pradesh, India, rehabilitation programs for prison inmates, and learning and development programs for students of all grades and different learning institutions throughout India. The government of India has also awarded Guruji, in recognition of his great humanitarian work, much of the land on which the Kriyayoga Research Institute is located. As well, free land has been allotted inclusive of all facilities to impart Kriyayoga Meditation to all persons who are visiting Kumbha Mela and Magh Mela in Allahabad, UP, India.


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Fulfilling The Prophecy...


At the final speech of  Paramhansa Yogananda, on the day of the banquet, just before His mahasamadhi, the Great Master prophesied his return to Mother India because without spreading Kriyayoga in India, it cannot have a firm rooting in the other nations of the world. The civilization of India is most ancient and is charged with maximum diversity of languages and traditions. The thick population and culture of India affects the whole world. When India will be charged with true spirituality, all nations of the world will be in better position. 

In His poem ( India! ), by the great Master, it is clearly stated:

Oh India! Poem of Paramhansa Yogananda

Mortal Fires may raze all her homes
and golden paddy fields;
Yet to sleep on her ashes 
and dream Immortality,
O India, I will be there!
Where Ganges, woods, Himalayan caves,
and men dream God -
I am hallowed;
my body touched that sod.

These final words represent the SURE spread of Kriyayoga in India in the present time,
as final words of a realized master have to be fulfilled...


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Spreading Kriyayoga

For the major part of the year, Guruji spends his time travelling from place to place, all over the globe, conducting face-to-face Kriyayoga Meditation sessions for all. Guruji frequently travels to the the remote rural regions of India to promote real health to the villagers and to gift them the experience of realizing the Infinite Divine Power within - peace, power, joy, knowledge and confidence. 


Even with modest beginnings, Guruji worked relentlessly, conducting FREE Kriyayoga sessions for all. The Kriyayoga sessions worldwide are organized and coordinated by sincere well-wishers of humanity, who have personally seen and experienced the tremendous benefits of the practice of Kriyayoga Meditation. 

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Benefits of Kriyayoga Meditation


Kriyayoga Meditation helps to increase the immune system to permanently cure all sicknesses of body and mind. The practice also helps to overcome fatigue and tension, and to solve all problems of life through personal spiritual growth. The practice of Kriyayoga Meditation is a necessity in life for all to experience ones' Divine nature, realising infinite potential within. Many incurable conditions have been cured without any kinds of medicines, herbs nor nutritive foods. Wonderful results have been achieved and these are listed on the following page: Effects and Medical Highlights of Kriyayoga Practice...

The spread of Kriyayoga Meditation is most significant to germinate the seeds for a lifestyle that harps the tune of non-violence in society. The science of Kriyayoga as offered by Guruji is non-sectarian and has helped people of all backgrounds and faiths. With the practice, one overcomes the delusions that falsely dictate the non-truth that we are apart. Offering loving unconditional service becomes a part of one's nature, and one is instilled with a peace and understanding that is necessary to dissolve all communal feelings to bring unity amongst all persons everywhere. The spread of Kriyayoga Science is indeed the fastest method to spread non-violence in society. In time to come, it will deliver the promise to unite all persons and the whole world as one.  

Through day-to-day practice of Kriyayoga Meditation, it becomes evident that Kriyayoga will radiate true peace and bring about real unity at the personal, family, national and international level. Hence the slogan of The Institute:  

Kriyayoga Brings A United World 
Guided By

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